The Pixar Detective: Chapter 30

chapter 30 pixar detective

And with that, we have finished the Pixar Detective!

Guys and gals, thank you so much for reading this story we’ve made for you since last April. It’s legitimately been one of the coolest projects I’ve ever been a part of, and I promised myself I wouldn’t cry! Oh wait, you can’t see me…

We’re finishing the Pixar Detective with Chapter 30, and the name of Part 3 is….

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The Pixar Detective: Chapter 29

chapter 29 pixar

(Not caught up yet to this chapter? Check out our Table of Contents to get up to speed!)

We’re almost there, awesome readers! With Chapter 29 landing today, The Pixar Detective is just one more chapter away from wrapping up. Can you believe it?

Apologies for the unexpected hiatus last week. Without going too much into detail, the issue was simply that we were too busy to wrap up the artwork, and I had a few creative changes to make as we move toward Chapter 10. Looking back, this is the first time we’ve ever missed a week, so I’d call that a success.

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The Pixar Detective: Chapter 28

pixar detective chapter 28

(Not caught up yet to this chapter? Check out our Table of Contents to get up to speed!)

The Pixar Detective started last April, and the final chapters are now underway. The conclusion is in motion, and I’m not entirely sure how you guys are going to react. Will you like how the story ends? Will we walk away from this project feeling satisfied with what’s been done here?

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The Pixar Detective: Chapter 27

pixar detective chapter 27

(Not caught up yet to this chapter? Check out our Table of Contents to get up to speed!)

Hey detectives! Time for another round of your favorite Pixar-centric serial novel (I hope). We’re really winding down to the last stretch of this story, so you can expect the next few chapters to be the most epic of the series to date.

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The Pixar Detective: Chapter 26

pixar detective chapter 26

Hey faithful readers! We are seriously winding down on this series, aren’t we? We’re already four chapters away from the epic conclusion of The Pixar Detective, but for some reason, I still feel like we just started this thing.

At any rate, we have an awesome chapter to show you guys this week! It’s loaded with a lot of heavy surprises, which I know has sort of been the theme for the last few chapters. I hope it lives up to your expectations (but hey, at least the artwork is awesome).

So let’s get this going!

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The Pixar Detective: Chapter 25

chapter 25 pixar detective

Hey awesome readers! Your favorite band of Pixar universe-traversing heroes are BACK for another chapter of…well, you know.

We’re halfway through the final book of The Pixar Detective, which is certainly a bittersweet moment. Hopefully, the contents of this chapter will put you at ease, as it answers a few questions you guys have certainly been asking, though that just means there are more questions coming up!

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The Pixar Detective: Chapter 24

(Not caught up yet to this chapter? Check out our Table of Contents to get up to speed!)

Hey readers, it’s time for an all-new chapter of The Pixar Detective! I hope you’re mentally prepared because I’m not.

So this week’s chapter is titled “Anyone Can’t Cook,” and no, that’s not a typo. I’m curious how many of you will catch what a lot of this chapter really means, so once you’re done reading, be sure to share your theories and speculations in the comments!

chapter 24 pixar detective

And as always, don’t forget to thank our brilliant illustrator, Kayla Savage, for bringing this week’s chapter to life. She certainly doesn’t get enough credit for how great the story has developed. We’re both pretty sad, of course, that the novel is nearing it’s end, but we’re excited nonetheless about future projects!

Let’s get started.

Previously, on the Pixar Detective!

Stevin, Sadie, Sumner, and Wallaby are on their way to France in search of a “hidden wonder” that may lead them to where Mary has been taken. They’re joined by the mysterious Kevin, who flies the zeppelin, “The Spirit of Adventure.”

But not everyone is happy about this alliance. Kevin is also known as “The Poacher,” and a dangerous man named Robert Best is after him. To even the odds, he’s recruited a team of specialists known as “The Unforgivables,” descendants or former accomplices of past criminals tagged and bagged by Pixar University. Will they foil Stevin’s plans for finding Mary?

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Thanks for reading! What did you think of Chapter 24?

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