The Pixar Detective: Chapter 25

chapter 25 pixar detective

Hey awesome readers! Your favorite band of Pixar universe-traversing heroes are BACK for another chapter of…well, you know.

We’re halfway through the final book of The Pixar Detective, which is certainly a bittersweet moment. Hopefully, the contents of this chapter will put you at ease, as it answers a few questions you guys have certainly been asking, though that just means there are more questions coming up!

Once you’re done reading, don’t forget to say your thanks to Kayla Savage this week for drawing up the beautiful art you saw in this chapter. And as always, be sure to lend your feedback. Any corrections or observations you make help out a ton when I put these chapters together in the e-book.

So without further ado, here’s Chapter 25! Torn by Pride

Previously, on the Pixar Detective!

Stevin and the gang are on the search for hidden wonders, special locations that were visited by Mary before her disappearance. While they were searching Paris, France, however, they were ambushed by the Unforgivables, led by Robert Best.

Kevin, also known as the poacher, escaped on his own with the Spirit of Adventure, with the android Nomanisan secretly stowing away.

Where is Kevin going, and how will our heroes catch up with him? Will they? Find out!

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Thanks for reading! What did you think of Chapter 25?

20 thoughts on “The Pixar Detective: Chapter 25

  1. First off great job on the art work Kayla. Great chapter by the way. Anyway I have a few questions, is Mary at the location in a Bug’s life, and is the catapeller Heimlich?

  2. I am REEEEEEAAAAALLLYYY speechless! All the twists and turns, no way was I predicting that, but I feel that it was an exposition chapter and served as filler for the second half of the Pixar Detective Part 3.

    Here are some refresher quotes said by me in Chapter 21:
    “What I do think will come true is that Chapter 30 will be completely different from Chapter 21”
    “I suggest that Part 3 will be the darkest of them all. It would end up anywhere by the looks of it”

    I want to see Cara’s and Logan’s progress in the Gnome because I want to see more of that action and more BnL. I was disappointed when we are halfway through Part 3 and they only showed up in little mentions.

    PS The first name I will give Part 3 will be Race to the Wonders

  3. I have some feeling that Robert and Kevin fates in later chapters are going to be unusual.
    I’ve should had told you this awhile ago, your story has inspired me so much that I’m writing a spin-off as well.

    • OOOOHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I wonder what it’s going to be about. I can’t wait to see what will happen in your spinoff. I am also working on my spinoff (as well as the Interstellar Hero spinoff). You can post it on Wattpad when you are done.

      • Well the thing is, I’m still trying to figure it out. I decided to put in almost everything (only Pixar) like to movies, shorts, video games, etc. But at least I have a prologue and a title, its called “The Pixar Emissary. ” I have more information to come.

  4. So… The witch bit the “apple” then made Mary bite the apple somehow, and turned her back? And if this is how the cake magic works in brave, how did the witch make a bear bite an apple. That would be an hilarious blooper.

  5. When will we see Cara and Logan in the future again? I can imagine endless interesting stories with that story arc.

  6. I know the time period is off, but these fruits could be how the monsters are created. For example take the newt and the caterpillar, have them bite the same apple and then have a person bite it… that would be a new species entirely.
    Great job Jon. Great job Kaila. Hats of to both of you for everithing so far.

  7. I see what you did there, Jon, with the apple fruit things. I remember there’s a short on the Monsters Inc bonus disc about how the monsters turned into monsters. Basically, the monsters (who are not monsters yet) try to befriend the humans, but the humans cast them away for some reason. The monsters are either furious or saddened that they were rejected (it’s been a while since I’ve seen it), and then find a tree full of apples. They eat a couple, unaware of the power in them. Basically, the apples turn whoever eats them into images of whatever ate from the tree last. A deer nibbling on some leaves would turn the person who ate an apple from the tree into a REFLECTION of a deer-meaning they’d grow antlers, for example. Get it? 😀

  8. In Chapter 24, Sadie carries Wallaby “half dead”, to somewhere (haven’t read the last chapter in a while). I think it’d be cool if Steven worried about Wallaby, gave him his trench coat or something to warm him up. Wallaby wakes up, but is still kinda weak. He’s better but still not good as new in Chapter 25. It would be really nice to know Steven cares about Wallaby, and is still looking out for his team while looking for Mary.
    Sorry. I’m a dramatic kind of person, so this kind of thing would be awesome for me.

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