Pixar’s ‘Luca’ – Brand New Story Details, Theories, and More

I’ll be honest. Until now, I’ve been pretty uninterested in Luca, the next Pixar film. It’s due to release this June, but we still don’t know much about Enrico Casarosa’s first feature film. That changed dramatically this week with the release of an exclusive preview in Empire magazine. It includes a new screenshot along with some exciting new details surrounding the story, characters, and inspiration for the setting.

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What the Future of Pixar Currently Looks Like

It’s 2021. And the next slate of Pixar movies (and shows) is looking to be far more unique than in previous years. From brand new originals to unlikely sci-fi spinoffs, Pixar is swinging for the fences. And that’s not just a reference to their softball series coming in 2023. On the latest Jon In Theory, I explore just about every new Pixar show or movie set to release from now until 2023. And I also do my best to explain where I think Pixar is headed creatively, and how these choices might shape the studio’s legacy forever.

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Pixar Theory: Do ‘Soul’ and ‘Coco’ Have the Same Afterlife?

At first glance, Soul and Coco seem to have two wildly different interpretations of how the afterlife works in Pixar movies. So on the latest episode of Jon In Theory, I examine how these movies might share way more ideas and world building than you might expect.

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My Favorite Movies of 2020

Let’s be honest. 2020 was a weird year. And a lot of the films we saw in 2020 were pretty weird, as well. But that’s probably why it ended up being one of the best years in film over the last decade, if you ask me. Here are my Top 25 films of 2020, as streamed on my YouTube channel, Jon In Theory.

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‘Soul’ Might Be The Last Pixar Film Directed By Pete Docter. Is This For The Best?

Pete Docter has directed some of the most widely celebrated films in Pixar’s history. But now he’s saying he’s done directing. I explore his comments, and why this decision might actually be for the best. Especially when it comes to Pixar’s creative and commercial future as an animation studio.

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Disney Plus vs HBO Max: Which Streaming Service Will Dominate 2021?

Look, I try to stay away from the prediction game for obvious reasons (I’m usually wrong). But in my latest Jon In Theory live stream, I get to the heart of some major changes we’re about to see with streaming services in 2021. And it really comes down to the success, failure, or something in-between for both Disney Plus and HBO Max.

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‘Soul’ Had a Much Darker Ending? Here’s Why Pixar Changed It.

These live streams have been such a fun way to cover Soul in more detail as it continues to reach a bigger audience on Disney Plus. For that reason, I decided to dig into the alternative ending of the film, which was actually a bit darker. But was it for the better? Check out my live stream above to find out what you think, and be sure to provide your two cents in the comments. I really want to hear what you all have to say.

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Happy New Year, everyone! Here’s hoping 2021 is a better one.