The Pixar Theory Timeline

Pixar Theory TimelineSince the initial release of The Pixar Theory, there have been countless changes and updates to the Pixar Theory timeline. Since it can get a little complicated (and nutty), I put together a new and improved outline that follows the book and includes all of the recent and upcoming Pixar movies. Enjoy!

Keep in mind that this is not the full theory. There’s plenty I don’t go over here and there are many missing connections between movies I don’t bring up, so if you want the full Pixar Theory experience with connections, Easter eggs, and explanations for what’s going on, click here to check out the book.

Otherwise, enjoy this full look at the Pixar Theory Timeline, starting with The Good Dinosaur.

Pixar Theory Timeline


And that’s the Pixar Theory timeline. In a nutshell. A very very very long nutshell. Hope you enjoyed reading it as much I did laying it out, and if you have any questions, confusions, or frustrations, feel free to hit me up in the comments or dig into the full book, which does a lot more to explain what in the world is going on in this timeline.

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  6. i have a question, in monsters lives in a fairly modern world in our time probably between 1970-2000 (idk the actually time but going off her clothing and stuff like her toys and bedroom thats how it seems to me) how did boo end up all the way back in the 10th century ? time travel ? but whyd she stay in the tenth century knowing the looks of sullys world is more modern that where she is now ?

    • She thought sully came from the past and was able to get there but did not have the tech to get back

      • This entire theory has one big hole, I’m taking about the fact that not only was the Omnidroid from the incredibles destroyed but at the end of wall-e the humans come back to reform society on earth

    • Hey it should be bug life before cars because it show insects evolving into cars

  7. Why is Wall-E still cleaning up trash in 2805 if Operation Cleanup supposedly ended in 2110? The wording in that section is a bit confusing to me.

    • WALL-E did not shut down properly like the rest

  8. Okay my only question is that if Syndrome was harnessing human energy in the 60’s in order to power his AI than why is it that humans continued to rely on fossil fuels?

    • Its probably because Syndrome kept it a secret, (and sold it to BnL – I think).

      • Syndrome did not sell it to BNL because he created BNL with the first A.I

    • Syndrome says he kept the best inventions for himself human energy is the

  9. I saw mat pat’s cars theory jon’s cars theory and made my own. The AI robots took over remaining living tissue on earth and inhabited the cars this explains why the cars need food and fuel but it also proves why the robots wanted the humans off earth in the first place so their not just machines but also not bugs because then we would have to change the entire Pixar theory.

  10. Though Boo or The Witch Thought Sully was a kitty she still had a carving of him. as she grew older she must have realised that he looks like a Bear that’s why she turned 2 people into bears and had lots of Bear carvings in her “House”.

  11. If you did some more, scratch that if you even watched the incredibles you would see that the omnidriod was destroyed

  12. I think that the events of finding dory should be after the events of inside out because riley and most of the people in her class are seen throughout the events of finding dory in the background

  13. I think it was at the end of Cars, and it shows all of the cars watching monsters inc and a bugs life, so just with that the theory doesn’t work.

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