The Pixar Theory

Every Pixar movie is connected. I explain how, and possibly why.

Before we go further, I should let you know that The Pixar Theory is now a published book. Since writing this blog post in 2013, I’ve been working on completing the unified theory in what I hope you find to be a compelling and even more persuasive essay. Or not. It’s cool either way.

pixar theory book

You can check out the book here. Or keep reading below to read the original theory. Just keep in mind that a lot of what you’re about to read has been changed and modified over the last two years based on feedback and repeated viewings of the movies.

Back to the theory!

Several months ago, I watched a fun-filled video on that introduced the idea (at least to me) that all of the Pixar movies actually exist within the same universe. Since then, I’ve obsessed over this concept, working to complete what I call “The Pixar Theory,” a working narrative that ties all of the Pixar movies into one cohesive timeline with a main theme.

This theory covers every Pixar production since Toy Story. That includes:

  • A Bug’s Life
  • Toy Story 2
  • Monsters Inc.
  • Finding Nemo
  • The Incredibles
  • Cars
  • Ratatouille
  • Wall-E
  • Up
  • Toy Story 3
  • Cars 2
  • Brave
  • Monsters University

The point of this theory is to have fun and exercise your imagination while simultaneously finding interesting connections between these fantastic movies. If you hate fun and/or imagination, you probably won’t like this theory.

[SIDE NOTE: All text in blue indicates updated edits since the original version]

You can read the full theory below, or watch this summarized video that was made and narrated by Bloop Media. Enjoy!

Brave is the first and last movie in the timeline. Obviously, this movie about a Scottish kingdom during the Dark Ages is the earliest time period covered by the Pixar films, but it’s also the only Pixar movie that actually explains why animals in the Pixar universe behave like humans sometimes.

Pixar Theory

In Brave, Merida discovers that there is “magic” that can solve her problems but inadvertently turns her mother into a bear. We find out that this magic comes from an odd witch seemingly connected to the mysterious will-of-the-wisps. Not only do we see animals behaving like humans, but we also see brooms (inanimate objects) behaving like people in the witch’s shop.

Pixar Theory

We also learn that this witch inexplicably disappears every time she passes through doors, leading us to believe that she may not even exist. Don’t get ahead of me, but we’ll come back to Brave. Let’s just say, for now, the witch is someone we know from a different movie in the timeline.

[Some of you pointed out that the animals in Brave gradually regress back into an animal state, disproving the idea that this is the source of animals acting like humans. My rebuttal is simple. They regress because the magic wears off. Over time, their evolving intelligence grows naturally.]

Centuries later, the animals from Brave that have been experimented on by the witch have interbred, creating a large-scale population of animals slowly gaining personification and intelligence on their own.

There are two progressions: the progression of the animals and the progression of artificial intelligence. The events of the following movies set up a power struggle between humans, animals, and machines.

The stage for all-out war in regards to animals is set by Ratatouille, Finding Nemo, and Up, in that order. Notice I left out A Bug’s Life, but I’ll explain why later.

In Ratatouille, we see animals experimenting with their growing personification in small, controlled experiments.

Remy wants to cook, something only humans explicitly do. He crafts a relationship with a small group of humans and finds success. Meanwhile, the villain of Ratatouille, Chef Skinner, disappears. What happened to him? What did he do with his newfound knowledge that animals were capable of transcending their instincts and performing duties better than humans?

Pixar Theory

It’s possible that Charles Muntz, the antagonist of Up, learned of this startling rumor, giving him the idea to begin inventing devices that would harness the thoughts of animals, namely his dogs, through translator collars. Those collars indicated to Muntz that animals are smarter and more like humans than we think. He needed this technology to find the exotic bird he’s obsessed over, and he even comments on how many dogs he’s lost since he arrived in South America.

Pixar Theory

But then Dug and the rest of his experiments are set free after Muntz’s demise, and we don’t know the full implications of that, but what we do know is that animosity between the animals and humans is growing steadily. Now that humans have discovered the potential of animals, they are beginning to cross the line. To develop this new technology, the humans begin an industrial revolution hinted at in Up.

[Some have pointed out that Muntz was working in South America before the events of Ratatouille. This is true, but it is not explicitly stated how and when he developed the collars. Also, we know Ratatouille takes place before Up for several reasons. In Toy Story 3, a postcard on Andy’s wall has Carl and Ellie’s name and address on it (including their last names to confirm). This confirms that in 2010, the time of Toy Story 3, Ellie is still alive or hasn’t been dead long. This supports the idea that Up takes place years later.]

Pixar Theory

In the beginning of Up, Carl is forced to give up his house to a corporation because they are expanding the city. Think on that. What corporation is guilty for polluting the earth and wiping out life in the distant future because of technology overreach?

Pixar Theory

Buy-n-Large (BNL), a corporation that runs just about everything by the time we get to Wall-E. In the“History of BNL” commercial from the movie, we’re told that BNL has even taken over the world governments. Did you catch that this one corporation achieved global dominance?Interestingly, this is the same organization alluded to in Toy Story 3:

Pixar Theory

In Finding Nemo, we have an entire population of sea creatures uniting to save a fish that was captured by humans. BNL shows up again in this universe via another news article that talks about a beautiful underwater world.

Lines are being crossed. Humans are beginning to antagonize the increasingly networked and intelligent animals.

Think about Dory from Finding Nemo for a second. She stands apart from most of the other fish. Why? She isn’t as intelligent. Her short-term memory loss is likely a result of her not being as advanced as the other sea creatures, which is a reasonable explanation for how rapidly these creatures are evolving.

Pixar Theory

It’s likely that the sequel to Finding Nemo, which is about Dory, will touch on this and further explain why. We may also get some more evidence pointing to animosity between humans and animals.

[Some great users have pointed out that Dory is actually more intelligent and shows signs of growth due to her ability to read and communicate with whales. This would actually show signs of how the animals are beginning to change in intelligence gradually.]

And that is the furthest movie in the “animal” side of things. When it comes to A.I., we start with The Incredibles. Who is the main villain of this movie? You probably thought of Buddy, a.ka. Syndrome, who basically commits genocide on super-powered humans.

Pixar Theory

Or does he? Buddy didn’t have any powers. He used technology to enact revenge on Mr. Incredible for not taking him seriously. Seems a little odd that the man went so far as to commit genocide.

[A lot of people have been arguing about where The Incredibles actually takes place because we see technology from modern times and the 1980s even though everything has a 1960s vibe. This is cleared by Brad Bird, the director, who says the movie takes place in an alternate 1960s, which means the movie opens in the 1950s.]

And how does he kill all of the supers? He creates the omnidroid, an A.I. “killbot” that learns the moves of every super-human and adapts. When Mr. Incredible is first told about this machine, Mirage mentions that it is an advanced artificial intelligence that has gone rogue.

Mr. Incredible points out that it got smart enough to wonder why it had to take orders.  The omnidroid eventually turns on Syndrome, and starts attacking humans in the city. Why would an A.I. want to just attack randomly? Do machines have an inherent hatred of humans?

The movie even shows clips of the superheroes with capes being done in by inanimate objects, such as plane turbines…accidentally.

Pixar Theory

Pixar Theory

But why would machines want to get rid of humans in the first place? We know that animals don’t like humans because they are polluting the Earth and experimenting on them, but why would the machines have an issue?

Enter Toy Story. Here we see humans using and discarding “objects” that are clearly sentient. Yes, the toys love it Uncle Tom style, but over the course of the Toy Story sequels, we see toys becoming fed up. But wait, toys and inanimate objects aren’t necessarily machines, so how do they have some kind of intelligence?

Syndrome points to the answer. He tells Mr. Incredible that his lasers are powered by Zero Point Energy. This is the electromagnetic energy that exists in a vacuum. It’s the unseen energy we find in wavelengths and a reasonable explanation for how toys and objects in the Pixar world draw power.

Pixar Theory

By the events of the Toy Story movies, we are in the 90s until 2010. It’s been 40-50 years or so since the events of The Incredibles, giving A.I. plenty of time to develop BNL.

Meanwhile, Pixar is hinting at dissatisfaction among pockets of toy civilizations. The toys rise up against Sid in the first movie. Jesse resents her owner, Emily, for abandoning her. Lotso Huggin’ Bear straight up hates humans by the third movie.

Toys are obviously not satisfied with the status quo, providing a reason for why machines and objects alike are ready to take over.

So, by the 2000s, the super-humans all but gone, and mankind is vulnerable. Animals, who want to rise up Planet of the Apes style, have the ability to take over, but we don’t see this happen.

Also, A.I. never takes over humans by force. Why do you think that is? It’s reasonable to assume that machines did take over, just not as we expected. The machines used BNL, a faceless corporation (which are basically faceless in nature) to dominate the world, starting in the 1960s after the Omnidroid fails to defeat the Incredibles.

In each of the Toy Story movies, it’s made painfully clear that sentient objects rely on humans for everything. For fulfillment and even energy. It’s hinted at that the Toys lose all life when put away in “storage” unless they are in a museum that will get them seen by humans.

Pixar Theory

So machines decide to control humans by using a corporation that suits their every need, leading to an industrial revolution that eventually leads to…pollution. When the animals rise up against the humans to stop them from polluting the earth, who will save them? The machines.

We know that the machines will win the war, too, because after this war, there are almost no animals left on Earth. Who’s left?

Pixar Theory

Because the machines tip everything out of balance, Earth becomes an unfit planet for humans and animals, so the remaining humans are put on Axiom (or Noah’s Ark if you want to carry on the Biblical theme where Wall-E is basically Robot Jesus and his love interest is aptly named Eve) as a last-ditch effort to save the human race.

Pixar Theory

On Axiom, the humans have no purpose aside from having their needs met by the machines. The machines have made humans dependent on them for everything because that is how they were treated as “toys.” It’s all they know.

Pixar Theory

Meanwhile on Earth, machines are left behind to populate the world and run things, explaining human landmarks and traditions still being prominent in Cars. There are no animals or humans in this version of Earth because they’re all gone, but we do know that the planet still has many human influences left.

[Some have noted that the world of Cars can’t be after humans left because there’s no pollution shown in the movies. If you look carefully at Wall-E, however, the world is never shown during this time, so we don’t really know how badly the Earth was polluted. It’s possible that the machines sent humans away to curb overpopulation and fix the environment without them, but the world was drained of resources as a result of machines populating the Earth. That would explain why the machines abandoned Earth entirely, leaving only Wall-E behind.]

In Cars 2, the cars go to Europe and Japan, making it plain that this is all taking place on Earth as we know it. So what happened to the cars? We’ve learned by now that humans are the source of energy for the machines. That’s why they never got rid of them.

In Wall-E, they point out that BNL intended to bring the humans back once the planet was clean again, but they failed. The machines on Earth eventually died out, though we don’t know how.

Pixar TheoryWhat we do know is that there is an energy crisis in Cars 2, with oil being the only way society trudges on despite its dangers. We even learn that the Allinol corporation was using “green energy” as a catalyst for a fuel war in order to turn cars away from alternative energy sources. That “clean” fuel could have been used to wipe out many of the cars, very quickly.

Pixar Theory

[Someone pointed out that “all in all” means the same thing as “by and large” making the connection between Cars and Wall-E even more substantial.]

Which brings us back to Wall-E. Have you ever wondered why Wall-E was the only machine left? We know that the movie begins 800 years after humans have left Earth on Axiom, governed by the AutoPilot (another A.I. reference).

Could it be that Wall-E’s fascination with human culture and friendship with a cockroach is what allowed him to keep finding fulfillment and the ability to maintain his personality? That’s why he was special and liberated the humans.

He remembered the times when humans and machines lived in peace, away from all of the pollution caused by both sides.

Pixar Theory

After Wall-E liberates the humans and they rebuild society back on Earth, what happens then? During the end credits of Wall-E, we see the shoe that contains the last of plant life. It grows into a mighty tree. A tree that strikingly resembles the central tree in A Bug’s Life.

Pixar Theory

Pixar Theory

Pixar Theory

That’s right. The reason no humans show up in A Bug’s Life is because there aren’t a lot left. We know because of the cockroach that some of the insects survived, meaning they would have rebounded a bit faster, though the movie had to be far enough in the timeline for birds to have returned as well, though they’re noticeably less intelligent than the bugs.

[I’ll admit, the trees looking similar isn’t enough to support the idea that A Bug’s Life takes place after Wall-E, but there’s definitely more reasons for why it’s likely. Also, I’ll bring the tree up again later because it appears in Up as well.]

There’s something strikingly different about A Bug’s Life when compared to other Pixar portrayals of animals, which leads me to believe it takes place in the future. Unlike Ratatouille, Up, and Finding Nemo, the bugs have many human activities similar to what the rats in Ratatouille were merely experimenting with.

The bugs have cities, bars, advertisements, their own machines, know what a bloody mary is and even have a traveling circus. This all assumes that the movie is in a different time period.

The other factor that sets A Bug’s Life apart from other Pixar movies is the fact that it is the only one, besides Cars and Cars 2, that doesn’t revolve (or even include) humans.

Pixar Theory

[Okay there is a a lot of contention over the idea that A Bug’s Life takes place post-apocalypse, but hear me out. The reason I am so inclined to push the idea is because of how different the bug world is from the “animal” movies. No other Pixar movie has animals wearing clothing, wild inventions, animals creating machines, or so much human influence like bars and cities. In Finding Nemo, the most human thing we see is a school, and even that is pretty stripped down. But in A Bug’s Life, we have a world where humans are barely even implied. At one point, one of the ants tells Flik not to leave the island because there are “snakes, birds, and bigger bugs out there.” He doesn’t even bring up humans. Yes, there are some humans, like the kid who allegedly picked the wings off of the homeless bug, but that still fits in a post Wall-E world. Also, the bugs have to be irradiated for them to live such long lifespans. The average lifespan of an ant is just 3 months, but these ants all survive an entire summer and allude to being around for quite some time by saying things like “this happens every year.” One of the ants even says he “feels 90 again.” That works if you accept that the ants are sturdier due to evolution and mutated genes.]

There’s another Pixar movie that was supposed to be released in 2012, but was cancelled and replaced with Brave. This movie was called Newt and I believe it might have fit in this part of the timeline post-Wall-E. The movie’s supposed plot: “What happens when the last remaining male and female blue-footed newts on the planet are forced together by science to save the species, and they can’t stand each other?” (Read here for more)

Pixar Theory

A movie about an endangered species rebuilding itself could lend itself nicely to this theory, but since the movie was never released, I’m just speculating.

So what happens next? Humanity, machines, and animals grow in harmony to the point where a new super species is born. Monsters. The monsters civilization is actually Earth in the incredibly distant future.

[Someone wisely pointed out that in Monsters University, the college is said to be founded in 1313. If we’re really in the future, then that means the monsters could have reset society and begun using their own calendar. That could mean Monsters Inc. takes place up to 1400 (or more) years after A Bug’s Life.]

Where did they come from? It’s possible that the monsters are simply the personified animals mutated after the diseased earth was irradiated for 800 years.

[Not during Wall-E. I would guess that it took hundreds of years after Wall-E for the animals to become monsters]

Pixar Theory

Whatever the reason, these monsters seem to all look like horribly mutated animals, only larger and civilized. They have cities and even colleges, as we see in Monsters University.

[An issue some have found is that this doesn’t properly explain what happened to humans. I haven’t settled on a theory I really like yet, but I’m leaning towards the idea that monsters and machines eventually forgot that they need humans and got rid of them again, not realizing their mistake until all humans died out. Another explanation is that humans just couldn’t survive on Earth anymore.]

In Monsters Inc., they have an energy crisis because they are in a future earth without humans. Humans are the source of energy, but thanks to the machines, again, the Monsters find a way to use doors to travel to the human world. Only, it’s not different dimensions.

Pixar Theory

The monsters are going back in time. They’re harvesting energy to keep from becoming extinct by going back to when humans were most prominent. The peak of civilization, if you will. Though a lot of time has passed, animosity towards humans never really went away for animals/monsters.

Monsters must have relied on anti-human instincts to believe that just touching a human would corrupt their world like it did in the past. So they scare humans to gather their energy until they realize that laughter (green energy) is more efficient because it is positive in nature.

[An alternative explanation that fits even better that some of you brought up: The machines and monsters created the time travel doors but realized that messing with time could erase their existence and change history. So, they falsely trained monsters to believe that humans are toxic and from another dimension, making it suicide for a monster to interact too much with their world. Another issue is how the monsters seem to worry about kids “being less scared these days.” It’s likely that going in the past takes a lot of energy, so the monsters can only go back as far as the practice still returns a profit in energy. To them, they’re just moving through the same dimension of time, but the monsters at the top know that eventually, they’ll run out. This is why Waternose is so bent on capturing children and enslaving them.]

We even see a connection between A Bug’s Life and Monsters Inc. via the trailer we see in both movies. As you can see, the trailer looks exactly the same, except the one in A Bug’s Life is noticeably older and more decrepit, while the one in Monsters Inc. (where Randall is sent via a door) has humans and looks newer.

Pixar Theory

Look at the picture above. On the left is the trailer from A Bug’s Life and the one on the right is from Monsters Inc. The one on the left looks older and more rundown. Even the vegetation is noticeably dryer and there’s less of it. The trailer on the right has humans and the frame even includes tall grass and a tree hanging overhead.

[Some have argued that the trailer in A Bug’s Life should be nothing but dust. I disagree based on how barely intact other buildings were in Wall-E. They also bring up the bug zapper that is powered by electricity. The zapper could easily be solar powered, just like Wall-E. The bugs probably used it as a light source to signal other bugs to “Bug City.” Also, the trailer in A Bug’s Life never shows lights in the trailer like it does for Monsters Inc.]

That said, Monsters Inc. is so far the most futuristic Pixar movie. By the end, humans, animals, and machines have finally found a way to understand each other and live harmoniously.

And then there’s Boo. What do you think happened to her? She saw everything take place in future earth where “kitty” was able to talk. She became obsessed with finding out what happened to her friend Sully and why animals in her time weren’t quite as smart as the ones she’d seen in the future.

She remembers that “doors” are the key to how she found Sully in the first place and becomes…

Pixar Theory

A WITCH. Yes, Boo is the witch from Brave. She figures out how to travel in time to find Sully, and goes back to what she believes is the source: The will-of-the-wisps.

They are what started everything, and as a witch, she cultivates this magic in an attempt to find Sully by creating doors going backwards and forwards in time.

[Just to clarify: The theory is that Boo discovered a way to use doors to travel through time on her own, possibly by developing magic on her own. She probably went back in time to the Dark Ages to get more magic from the will-o-wisps.]

How do we know? In Brave, you can briefly see a drawing in the workshop. It’s Sully.

Pixar Theory

We even see the Pizza Planet truck carved as a wooden toy in her shop, which makes no sense unless she’s seen one before…(and I’m sure she has since that truck is in almost every Pixar movie). If you look closely, you can see the carved truck below.

Pixar Theory

You remember Merida opening doors and the witch constantly disappearing? It’s because those doors are made the same way from Monsters Inc. They transport across time and that is why Merida couldn’t find the witch later in the movie.

[A lot of people have brought up how easter eggs are scattered throughout all the Pixar movies. I barely scratch the surface, but a great theory offered by some that I support is that these easter eggs are planted by Boo either intentionally or accidentally as she travels through time to find Sully. Some support for that is the fact that every easter egg in Brave lies in her workshop.]

But wait. How did Boo travel in time in the first place, and why is she obsessed with wood? Boo must have discovered that wood has been the source of energy all along, not just humans. The machines and monsters in Monsters Inc. use doors because they’re made of wood and found a way to use that energy to travel in time.

[Many have pointed out how the door that banishes monsters is metal. That’s probably because wood is used to harness this magic, and using a metal door would stop a banished monster from going back through it.]

Obsessed with finding Sully, Boo travelled across the Pixar universe using doors.

[It’s even possible that the wood from the tree in A Bug’s Life is the source of Flik’s ingenuity, due to his fascination and respect for seeds growing into trees. The tree also bears a resemblance to the one in Up that Carl and Ellie frequented, which could be the source of Carl’s wild creativity in using balloons to transport his house. This also explains why Flik and Heimlich from A Bug’s Life show up in Toy Story 2, which would be centuries before their time. Boo was trying to go to the future and could have fallen short by landing in the post-Wall-E time. She would need wood to keep time traveling, but there’s not much around yet, so she stumbles upon the tree in A Bug’s Life. She could have accidentally brought back a few bugs with her when traveling backwards in time.]

So Boo went back to the Dark Ages, probably because she could use plenty of wood there for her experiments or to study the will-o-wisps. We know that her first encounter with Mor’du ended with her turning him into a monstrous bear, but he regresses.

She probably wanted to turn him into a bear because Sully resembles a bear, and she is still trying to figure out where Sully comes from.

Does Boo ever find Sully? I like to think so. He surely reunited with her at least once as a child at the end of Monsters Inc., but eventually, he had to stop visiting.

But her love for Sully is, after all, the crux of the entire Pixar universe. The love of different people of different ages and even different species finding ways to live on Earth without destroying it because of a lust for energy.

And that is the Pixar Theory. More will be added to it, undoubtedly, when Pixar’s next movie The Good Dinosaur comes out in 2014.

Pixar Theory

[The Good Dinosaur is supposed to be about an alternate universe where dinosaurs never went extinct because a meteor never wiped them out. They have humans as pets in this alternate reality. My theory is that this “alternate universe” explains why so many things in Pixar’s universe are different from ours. It’s because evolution was never interrupted by a world-wide catastrophe. Humans evolved into supers and animals gained sentience faster, accelerating the apocalypse for resources that could do the same to our timeline. Oh, and Dinoco from Toy Story and Cars is a loose, but fun connection to speculate on.]

Until then, if you have anything to contribute or correct, don’t hesitate to bring it to my attention. Thanks for reading, and for a visual of the timeline with dates, click here.

Also, if you’re wondering whether or not Planes fits into this theory, read my full take on that subject here.

If you can’t get enough of the Pixar Theory, you can read The Pixar Detective, a serial novel (with artwork!) that explains more about this theory through an original story.

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All images courtesy of Disney/Pixar

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        The short films:
        Toy Story short films:
        Tin Toy
        A new toy is bought for a baby who terrorizes the toy. This would go after The Incredibles and before Toy Story because this is BNL’s first attempt at making toys so the toys can’t talk and they only perform basic movements and facial expressions.

        A Bug’s Life short films:
        Geri’s Game
        A man plays an amusing game of chess against himself. The place this takes place in looks like Shady Oaks from Up and the old guy is the cleaner from Toy Story 2 so this short takes place after Toy Story 2 but not that far because he’s old so I’ll put it in between Finding Nemo and Ratatouille. That gives him enough retirement time and enough time to slightly lose his mind in order to be playing chess with himself.

        Toy Story 2 short films:
        Luxo Jr.
        Two lamps play with the Pixar ball and accidently pop it. There are no people and the only light source is the two lamps I feel this is between Wall-E and Cars because the two lamps are in a room and they rely on each other for energy. Which actually makes it sweeter because without one the other wouldn’t survive.

        Monsters Inc. short films:
        For the Birds
        A group of birds make fun of a bigger bird for being different. There is some debate about where to put this film because of the birds being in Cars and in Inside Out. I feel like either the animals have developed longer life spans due to their growing intelligence they were born in the Toy Story times and survived quite a while. OR the birds are like the seagulls in Finding Nemo and the pigeon in Toy Story 3 or even the sparrow in Bug’s Life where they can’t talk and are actual birds I sign up to that theory except these ones have developed personalities and some intelligence so this would be between Inside Out and Up because of the nature looking better then the nature in Cars and Wall-E and also since they are evolving maybe they were born in the Toy Story times gained way longer lifespans and are still quite alive in Cars.

        Mike’s New Car
        Mike gets a new car and it goes haywire. I feel this film would go between the first and prequel of the Monster’s Inc. series because in the original Monsters Inc. there is a joke about Mike and his car which at that point was smaller and red. Maybe that is the car that he got after his car left and broke. We know it broke because all 6 of the wheels came from screen left and bounced to screen right. So this is the furthest in the theory we are at so far hopefully soon to change maybe with Coco.

        Finding Nemo short films:
        Knick Knack
        A Knick knack tries to break out of his dome to join the sunny Knick knacks. This short film will be after Tin Toy and before Toy Story because the toys or Knick knacks are more expressive they can provide more movements but they still can’t talk yet this time they have desires not just fears.

        The Incredibles short films:
        Jack-Jack Attack
        Ever wonder what Jack-Jack was up to with Kari the babysitter during the events of The Incredibles? This short like the description says coexists with the story of the film. So that’s where it goes pretty easy. Not the next one.

        A lamb gets sheared and gets help from a wise old jackrabbit how to be happy with how he looks. I’ll level with you I had to watch this one a few times to finally crack it. The film has to go before Finding Nemo back when the dentist was in college and was a sheep shearer because the commentary says the hand belonged to the dentist. It goes after the first two Toy Story’s because animals haven’t talked that much yet. So it’s after the Toy Story’s before Finding Nemo.

        Cars short films:
        One Man Band
        Two musicians musically one up each other to try and impress a kid into giving one of them a coin. This looks sort of medieval due to the clothes, the instruments, the setting, the fountain, everything makes it look like it is from the medieval times. After Brave before The Incredibles and there are no animals in it so since it is medieval I will assume the animals don’t have much intelligence yet.

        Mater and The Ghostlight
        Mater gets scared after hearing a scary story and has to try and escape from the Ghostlight. This film takes place between the two Cars movies when Doc is still around. There are no new characters or animals.

        Ratatouille short films:
        Two aliens try to abduct a human and only succeed in making us laugh. This film is strange because this is the only place Pixar has done aliens. But wait a second what if they aren’t aliens? What if they are monsters from the future whose vehicle goes so fast it goes back in time and their vehicle looks like an UFO because they are from the future with technology far advanced then us in the present and the only thing we can associate it with as humans is an UFO. This would take place during Monsters Inc. before the last scene with Boo and after Waternoose gets his comeuppance. But wait. Why would they go after adults? Because they are experimenting with possible alternative energy sources. And that’s why they’re doing this because they haven’t thought of laughter yet! And the time frame the human lives in is the Tin Toy times because the main toy from the aforementioned short is seen in the room.

        Your Friend The Rat
        Remy and Emile try and convince you on how good a rat would be as a friend. This film is special because it breaks the fourth wall and also due to what I think this does to the theory. The rats are recording a PSA for the humans because the rats and other animals are gaining intelligence quickly and they are trying to help us find how to get along with them by giving us the history facts and everything we could want to know about the rat however the disclaimer at the end prevents Remy and Emile from doing anymore because they figured the other animals they could do is tiger, bear, snakes, etc. and they are all dangerous and there would be more disclaimers so they give up as seen at the end they just started with rats because they are the most advanced and because they are rats themselves.

        Wall-E short films:
        Burn-E is a robot you see a little bit of in the movie who will bring light to the galaxy Eventual-E. This robots short takes place like Jack-Jack’s coexisting with the main story because in the scene where Wall-E has survived the escape pod they both fly back into the ship and a little robot is stuck out side and he is the star of this short film which shares his name Burn-E. So it takes place during Wall-E.

        Here is one of my favorites. Presto is about a rabbit who has to go through a magic act and just wants a carrot so he causes trouble and mayhem. Having just watched this I think I know where to place it. This takes place in Boo’s time because everything has a ’90’s vibe and Alec the rabbit is very full of personality although he can’t speak. Another reason why the short takes place in Boo’s time the ’90’s is because he can teach Boo the magic she needs to travel through time and the two have some comparisons. They both use magic, they have teleportation powers that if you strengthen can turn into time travel, they have entertaining sidekicks, and I think that’s it because we don’t have that much information on either character. It goes between Toy Story and Toy Story 2.

        Up short films:
        Dug’s Special Mission
        Dug’s origins revealed through this humorous short. Like Burn-E and Jack-Jack this film takes place during Up’s whole arriving to paradise falls thing leading up to the rocks because when we end the short Dug is found by Carl and Russell.

        Partly Cloudy
        This delightful short is about a stork and the dangerous babies his designated cloud gives him. This would take place alongside Dumbo before The Incredibles because it shows how the babies are made. Using storks and clouds with lightning life giving powers. Also Dumbo goes before The Incredibles because I won’t go in depth because I’m doing a page and a half report on it but everything seems 1940’s. And this would be the prequel to it showing the backstory of the storks and how they get the babies.

        Toy Story 3 short films:
        I’m not going to do Night and Day or Day and Night whatever it’s called because it doesn’t fit in with the rest of the Pixar films. Due to it being 2D not having a story. No spoken words. No context. A montage of the passing of a day basically. It doesn’t have the proper dynamic that even For The Birds and Boundin’ did. Sorry to disappoint you.

        Cars 2 short films:
        Toy Story Hawaiian Vacation
        Easy this takes place after Toy Story 3 because it takes place in Bonnie’s room just like the Toy Story Toons.

        Brave short films:
        La Luna
        A boy’s grandfather and father take him out to rake stars on the moon. This film is silent with only music. It’s not much action. There isn’t much to go off of. But they were dressed as if it was the 30’s. This would be proven as they only have a broom and a rake which is some old tools. This would go before The Incredibles and after Brave.

        The Legend of Mur’du
        The tale of Mur’du retold in 2D. This is just some little sidebar information it doesn’t do much for the story so I’ll throw it somewhere during Brave.

        Monsters University short films:
        I’m not going to do the Blue Umbrella because this is an animation strictly based theory.

        Inside Out short films:
        A volcano sings about his wish for love. This short film is tough because it has living volcanoes something not seen ever again or beforehand and we don’t know how long the volcano was waiting so I’ll put it in between Up and Cars because it takes place over a few years and earth looks amazing yet there are no humans. The pollution may have caused small things like the volcanoes being granted life.

        Some of the Disney movies:

        You guys will have to help with editing please. This is what I’ve gotten on Saturday all of these were on the same day. I’ll bring this up again but each time it’s written differently is because I’m not comfortable with things that are new yet as I get used to them I can adapt which is why the first one Lion King is just written down notes and over the course of the following films afterwards they are written more professionally.

        The Lion King:

        Earth looks amazing with no humans, Animals have rulers and know exactly where they are and how to get to them, Animals live in harmony among each other, The lion actually is the King of the jungle, Rafiki looks like an old shaman and actually is, Rafiki uses his stick a lot to do things like do the birthing ceremony of Simba and later he draws a painting of him on his tree and how he is growing older among other drawings, Animals talk and use their front paws/hands AS hands sometimes like when Scar caught the mouse but most of the time they use them as paws, Animals have family ties that turn sour just like human siblings when they are younger, Despite not having these things they know about things like throw rugs, Animals can recognize each other amongst others of their own kind, The animals know about things like Death and Kingdom boundaries, They make some half-decent jokes about animals, They know about things like The Great Circle Of Life, They Sing, They still do things like they would if they were less advanced like pouncing and flying, None of them walk on two legs except for the fight between Scar and Simba and the animals that normally do like Timon and Zazu, Scar can manipulate people, They can make alliances not only with their own kind but also interspecial connections like Mufasa and Zazu, The lions still have baths like they did millions of years ago by being licked and not using water, I may have already said this but there are no humans, They still have things like arranged marriages, They know how to use things like towels Despite being in Africa with no man made things, They know how to ride animals which is weird if you think about it, They have AMAZING choreography, They can make synchronized Animal Pyrimids, Zazu can survive being crushed by a rhinos… Rear End, I don’t get the Elaphant Graveyard do the elephants just go there or does another animal come and drag them to this spot still it’s a nice representation of a Graveyard, Hyenas still laugh creepily, They know about things like Mange and Poachers despite AGAIN no human influences, They can make food jokes til the cows come home, They can win (and lose) fights, Scar runs the Elaphant Graveyard quite well for the wrong reasons, They can playfully wrestle like friends/family would do, They have a very good idea of what stars are, You can see the constellation Leo during this section despite not being able to see it in Africa present day, Scar shouldn’t have to go through all this trouble to kill Mufasa since Nature is controlled by this song then he should just sing until Mufasa is dead “Oh Mufasa be prepared I have been waiting this whole time to get my rightful place and” sorry, They know about things like Eras and again with no Homo Sapiens they know about things like Teachers, Did I mention how Hitler like Scar is in this section with all his hyenas like Nazis, Here comes the nature part rising land making lava he really should just sing to get his way he already has a good voice when it comes to that kind of thing, The tree that Simba is under during the beginning of this section resembles the head of Mickey, Scar uses the hyenas to make a stampede of wildebeests which sounds like a plan that is worse then the singing one I mean that cliff is steep why are they not stumbling do they have 4 hoof drive, Scar commits straight up murder, Simba runs away and Scar sics his three main hyenas on him, They know about things like cactuses, The buzzards that try to eat Simba are actual buzzards and not characters, Timon is among one of the most human like of the characters because he walks on two feet and has hands, Pumbaa is the village idiot outcast edition, They make a chair and give Simba a king treatment with the shade blowing and dwindling down his claws, Pumbaa does a German impression, They break the 4th wall and quickly make a swing to avoid attention, The bugs are regular bugs, There is no technology should’ve said that earlier, Pumbaa does one of those mouth trumpet things, Zazu sings It’s a Small World After All and I’ve Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts, Zazu is in a rib cage which represents something very original it represents…a…cage, Rafiki uses flower petals to do some ESP work like a fortune teller and tea stains, Timon and Pumbaa sing The Lion Sings Tonight, Nala tries to hunt and eat Pumbaa, Simba is confronted with the past by Nala but the two of them can’t fight because there’s a love song coming up, They go through all the stages of love in a matter of minutes, Rafiki meditates, No idea what this does to the theory in any way but Mufasa comes back and gets Simba going to Pride Rock to take his rightful place as the one true king, Timon and Pumbaa do a luau to distract the hyenas, Jacques from Lady and the Tramp is in this section among the hyenas before the court meeting on the case of Mufasa’s death, Rafiki does some killer Kung fu, Timon does the two fist together in the air victory thing, and Finally Rafiki does a second birthing ceremony.

        Using these notes I have determined that either the humans are dead, or on the Axiom.

        The Jungle Book:

        Embark on a thrilling, adventure-filled journey with the boy Mowgli as he makes his way to the man-village with Bagheera, the wise Panther. Along the way he meets jazzy King Louie, the hypnotic snake Kaa and the lovable happy-go-lucky bear Baloo, who teaches Mowgli”The Bear Nessicities” of life and the true meaning of friendship. Throughout most of the movie we see only one human who is our hero Mowgli we would be able to say there are no humans but there is the trainwreck of the Jungle Book 2 to deny that so there are more humans, The Animals talk, There is a broken rowboat where Mowgli is first found containing a basket which he is in with some jars, Bagheera the Panther knows what man Cubs need and sends him to live with Wolves until he is about 8 or 9. The animals aren’t as advanced as they were back in the last few sets of notes but they can still talk, the animals don’t refer to human activities or objects or anything, Mowgli is able to communicate with the animals which brings to mind whether or not the people in the other movies can or can’t communicate with animals as well anyways back to the film, the wolves hold a council about whether or not to keep Mowgli but it is very much stripped down, the animals again can communicate with each other something that is certain in these movies, the snake however can perform hypnotism something we don’t see at all in the following movies or movies in the past or anything that I know about, Kaa can intimidate other animals except for the tiger, here we come to our first song and our next humanesque thing the elephants are like a military they stomp around and sing and drill and use words like rear and march and halt and ranks but the big thing is when Colonel Hathi goes and rambles about the Victoria Cross thing he mentions “back in ’88 it was” suggestion this could be in the 1990’s or the early 2000’s then again there have been tons of ’88s the 1700’s 1600’s 1500’s on and on this is so old that I feel that early 1800’s would be a good place for this particular film only this implies that some of the animals are most of the time as modern as humans less modern then humans and then in some instances once in a blue moon more advanced then humans due to their growing intelligence battling their primitive instincts whithin their heads sometimes they call a draw sometimes the primitive wins and some times the human intelligence wins, here is the next song The Bear Nessicities but before that we see that Baloo is one of the few animals that used to be on all fours but is now standing erect, he also boxes like a human does, but he still retains his ability to make his animal sound like all animals will be doing, the animals seem friendlier then they would if they weren’t advanced this is something that comes back again and again except for animals like Shere Khan and Scar and the bear in Fox and the Hound, while I have some time let me tell you why I’m on the fence about animals communicating with humans. It’s because of movies like The Jungle Book, and Tarzan where the main character grows up with the animals however there is only one movie where humans are able to communicate with animals without being raised in the wild which is Bee Movie due to Venessa communicating with Barry. I suppose I’ll have to go with the fact that animals aren’t allowed to communicate with humans which make sense you know what that’s what I’ll go with because in the context of this theory it makes a hell of a lotta sense. Anyways back to The Jungle once more. Meet King Louie he can scat he can walk on two feet he has hands and he wants to be human. He just needs fire which is why he wants Mowgli, that leads us into our next song I Wan’na Be Like You this song takes place in the ancient ruins which I believe to be the lost colony of Roanoke (look it up kids) since The Road to El Dorado, Brave, and Pocahontas all take place before hand kind of like a history lesson which also helps prove it takes place in the 1800’s, Baloo and Bagheera and Mowgli and King Louie and some monkeys survive the ancient ruins collapsing, there is a tribute to Bambi here where the deer that Shere Khan is hunting goes through the same animation that Bambi’s mom did when the hunter shot her, on a happier note the elaphants are back with they’re military fun, because of Colonel Hathi’s stupidness with Bagheera Shere Khan finds out about Mowgli’s situation. Kaa comes back and hypnotizes Mowgli into his clutches, Shere Khan catches up and we see that he is the one person Kaa can’t hypnotize, the vultures are here when they talk they are like the Beatles, however when they sing they are like a barber shop quartet, they attempt to befriend the man cub due to being outcasts themselves, again they know about things like Mange, Bagheera does a beautiful Eulogy for Baloo who thankfully isn’t dead, there is a human village which proves there are still humans, dang it the girl at the end who seduces Mowgli back to the man village has an religious red dot on her head so this has to take place in India there goes Roanoke full circle idea darn it. I really liked that idea oh well no use staying hooked on a rejected idea.

        Using these notes I have determined this has to take place in the 1800’s


        When Mrs. Jumbo’s little “Baby Mine” finally arrives, Dumbo and his oversize ears become the talk of the circus. With the help of his loyal best friend, Timothy Mouse, a magic feather and a ton of courage, Dumbo uses his sensational ears to soar to fame as the world’s one and only flying Elaphant. Everybody has been curious about the miracle of birth and where babies come from and so this film shows us the truth about where they come from: The Stork. And each expectant mother has a designated stork that makes the delivery. This stork (voiced by the guy who did Kaa from last time) is dressed as a postman from the early 1900’s in fact everyone is dressed that way but we don’t determine time periods by clothes so let’s go spelunking deeper, this stork has an unusual delivery for an expectant Elaphant mother, the train Casey Junior is alive which factors into the A.I.’s eventually (wait three or four centuries), only the stork and elaphants wear clothes, the stork uses a map to get to Mrs. Jumbo, here is the part we’ve been waiting for the reveal of the baby Elaphant but before that one or two more things, the stork and elaphants and Timothy and the humans are the only ones who talk not even Dumbo himself utters a single word. The stork knows Happy Birthday and uses a pan flute or maybe a harmonica I can’t tell the difference. Something goes unexpected though. The Elaphant has big ears that factor into the story later. There is a throwback to The Little Engine That Could with Casey Junior going up a hill that is quite enjoyable. The elaphants can help the humans put up the circus tent by carrying heavy objects and using hammers to hammer in the tent poles, so they put up the tent now they throw a marching band to raise awareness of the circus and Dumbo stumbles over his ears lands in the mud and gets laughed at, the baby Elaphant takes a bath in a wash basin which I don’t think they use anymore so that sort of dates the film for us, some kids come and make fun of Dumbo so she goes to punish them and the circus people think she’s a mad Elaphant so they take away the baby and chain her up so she gets back at them and so she is in solitary confinement. This is where Timothy is introduced he is a mouse and is like Timon where he walks on two feet and has hands the main difference though except for him being a mouse is Timothy is dressed like a old ringleader. Timothy forms an unlikely friendship with Dumbo using peanuts that and the thought of springing Dumbo’s mother. Elaphants are scared willieless of mice still so that shows they are not quite as advanced. Timothy helps Dumbo by dressing as a phantom and communicating with the ringleader in his sleep. Timothy at this time mentions the word reception which at this time wouldn’t of been conceived of yet so maybe Timothy as most advanced of the animals especially since he’s the one who wears the most clothing he even has a hat. Here is where we have an Elaphant pyramid not as synchronized as in Lion King but a pyramid nonetheless. Dumbo knows how to wave a flag and communicate with only facial expressions. Let’s just say the pyramid doesn’t last. Or the tent. Like so many animals have survived things Dumbo survives the toppling circus tent I’m starting to think these animals are made of steel. They do use their trunks like arms so the possibility is there. The clowns treat him horribly in the clown act I forgot to say they made Dumbo a clown. They go to see his mother and what follows is a very heartbreaking scene destined to make some one with the coldest of hearts weep. The circus people come and take her away whether she comes back or not you’ll have to wait and see. Dumbo and Timothy accidently (I can’t stress that enough it was 100% accidental. They thought it was a tub of water because Dumbo had the hiccups they didn’t realize it was alcohol) get drunk and have fun with the bubbles and Dumbo blowing bubbles with his trunk that it slowly transitions into a fun song. Entitled Pink Elaphants On Parade. I’ll give you a hint the poses that Timothy strikes on the bubbles is based on the Mickey Mouse of that time in the 1940’s. The pink elaphants quickly sober them up. I would describe it but it’s one of those things you just can’t you know? We end the scene in a zoom in on the tree. We see 4 crows that are dressed like I think businessmen or black people or I don’t know I wasn’t brought up in the 1940’s and I’m not trying to be racist or anything of the sort honest. There are 5 crows. Two of them wears glasses. One of them smokes. One of them is heavy. One of them wears a hat without a top that slides over his beak. They all wear clothes as much as Timothy does. Here is where it is revealed that Dumbo can fly but not until after this fun song from the crows and the powerful speech by Timothy is it fully revealed. The crows give Dumbo a “magic” feather to help him fly. Here we are back at the circus act but this time things go a little different. Dumbo drops the feather and finally tries to fly again with success then he gets back at the elaphants and clowns for being mean to him. Dumbo gets famous, Timothy becomes his manager, and Dumbo flies into his personal train car into his mother’s trunk once more. The elaphants are nice now and the film ends. So I know I only talked about the film but that’s because there isn’t really anything that implies further meaning this is a true genuine film with no further meanings.

        Using these notes I have determined this movie has to take place in the early 1940’s probably when the film was made which would be 1941.

        The Fox and the Hound:

        When a feisty little fox named Tod is adopted into a farm family, he quickly becomes friends with a fun and adorable hound puppy named Copper. Life is full of hilarious adventures until Copper is expected to take on his role as a hunting dog~and the object of his search is his best friend! This movie starts with a dramatic sweep over a cloudy gray sky, through the forest, the whole time you hear barks and howls it is very ominous it grows louder until suddenly you see a fox and she is running from a dog and its master. She runs until she stops at a farmhouse lays down her son where the dog won’t see and runs away. Suddenly you hear gunshots and before you know it the baby fox is an orphan. Big Momma (an owl) who the baby fox becomes friends with comforts the baby fox. By the way the owl has the ability to talk. The owl flies up to an pair of best friends Beaky and Boomer an canary and an woodpecker who talk as well. Just like the stork in Dumbo sounds like the original Winnie-The-Pooh the woodpecker sounds like the original Tigger. The three of them work together to get the attention of an lonely old widow who finds the fox affectionately names him Tod and raises him as her own. The two of them form an unbreakably strong friendship. We cross dissolve to an hunter and his two dogs one of them is old and one of them is a young puppy he bought that day they’re names are Chief and Copper respectively. The reason why each time it sounds different each time I do these reports is because each time I do one I get more comfortable with it. At this time it is revealed that the fox can speak. There is a whole second subplot that is introduced at this time that remains throughout the story and that is Beaky and Boomer keep trying to catch this caterpillar but it keeps evading them which shows how the animals even if they don’t speak are able to survive easier due to their intelligence. Here is where Tod and Copper meet and form their unlikely friendship. Big Mama can sing. They can play games like Hide and Seek. We see pets still depend and are ruled by their owners. There is a big elaborate and in some ways comedic chase between Tod and Chief and the hunter joins in. Finally Todd evades Ol’ Chief by knocking his barrel into the water pond. But the hunter is still after him so Tod jumps on the back of the widow’s car and she confronts the hunter after having hearing gunshots and seeing it’s the hunter. She blasts his radiator to stop the car and shots out to the distance to unload the gun. Tod is saved. But he has to stay indoors because of the hunter. Tod can’t play with Copper anymore which makes him very sad. Now Copper is leaving on a hunting trip with The Hunter and Ol’ Chief. Tod is allowed outside but his friend is gone. Big Momma, Boomer, and Beaky sing a song about how much dangerous trouble Tod could get into for playing with Copper. Tod gets shown a fur cabinet and gets sad and realizes what might happen to Copper but denies the truth. During the Winter that Coppers gone he and Tod grow up and Beaky and Boomer fly south for the Winter. Tod’s worst fears have come true Copper has become another hunting dog. Beaky and Boomer have come back and I guess this is as good a time as ever to tell you that the adult Tod is played by none other then Mickey Rooney. And the adult Copper is played by Kurt Rusell. Guess What you won’t believe it but The Hunter and Ol’ Chief run after Tod for a second time. Going up rock faces, across railroad tracks everything ends when Ol’ Chief’s leg gets broken because he gets hit by the train and falls into some low rocky water but guess what just like in all the previous articles he survives the animals can do anything they’re super dogs. Because of Ol’ Chief’s leg Copper wants revenge on Tod. That night The Hunter grabs his gun and storms over to the Widow’s house to try and kill Tod. Because of this there is a tear inducing scene where Widow has to let Tod out into the element complete with sad song, flashback voice overs and everything it’s enough to make a grown man cry. He then gets shelter from the rainstorm provided by a friendly porcupine who sounds like the original Piglet. However that makes Tod more vulnerable then ever The Hunter has his plan and now Tod is again in danger. Big Momma gets a pretty young female fox to help find him. The foxes fall in love after she hears from Big Momma Tod’s story. What follows is a humorous scene of Tod trying to catch a fish. After the scene let’s just say foxes don’t catch fish. Another song is sung by Big Momma this time it’s a love song and just like in The Lion King it’s not sappy. It’s pretty nice actually. After seeing a quail and her 7 chicks Vixey the female fox says “6 would be just nice” and we cut back to The Hunter as he approaches the forest and Copper tries to sniff out Tod. I have a feeling the game is afoot. 2 minutes later. Just as I told ya. Ominous music. Scary vibe creeping down my spine. Suddenly wam! The chase is on… Again. This time it’s Copper VS. Tod. It’s on! The Hunter awakens an angry bear accidently and just when it seems dog and master will die in comes Tod trying to save them the bear chases him to a log above a waterfall. The log can’t hold their weight. They come crashing down. Super Tod survives the plummet the non-speaking bear doesn’t. The Hunter locks his gun he’s about to shoot Tod when Copper stands between the two. You think he’s going to spare Tod right? He does he saves his friend and that is how the film ends the two friends have a heart to heart followed by a comedic scene with The Hunters broken leg and we zoom out slowly we see Tod and Vixey watching over them then turn and leave and the last important thing is the end of Beaky and Boomer’s story. The caterpillar turns into a butterfly and flies away. And Big Momma? Well she tries to get some sleep but is awoken by The Hunter’s cries of pain. Pan out foxes watching voice overs of the little baby Tod and Copper. And cue title card: The End.

        Using the notes I have determined that this film takes place in the 1960’s.

        Brother Bear

        When an impulsive young boy named Kenai is magically transformed into a bear, he must literally walk in another’s footprints until he learns some valuable life lessons. His courageous and often zany journey introduces hint to a forest full of wildlife, including the lovable bear cub Koda, hilarious moose Rutt and Tuke, wooly mammoths, rambunctious Rams and more! O.K. So I picked this one because it’s one of my favorites and also because I don’t know about you but I needed something humorous after that sad movie. So we are watching the outrageous Brother Bear which has tragedy but just as much fun in it as well unlike the last film that was 95% tragedy and 5% fun. Here we go! The film begins with the narrated setup from Denahi. It explains the northern lights or what the film calls Where the Lights Touch the Earth. This also sets up the village leader/Elder and suddenly you’re thrust into a chase! But it’s not just any old chase it’s a caribou chase! The brothers outrun the beasts and you see them have some brotherly fun. Today is the day of Kenai’s ceremony where he’s going to get his totem. For example if you’re wise you get a eagle. We are brought a nice song by Tina Turner I think is who she is. We see the bros trying to catch fish and having fun and we also see the animals who look beautiful like caribou and whales. If you think about it this basket thing changes the film because if Kenai had properly tied the basket up the bear wouldn’t have stolen the fish making Kenai kill it for revenge making it so he wouldn’t turn into a bear and on and on, if it weren’t for that basket the movie would have ended. We go to the ritual where the Elder is setting up the totems. Kenai is given his totem and it is a…bear for love which ties into the story subconsciously. We cross dissolve into a humorous and good hearted scene where Denahi is poking fun at Kenai for his totem. Kenai and Sitka are talking about their totems when we see the basket of fish with some missing and Kenai goes after the bear I told ya the basket was more important then most people would think. We transition into a scene where the two brothers have to save Kenai from the bear. Suddenly Denahi falls into a ice crevass Kenai tries to save him, and Sitka uses his stick to cut off a chunk of the ice killing the bear and sacrificing himself. Their trio is down to two. We cross dissolve into Sitka’s funeral and Denahi and Kenai have their last talk together until the end of the movie. Kenai throws his totem to the ground which again will come into play. We are lead to thinking the bear is dead right? The bear is a superbear and survives the fall and Kenai decides to go after it and after a thrilling action scene the bear is killed. Now I’m trying to also give a plot summary without giving too much away from a film like this because this is one of the better Disney films. Suddenly we see blue balls of light which form a waterfall over the dead bear. Kenai slowly approaches and pokes his gaff at it. This is like Pink Elaphants but I’ll try my best. They’re are fish where they shouldn’t be, Kenai almost gets hit in the head by flying mammoths and other animals, Sitka came back from the dead, oh no remember the big bear? The bear has expired. Kenai launches up into the sky, spins around a few times and when he lands he gets turned into a bear. Notable feature this mountain that this action takes place on is shaped like a bear’s head. Those things that made animals fly and turned Kenai into a bear, those were the northern lights. When suddenly the film ends. J.K. We see bear’s-eye view as Kenai checks his surroundings until we see Nana the Elder from the beginning. It’s here a good time to mention that the picture looks so much better the colors are brighter there are more details in the scenery all kinds of fun stuff to notice if you want to be an animator. Always make changes to scenery but make them subtle at the same time. No the animals can all talk and we are introduced to my favorite characters who are arguably the funniest of them all in this film: Rutt and Tuke. We go into a very humorous scene where Kenai tries to explain what happened and they don’t believe him but it’s all done entertainingly. Here comes our guide through the film Koda a 5 or 6 year old bear cub. Yet another humorous scene involving a rope, a stick, and the Bears. Already this makes up for that heart wrenching film from last time. Here is where the deal comes into play. Koda helped Kenai down and so he follows Koda to the Salmon Run. Which we find out later is incidentally very close to the mountain that Kenai has to go to. They are stuck under the ice, Kenai goes to leave and Koda admits he got separated from his mom and this is when the mountain comes into play. Which is the incentive to inspire Kenai into suddenly wanting to go. Our moose come back in another entertaining scene that also reintroduces the threat of Denahi who is trying to hunt down the bear who he doesn’t realize is his brother. Koda tries to explain what happened to his mom when we are brought into the first of our collection of songs by Phil Collins this one is entitled I’m On My Way. With some entertaining and gorgeous mute visuals that capture the lyrics perfectly at times. The two bears also start having brotherly fun when the moose come back with the Bears because naturally animals are scared of hunters. But he would easily be able to follow Kenai the moose and Koda with their footprints so what are they gonna do? You won’t believe me but they use WOOLY MAMMOTHS to travel by. Wooly Mammoths crazy right it actually works and it’s just the right amount of nuttiness to make sense in the Disneyverse. There is proof the mammoths still exist if we put the film far back in the ancient past due to the fifty thousand mammoth ending at the end of Ice Age 2. Plus there’s no technology whatsoever. We find out that Koda knows pretty well about the lights and what they represent when Koda has to tell him about his dead brother and there is a sweet scene where Koda thanks Sitka snuggles up to Kenai and says “I’ve always wanted a brother”. Then comes a hilarious scene with Rutt and Tuke playing I Spy which is very much reminiscent of the Dory I Spy in Finding Nemo. If you watch the two of them together back-to-back it is very funny. It is here that we realize Koda doesn’t know where to go and that we are lost. Kenai refers to homing pigeons and the mammoth ride is like a car trip. The moose again make some hilarious car trip jokes and it is here where Kenai turns into a dink but not too much of a dink because you still have to root for him and the emotional climax has not even scratched the surface yet. We are taken to a cave with cave drawings and we stop on a drawing of a man and a bear and Koda says “Those monsters are really scary” making you think that he’s referring to the Bear but he says “Especially with those sticks.” Meaning the human. The two bears leave and again have some humorous brother bantering but not as funny as these Rams. You see these are two Rams. And what is their Schtick you ask? They yell at their own echoes thinking its two other Rams it quickly become funny and in some cases memorable. Koda finds where he’s going and there’s some good news and some bad news. The good news is that the Salmon Run is close. The bad news is to get to it Kenai and Koda have to cross a lava hot spring fiery burny place. Sounds like fun! BTW if you want more Rutt and Tuke craziness there is a full-length “Moose Commentary” by Rutt and Tuke that runs the whole film. It is very enjoyable anyways back to lava death fun! Guess what? Denahi’s back to try to kill Kenai again! They come across a log. Kenai throws Koda to the other side because the hunter in gaining on them. Ominous suspenseful music playing the whole time. Kenai jumps to the other end while the log crumbles to the other end. Denahi won’t give up that easily. He takes his staff and jumps toward them across the chasm. Tries to climb up the log begins to fall. Kenai tries to grab him and save him to no avail Denahi plummets into the water and survives due to it being deep. The salmon runs here! It’s a fun scene with Kenai interacting with the other bears. It’s a clan of bears that are like brothers. The leaders name is Topug I will call him Tug he is Tug. We are in a new song by Phil Collins called Welcome to Our Family (Theme from The Salmon Run) with Kenai figuring out how to catch wild salmon. All the songs are nice but this is one of the best. We dissolve to the Bears tradition of throwing a fish head around and whoever catches it gets to tell a story about something that happened that year. Kenai catches it and tells about his journey so far in a fun way. Koda catches the fish and tells about his mother getting tackled by three monsters in a flashback. Wouldn’t you know it the monsters were Kenai and his brothers and the bear they were tackling was Kodas mother. And Koda tells the story in a thrilling and realizing sense. Kenai tries to escape and Koda catches up to him. In a tearjerking scene Kenai has to tell Koda about the truth who he truly is why he’s a bear that he killed his mom complete with a sad song. It’s O.K. though in the Moose Commentary this is where it gets interesting. I’ll leave it at that you’ll have to watch it to see what I mean. Koda abandons Kenai. Kenai tries to apologize and make things right but eventually leaves leaving the poor little bear cub alone. We cut back to Denahi freezing his tail off and follows an eagle that will take him to his brother when the film is over. Not. Like all things suspenseful we cut to a funny scene with the Moose arguing around Koda and the moose eventually make up and leave the bear cub alone themselves. But it inspires Koda to follow Kenai and allow him to make peace. Now we have three stories about to interconnect. We have Kenai trying to go to the mountain, we have Denahi following him and finally we have Koda trying to find his brother. Denahi catches up and there is another thrilling action scene between the two and Sitka is not showing up. The two come to a cliff. Denahi stands on Kenai and raises his knife at him. Kenai is going to die. Suspenseful music again. It keeps going, going, going until…boom! In comes Koda tackling Denahi! Now he’s the one being chased and Kenai is trying to save him. He’s getting closer. He’s as good as dead when… Boom! Sitka is back and changes Kenai back into a man. But Kenai has other plans he gets turned into a bear once more. So he ends where he started from but this time he chose it. While Denahi and Kenai have their final heart to heart Koda finds his mothers spirit. It’s a sweet shot and suddenly we are put into Kenai’s ceremony of putting his hand or paw more like on the wall. Pull out eagle watching and flies away. The End
        So using my notes I have determined that this film takes place in the early 1000’s or late B.C.’s.

        Lady and the Tramp

        Embark on a thrilling adventure with the most unforgettable characters: Lady, a lovingly pampered cocker spaniel; Tramp, a mutt from across the tracks with a heart of gold; Jock and Trusty, Lady’s best friends; and Si and Am, two of the most devious cats to prowl across the screen. The happiest of endings takes place on a lovely “Bella Notte” as lady learns what it means to be footloose and leash-free.

        Movies I have yet to review:
        Lady and the Tramp, Oliver and Company, Alice in Wonderland, The Princess and the Frog, Winnie the Pooh, The Fox and the Hound 2, The Jungle Book 2, The Aristocats, Bambi, Tangled, Aladdin, The Emperor’s New Groove, Meet the Robinsons, Lilo and Stitch, Phineas and Ferb the Movie, A Christmas Carol, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King 1 1/2, The Lion King 2, The Wild, Brave, The Incredibles, Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Finding Nemo, Ratatouille, Toy Story 3, Inside Out, Up, Cars, Cars 2, Wall-E, A Bug’s Life, Monsters University, Monsters Inc., AntZ, The Road to El Dorado, Chicken Run, Shrek, Shrek 2, Shark Tale, Madagascar, Over the Hedge, Flushed Away, Shrek 3, Bee Movie, Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar 2, Monsters VS. Aliens, How to Train Your Dragon, Shrek 4, Madagascar 3, MegaMind, Puss in Boots, Penguins of Madagascar, Everyone’s Hero, Despicable Me, Despicable Me 2, Robots, Ice Age, Ice Age 2, Ice Age 3, Ice Age 4, All Dogs Go To Heaven, An American Tail, Balto, The Land Before Time, Barnyard, Dragon Hunters, Hoodwinked, Hotel Transylvania, Rango, Open Season, Open Season 2, Open Season 3 in that order And that’s what I’ve gotten.


        1. Do you guys know of any picture merging apps I need to merge the Disney logo with the DreamWorks logo with the Pixar logo. And that will be our main photo.


          1. O.K. I tried you guys will have to do the photos the thingy that controls it thinks I’m not cool enough or something along that jazz.


  5. In Cars 2, at the end credits, there’s a membership card for Mater that’s dated 2011. According to the timeline, cars and other machines came WAY after that.
    I don’t mean to disprove the Theory, I actually love it, I was just curious if you had an explanation for the date.


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