The Pixar Theory Timeline

Literally thousands of you have requested a visual timeline for The Pixar Theory, so I put this together for you in an attempt to better organize my insane, hyperactive mind. 

Keep in mind that this is not the full theory. There is plenty I don’t go over and there are many missing connections between movies I don’t bring up, so consult the full theory here if you want the details:



Pixar Theory

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652 thoughts

    1. I think it takes place some years after Toy Story 3 and also you can see Riley playing hockey on TriCounty the same place where Sunnyside is


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  2. Hey Jon, how do you think Bomb Voyage is so young in Ratatoullie even though he looks the same after the events of the Incredibles?

    Personally I think that is could be two things.
    1- Ratatoullie and The Incredibles are much closer in the timeline than we thought
    Evidence include:
    Black and white television
    Seemingly ageless Bomb Voyage
    The fact that a newspaper describes him as ‘at large’
    2- Bomb Voyage is ageless because he ate one of Kevin’s eggs
    Evidence include:
    Explanation for how he’s so young after all that time
    He was a super villain ( probably for hire) and could have been hired by machine-run company, BNL, to find proof of Charlz Muntz’ research ( from Up)

    It would make sense, as BNL is looking to become #1 in all consumer products on Earth, including oil/fossil fuels (fresh from the land of the Good Dinosar). Bomb Voyage was skilled enough to avoid being killed by Muntz and partake of the egg to add a few years.


  3. [ I posted this a while ago on the Inside Out article, with some edits] [ everything in [ ] is an edit to the original post]

    This is how I believe the Pixar shorts fit into the timeline.
    The Good Dinosaur (only the comet part in the beginning)
    Lava ( The turtles from the beach may be the parents of Crush from Finding Nemo)
    La Luna ( Supernatural abilities are passed down generations)
    One Man Band ( Somewhere in old Europe)
    The Incredibles ( When crime fighting became outlawed for Supers people began looking towards more “human” role models such as magicians [Presto], clowns [Red’s Dream], adventurers [Charles Muntz from Up])
    Presto ( “Normal” role models have become widely popular when Supers are outlawed. Supers were forced to blend in with normals instead of crime fighting and likely disguised their powers with “normal” affairs)
    Luxo Jr. ( I didn’t know where else to put it)
    Red’s Dream ( When Supers were put back to work, “normals” we’re forgotten and had to give up on their careers and had to sell their paphernalia to stay successful)
    Sanjay’s Super Team ( I don’t know if this takes place in modern day or not, but Supers are still around in this time and could connect heavily with this short) [ P.s. I didn’t see it yet]
    The Adventures of Andre & Wally B. ( Toys start to awaken for the first time)
    Tin Toy ( Toys interact with people)
    Toy Story
    Geri’s Game ( Same park from Andre and Wally B., only more developed. Geri develops a realistic alternate personality that probably stemmed from the Islands of Personality)
    Toy Story 2
    Knick Knack ( The knick knacks became popular around this time, the summer knick knacks appeared in Finding Nemo and Up)
    Boundin’ ( The Dentist from Finding Nemo is the one who shears the sheep)
    Finding Nemo
    Lifted ( Could happen in any part of the timeline when Tin Toys were popular)
    Ratatouille ( I think that it’s weird that Bomb Voyage hasn’t aged at all since he escaped in the Incredibles) [ As you can see above I bring this point up already]
    For the Birds ( Appears in Inside Out and Cars)
    Partly Cloudy ( It felt right)
    Toy Story 3
    The Blue Umbrella ( Basically every inanimate object or thing achieved sentience)
    Inside Out ( I’m not positive if it really goes here, I placed it here based on what Jon said on this page) [Still not 100 percent on it]
    Day & Night ( the lumberjack is the construction worker from Up before he went to work for BnL) [ Or he’s working for them right now….]
    Up [ Happens around the same time as the Good Dinosaur ]
    [The Good Dinosaur – The actual events of the movie in modern day but in a parallel reality. I explain the whole thing on the Good Dinosaur article]
    Cars [ all humans removed from earth to clean up and all intelligent prehistoric creatures are harvested for fossil fuels for cars to live off of ]
    Cars 2
    A Bugs Life
    Monsters University
    Party Central
    Monsters Inc.

    I didn’t include the Untitled Dias Delos Muerthos film or the upcoming sequels because I don’t know enough about them to determine when they take place.


  4. I think the Monsters era (and probably the Bugs era too) would be so much futher in time than that. If we look at how the evolution has worked over time, it’s clear that it took lots of time (hundred thousands of years) to achieve the level of intelligence humans have right now, not to mention the technological development (comparing to time travelling, our current technology is archaic). So, if in our theory we have humans and animals evolving together to a common specie, I think that it would take a HUGE amount of time for that to happen (at least a hundred thousand years). Yet, this monsters have to reach a point in which time travelling is a possibilty and it is kind of industrialized. Nothing that would happen in a couple of thousand years.

    Actually, it doesn’t affect the theory, it just places further in time the last three movies. The fact that the monsters university is funded in 1313 means they have started a new calendar, but we don’t know why or when. Maybe in future movies we’ll see a new Jesuschrist!


  5. Nice, but in Up appears the tree of “A bug´s life, so BNL industries couldn´t destroy the planet, because the tree were planted at the end of WALL-E. Sorry, my english isn´t so good🙂


  6. In the credits of “Up” we see a picture of Carl and Russell in front of a Cinema titled “STAR WARS” on the facade, this film may be the same that debuted in 2015 “star wars the awakens force” which may mean that up goes, or the beginning of 2015 or in 2014. Personally I prefer to think it is 2014, because “Inside Out” certainly goes in 2015.


  7. What if the witch from Brave is the same witch from Beauty and the Beast and she turned Beast into what resembled a bear and turned the workers into objects after accidentally stumbling across the town in one of her attempts to travel through doors. Belles father was an inventor so that could somehow be involved. Also, the magic rose… it’s more than a stretch but what if it had some of the magical power from the wood it was grown on(…?) Making the Beast so obsessed with it?


  8. Jon, I love your theory, every once in a blue moon I’ll start to look into this more. I was just wondering if you had an opinion about what happened to the supers. Because after incredibles there doesn’t really seem to be a sign of them still existing.


  9. Just watched Bug’s Life and saw a problem. The cardboard and take out stuff in the movie can’t be from a time when humans populated the earth because they would have degraded. The cardboard and Chinese takeout box also look fairly fresh, which implied there there are Chinese restaurants in business at the time of the movie. Using just the takeout box, there are a few problems. First of all Chinese restaurants seem like such novelty items that I doubt a recovering society would have them. Second, the Axiom is a one-world-society kind of thing. Probably, a common language has been established and certainly a common culture, to a point where a Chinese restaurant (or the idea of China as we know it) would be a thing of the past. So why are there fresh take-out boxes in 2898??


  10. This is a really well thought out theory! However, I have just one small issue with it.

    If you watch the outtakes for Toy Story 2, Flik and Heimlich can be seen on the bush that Buzz chops through, meaning A Bug’s Life’s timeline had to have existed before the Toy Story timeline, right? There aren’t any visible humans in A Bug’s Life, but that doesn’t mean they don’t live far (at least in human standards) from human civilization where we see them during the outtakes.


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