The Pixar Detective: Chapter 24

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Hey readers, it’s time for an all-new chapter of The Pixar Detective! I hope you’re mentally prepared because I’m not.

So this week’s chapter is titled “Anyone Can’t Cook,” and no, that’s not a typo. I’m curious how many of you will catch what a lot of this chapter really means, so once you’re done reading, be sure to share your theories and speculations in the comments!

chapter 24 pixar detective

And as always, don’t forget to thank our brilliant illustrator, Kayla Savage, for bringing this week’s chapter to life. She certainly doesn’t get enough credit for how great the story has developed. We’re both pretty sad, of course, that the novel is nearing it’s end, but we’re excited nonetheless about future projects!

Let’s get started.

Previously, on the Pixar Detective!

Stevin, Sadie, Sumner, and Wallaby are on their way to France in search of a “hidden wonder” that may lead them to where Mary has been taken. They’re joined by the mysterious Kevin, who flies the zeppelin, “The Spirit of Adventure.”

But not everyone is happy about this alliance. Kevin is also known as “The Poacher,” and a dangerous man named Robert Best is after him. To even the odds, he’s recruited a team of specialists known as “The Unforgivables,” descendants or former accomplices of past criminals tagged and bagged by Pixar University. Will they foil Stevin’s plans for finding Mary?

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Thanks for reading! What did you think of Chapter 24?

16 thoughts on “The Pixar Detective: Chapter 24

  1. I posted a sneak peak of Chapter 1 of my spinoff as edit the Interstellar Heroes spinoff. I will try to complete Chapter 1 of the Pixar Detective and post it as soon as possible.
    I feel like I will be more comfortable posting more when the Pixar Detective is over because I will have the complete source.

    • Chapter 1 is a long chapter, I will try to make it shorter.
      PS I am more comfortable in posting the spinoff after Part 3 because then I will be able to use the entire Pixar Detective series as my inspiration for the spinoff (Some events in there will correlate with the events in my spinoff, it will be more effective in Chapters 2 to beyond)

  2. I really like how you rarely include characters from the movies, but instead you use clever twists on them. It’s really sad to think that this is all ending soon 🙁

    • I am writing a spinoff on the Pixar Detective that you may like. It is on Wattpad, and I will post the first chapter soon.
      It will be based on a more diverse selection of movies, not just the Pixar Movies.

  3. The spiked disk sounds a lot like the machines that the bad guys rode in the Incredibles.
    Is the reason the kid was not allowed in the back because Remy still worked there? That would be cool.

  4. Who is that kid in the picture? Aguste?
    Anyway, I think Pixar University could be dark or become a villain group, Like Forthright’s BnL. I could see that coming in later chapters. I may also use that concept in my spinoff.

  5. So is Auguste going to be an important character to story? Also I did figure that Petit means little in French which Bomboyage said to Buddy a few times in The Incredibles.

  6. The Pixar Detective Spinoff is coming soon, but the first chapter is SOOO long, that I may need to split it up in two parts. I will see if. I will do that soon.

  7. I like the title being a play on Auguste Gusteau’s motto “anyone can cook.” Also, I’m assuming Colette and Alfredo named their son after him. Furthermore, I remember you making mention to Alfredo’s mother/grandmother/other female ancestor many chapters ago. I’ll have to go back to read it. I wonder if that’s important… Lastly, is it safe to assume that Kevin got the tennis ball bombs from Charles Muntz?

  8. Wow…. I was so not expecting this….. It’s so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

    I really like how you managed to cleverly link them together in some ways that I was not expecting!! When they were heading out to France I was completely unaware that Ratatouille fit in it!! Maybe it’s just me, but how it all fits together is extremely surprising and awesome to me!!

    Keep up the great work!!!

    • Thanks! I try to keep things interesting and hard to predict, so your feedback means a lot. Hope you enjoy the rest of the story!

  9. I hope Violet and Dash show up in later chapters… I could see them looking for their daughters in any way they can, maybe some of them going dark in the process.

  10. This was so awesome and amazing! A lot of things were interesting, surprising and appealing. Good job!

  11. I like how you linked everything together with clever twists! Totally unexpected!

  12. I know this is pretty late but I recently discovered the book… Is it possible that the tennis balls have something to do with Carl because the tennis balls on his stick are used as weapons too, sort of.

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