The Pixar Detective: Chapter 28

pixar detective chapter 28

(Not caught up yet to this chapter? Check out our Table of Contents to get up to speed!)

The Pixar Detective started last April, and the final chapters are now underway. The conclusion is in motion, and I’m not entirely sure how you guys are going to react. Will you like how the story ends? Will we walk away from this project feeling satisfied with what’s been done here?

I can’t be sure. But I hope you guys end up loving this story as much as I worked hard to make it. It’s been crazy, and certainly not perfect. So I suppose we’ll just have to see this thing through together!

Now that the end is in sight, please send me all of your questions and feedback, no matter how embarrassing or obvious they may seem! I always enjoy clearing things up that can be hard to remember when you read a serial novel, and I obviously don’t expect you to reread chapters. So I’m here if you need me.

Also, if you love The Pixar Detective and want to support what I’m doing this with website, and whatnot, check out my new book, The Pixar Theory. It’s available on Amazon as an e-book and will be shipping in print soon. You can learn more about it through my publisher, SlimBooks. Hope you like it!


Trapped in France, our heroes are searching for the Hidden Wonder, Nomanisan. It’s an island that contains great power, and it’s where they believe Kevin Sohn has escaped to. But to get there, they need transportation, and fast.

pixar detective chapter 27

Elsewhere, the Unforgivables, led by Robert Best, are just within reach of Nomanisan. They’re after Kevin Sohn, also known as the poacher, but this is also where Mary and Kevin, whose real name is Russell, are being held captive by a powerful witch. The Unforgivables’ android, also named Nomanisan, was recently defeated by Mary, though she doesn’t know how the witch disposed of it. Now that the Unforgivables are within reach of the island, the witch has lifted it from the ocean, and it now floats in the sky.

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27 thoughts on “The Pixar Detective: Chapter 28

  1. I am working hard on my Spinoff, but I’m a little bit on a block. I am trying to do as much as I can so that I could post them on Wattpad on a monthly basis.

  2. I see that Alec Azam had finally showed up… Interesting. He will also show up in my spinoff, and Azam has another person he has an interest in.
    I can’t read the entire thing peacefully because my dad is here and is pressuring me to do my work (Classes end in two days)

  3. Can you please read and reply to this comment? It is really important

    I may not have time to read this today due to pressure from my dad, who typically doesn’t show up at my house, but is today. As result I am forced to finish the work that I need to complete but lack the motivation to do it (But I don’t at all). I will read it tomorrow.

    About my spinoff, there are some things from this chapter that I will or may or may not put in my spinoff.
    Randall, Alec Azam, and Mary will show up in my spinoff, with different agendas and show up in different chapters. My chapters will be split up in two parts to shorten the chapters in increase productivity.
    The rest are uncertain at this point, but I am going to talk later.

  4. I’ve have been wondering about Alec Azam for ever and I believe I have an idea who he really is. For starters they say that his name is not his real name in part 1, chapter 1, and in part 2, chapter 11 in the picture with Alec and Cara, the picture of Alec resembles to Toy Story’s Andy. Is it possible that you made Alec as Andy? Wait a minute, strike that, reverse. I don’t know that maybe far fetched but it could be possible. I had to get that out of me. Great job on this chapter, to bad it ends in four weeks. One more thing, is your Pixar Theory book going to be in stores or in tech media?

    • If you want to find out more about the Pixar Detective, you can read my Spinoff I am writing and posting on Wattpad (Link is on my name as well as here:
      I am currently writing it and it is just getting started, I am hoping to post a chapter every month, and also check out on the Interstellar Heroes Spinoff starring Tadashi Hamada, based on the theory that Tadashi is alive and well, also new and hoping to publish monthly.

    • Haha, no Alec is not Andy Davis. That’s a fun idea, though.

      I’m not sure if the print version of The Pixar Theory will available in stores, at least not yet. For now, the publisher just wants it to be available for delivery online and via e-book. We’ll see what happens.

      • Ok. Two things, is he just Alec Azam or is he someone else?
        Last thing, is anything from Inside Out going to be in this novel (besides San Francisco)?

  5. Please Read and Reply
    Old Mary said that Young Mary needs to die or be killed in order to reset time, but that means that this book, and most of the Pixar Universe, would never happen. If Young Mary dies, then it would be a HORRIBLE way to finish off this book.
    Take my advice? MARY NEEDS TO LIVE IN THE END. I don’t care if Stevin and the entire group gets killed or captured, I want the Pixar timeline to still exist by the time this is over.

    Sorry about that, just ridiculous from reading this chapter. (I finished my work with help from my dad)
    I have other thoughts and questions as well, and I can’t really contain it. Some may have to be leaked.

    • Gotta keep reading! I’ll admit I’m less kind to my characters than some other writers, so anything can happen.

      • Make ’em all die!

        Haha, just kidding. I think we would all hate you for that. 😉

        I do agree with “Tonio0064 (Anthony)”, I want the Pixar Theory’s timeline to still work out at the end, but I’m sure you’re going to make it happen.

  6. Just wanted to say that I’ve been reading this from the beginning and I can’t believe it’s nearly over! The Pixar Detective has one of my favourite storylines and is my number one reason for liking Tuesdays. I hope that after this novel ends, you’ll still be able to bring us some amazing content and keep furthering your skills as a writer. You and Kayla have inspired me to think about fan-fiction (stories and art) in a whole new way and I can’t wait to see what you have planned for the future. I’m a huge fan!

    • If you loved the Pixar Detective, you should try my spinoffs, The Pixar Detective Cascades and Interstellar Hero Origins.
      To begin reading, check out my Wattpad page by clicking my name or here:
      I have a lot of things in this spinoff that I have a few questions with, so this could be how they are answered. I started posting the chapters and am hoping to post them monthly.

    • Thanks! I’ll still be writing once this series is over, but it won’t be fan fiction. I’m working on a high fantasy novel that’s been at the back of my mind for over a year now. I’ll probably release spoiler chapters on this site, so stay tuned!

  7. Is sully going to be in the ending? Are they going to be finally reunited? Isn’t sully working for the evil person? And how much time has passed between the start of the whole thing to now?

    • Who knows?
      But I really hope they get reunited at the end. That would be both heart-stringing and awesome. Mainly heart-stringing.

      I just realized something. Sully only appears in one chapter in this whole book. Does that mean that he’ll get a bigger part in the last chapters, or was he just there for you to realize that he still cares for “Boo”?

  8. Best chapter yet. I’m glad that Witch Mary finally told “normal” Mary who they is (grammar mistake on purpose). I’m also glad that the gang finally found Mary.

    What’s gonna happen to Sadie? Can the timeline be fixed without Mary’s hiding away/preventing her birth?

    So much!

    I’m looking forward to the conclusion of this book. I’m hoping it’s gonna be as epic as these last two chapters.

    • If you are looking closer at my comments, you can see that I am making two spinoffs to the Pixar Detective, and that people are ignoring it for some reason.
      The Pixar Detective is still going on, but it is just written by someone else.

      • I’ve noticed. I just haven’t really gotten around to checking it out yet because I’ve been busy. I haven’t really even commented on this story lately either. I was also waiting for there to be enough of the spinoff written so I could just start reading and keep going when I felt like it.

        You have done quite a bit of writing though. I just scrolled through the first chapter and that’s a lot of pages.

        Good luck with your spinoff 🙂

        • Thank you snomasnayr, I will try my best. The long length of my first chapter is the reason why I decided to split them in two.

  9. squints was that an incredibly vague The Good Dinosaur reference??

  10. I really liked the inside out reference to the gum commercial jingle. well done! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading this over the past few months. I’m sad to see it come to an end. thank you so much for allowing fellow Pixar fans to experience this completely different level of the universe.

  11. Oh My Good, I can’t believe what just happened and I can’t believe it’s nearing the end. As someone who has been reading the pixar detective since day one, I will be very sad once it’s all over. Looking forward to reading the pixar theory book. As I’ve said many times before here, great job Jon, pure genius.
    Question. I’m sure those were references to inside out (gum jingle) and the good dinosaur; will you be working them (or at least inside out) in to the pixar theory soon, or will you be waiting for the DVD release to further examine the film? I’ve already got so many ideas on how it fits in with the few Easter eggs that people have discovered but would love to see what you think.

    • I’ll tell you the Easter Egg that DIDN’T show up, BnL from Wall-E, this means that the Pixar Theory is undergoing a split in which BnL is NOT the biggest company ever, but defeated by who knows.

      PS You should be going to my Wattpad account to read a Pixar Detective Spinoff I had been doing.

  12. Oh my gosh I love the Pixar Detective!!!!!!
    I never want it to end!!!!!

    That was a good chapter, by the way. So much stuff going on!
    I fully believe Sadie will come back. Without exploding.
    Were we supposed to be surprised, stunned, etc. etc. when Belle/Mary revieled herself to Mary? Because every Pixar fan worth his salt knows that. At least the ones who read the Pixar Theory.
    Pixar Detective, never end!!!!!!

    • And it won’t, I am writing two spinoffs on it and I posted it on Wattpad. There is a third one that is advertised, but it will wait until later.

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