The Pixar Detective: Chapter 29

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We’re almost there, awesome readers! With Chapter 29 landing today, The Pixar Detective is just one more chapter away from wrapping up. Can you believe it?

Apologies for the unexpected hiatus last week. Without going too much into detail, the issue was simply that we were too busy to wrap up the artwork, and I had a few creative changes to make as we move toward Chapter 10. Looking back, this is the first time we’ve ever missed a week, so I’d call that a success.

Thanks for sticking with us, and I think you’ll find Chapter 29 worth the wait. It’s called “The Woodcarver,” and you’ll rapidly figure out why. I imagine many of you are wondering just what is going on with that cover at the top of this post, so let’s get started already!


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Mary is surrounded and stranded on Nomanisan Island, deep in the heart of nowhere. Her captor, the witch who has revealed herself to be Mary from the future, has defeated the Unforgivables with the help of the android, Nomanisan. Even Kevin Sohn, also known as Russell, has been subdued and sent away to an unknown location at the hand of the witch.

But not all is lost. As her last bit of hope faded, Mary spotted a familiar face standing aboard a helicopter, surrounded by storm clouds. Stevin Parker, Wallaby Jones, and Mr. Sumner have arrived to save their friend from the unimaginable.

But their trump card, the first super they know as Sadie, has abandoned them to stop her powers from self destructing. How can Stevin and his friends possibly hope to save Mary from this disastrous fate? Find out now!

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Thanks for reading! What did you think of Chapter 29?

17 thoughts on “The Pixar Detective: Chapter 29

  1. I don’t think I really understand Mary’s motives. Okay, so, all that’s happening is because that little girl wanted to get back to her beloved monster, (Brilliant, by the way) but when she does, she resents for not remembering her? Even though she understand she was too different to be recognized? What’s up with that? We know by now that Sullie still worries about her from the convsersation he has with the BnL boss. Which means, they didn’t get their reunion? She was too sttuborn to just tell him that it was her, explain to him what she had been through to get back to him?

  2. Words cannot describe this Chapter, its so suspenseful that I don’t know what to say! I couldn’t respond earlier because I was trying to process everything.

  3. I’m speechless as well, great job by the way. Anyway, to questions. Back a few chapters, Logan came to them, but in the next chapters she was nowhere, what happened to her? In the end of the chapter when it says two bodies, does that mean there are two dead bodies of Mary or is it that Sadie survived and both Mary’s became one? Also I have an idea for a titles for part 3, I’ll give some ideas. The Magic of Joy, A Closed Case, or The Powerful Sources.

    • I think “Logan” has become an anomaly and presumably disappeared (I’ll probably write about that in my spinoff). The two bodies? I don’t know, but I think it would end with BnL being eliminated once and for all, meaning that Mary and Sadie could inadvertently split up the timeline in a way where BnL would be eliminated. Let’s just wait one week to see what happens and I’ll talk later.

  4. I feel that this is going to develop into the split timeline I keep boasting about, and those anomalies and what will happen next, maybe Mary rebooted the entire Pixarverse and split it so that BnL never became the dominant factor that it was.

  5. My spinoffs…The new Chapter of Interstellar Heroes Origins has been posted today, it involves Inside Out and it has a subtle Arrow Reference. Also, the Cascades had been really slow, but I feel motivated to write some more again. I hope a new chapter is finished and posted before the end of the month. Also, I am making a sidequel (a story which portrays events that occur at the same time as the original work, but focuses on different characters in a different setting) involving Logan and Cara Parr along with other characters. There is so much to talk about!


  6. Back to the titles, I mean The Magic of Emotions.

  7. I am confident that the Pixar Detective will end with Stevin and friends exploring the a new universe where BnL no longer exists as the superpower that it is, but not before some last second interference from Forthright. I predict that Sadie will ultimately be blown up in the end, Stevin and Wallaby are not friends anymore, Logan and Cara return after an adventure I will be writing about, and Mary will realize that she just split an entire universe and timeline in two (Not every day that happens).

  8. Didn’t Negroni take a break during Christmas back when Chapter 19 was delayed for the week? This is actually the SECOND time you missed a week.

    • That was a planned break 🙂

      What I meant was we’ve never missed a deadline set by ourselves. At least not by a whole week.

  9. Great job… That’s is all

  10. Yes I knew it! Randall IS the monster Randall! I suspected this since his first appearance but I wasn’t sure how that would work. Ok so I didn’t really know but I had a guess. Nice twist! Very good chapter, can’t wait for the finale!

    • I thought of than one first. To me, the moment Randall was first involved in Chapter 3, I knew who he was at the spot. So, this is a surprise to no one in my opinion.

  11. Please create another novel of Pixar detectives with new chracters

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