The Pixar Detective: Chapter 30

chapter 30 pixar detective

And with that, we have finished the Pixar Detective!

Guys and gals, thank you so much for reading this story we’ve made for you since last April. It’s legitimately been one of the coolest projects I’ve ever been a part of, and I promised myself I wouldn’t cry! Oh wait, you can’t see me…

We’re finishing the Pixar Detective with Chapter 30, and the name of Part 3 is….

The Search for Wonders

chapter 24 pixar detective

I wanted to write an epilogue and pair it with the upcoming e-book (coming in about two weeks), but after finishing the story, I couldn’t help but feel like we don’t need an epilogue. I honestly don’t have anything else to say! Let me know if you disagree.

I guess…this is it? Don’t forget to send your love and applause to our illustrator, Kayla Savage, for just nailing it with this last part and the whole story in general. I love going through her covers from Part 1 to this week and seeing how much she’s grown.

Thanks for everything, all. And if you’re curious about what’s next for me…just read on after the jump.


chapter 29 pixar

BnL has been foiled, for now, with the successful defeat of Randall. But in the distant future, a looming threat persists, and Cara, Logan, and the Tank Gang are the next target.

Will BnL strike back against Stevin Parker and his friends now that they’ve rescued Mary? Is Mary even ALIVE after the events of Chapter 29? Find out now!

Click here to read Chapter 30: Detective Parker.


What? Still here? Ah, well you’re probably wondering what I’m doing next now that The Pixar Detective has been completed. Good theoretical question.

Writing this story has been a grueling and intense learning experience. Seriously, you can see from Chapter 1 how much my fiction writing has grown (but don’t do that actually, because it’s embarrassing).

And I’m not certainly not done. Since completing my other book, The Pixar Theory, I’ve been planning, plotting, and outlining my next big story. It’s an epic fantasy that I don’t want to share the name of just yet. It’s an original project that I’m consistently excited about, even months after coming up with it. I can’t wait to share it with you all.

In the meantime, I’ll still be here on writing things about movies and life. Kayla Savage and I are working on another project for this site that’s a little different from the serial novel thing, but we think you’ll all appreciate it. More on that later.

Now! Let’s go get chased by everything bigger than us.

chapter 30 pixar detective


44 thoughts on “The Pixar Detective: Chapter 30

  1. I was listening to Pomp and Circumstance because it is the FINALE!

    Where should I advertise my spinoffs when this is over?

    • This is Jon’s story, not yours. You can’t just “write the epilogue.” It’s not your book.

      • That was just a suggestion, never said I will do it, just that I’m thinking about it. I have my own spinoffs to worry about.

  2. I can sense massive changes to the Pixar TImeline. The split had happened and everything is back to normal, mostly.

  3. That was mind blowing. You did an excellent job on this book, do you think you could tell us what gave you the idea for this whole thing. Kayla you did an excellent job on every art work, it really made the story come to life.

    So, for everything about this chapter are my questions. What happens to Al after being dragged away by the guards, did Shelby die or did his plan fail? What happened to the true Logan and the Unforgivables, I wasn’t sure about those things?

    Heres something weird, I’ve actually heard about the Pixar Detective exactly a year ago, and started reading it a day after.

    There’s something I always wanted to ask you, what is the moral of both The Pixar Theory and The Pixar Detective? For the theory will help me with my own story.

    Anyway, I loved everything about this book or novel and I’ll miss it very much.

    • I have a spinoff called Race to the Wonders that would answer some of those questions.
      I currently have two prologues that introduce some new characters that will be part of that spinoff.
      Others include Interstellar Hero Origins and The Pixar Detectives : Cascades, and I am trying to work hard on them, but you can check some chapters out.

    • The idea for the story sort of evolved from the original theory. I wanted it to answer the question, “What happens to Boo if she’s really the witch from Brave?” From there, I developed original characters that would provide something fresh and then placed them in this surreal setting of combined Pixar movies. And then everything pretty much wrote itself.

      To answer your other questions…

      Al gets blasted away in an escape pod. This was in the original draft for the story and that’s how I outlined it, but I couldn’t find a reasonable place to include this mention. Everything I tried made it feel forced, so I left that part out of the story. But yeah, he’s alive in well probably.

      Shelby is dead, yes, along with “dark” Logan. And I don’t want to say all of his plans have failed. That’s why Cara seems to be working with Stevin and the others on missions that don’t just include saving Russell. True Logan, Cara, and the Unforgivables have teamed up with the Pixar Detectives at this point to straighten out the loose ends from Shelby’s tampering with time. Sorry if that wasn’t more clear! I didn’t want to just spell it out.

      As for the moral, that’s certainly open to interpretation. But one thing that’s always stuck with me for this story is, Your friends are worth going on the greatest adventure for. I also preach a lot when it comes to our “names” and how they shape our identities. If you reread, you’ll notice how every single character reflects and feels formed by their names.

      Glad you loved the story! Hope you like the next one.

      • I think the split timeline is what happened as a result of those adventures with Stevin Parker, with it ending with Mary refreshing the timeline so that BnL wouldn’t be such a threat, but at the cost of her powers. I think the Pixarverse split is perfect for that. Pre Split=Mary with Powers Post Split=Mary without Powers. The loose ends seem to still be in place, but that’s that for the moment.

    • There is no moral, dummy. It’s just an awesome theory, and an awesome-er book.
      I don’t think I’d have read either one through if there was a moral. Then it wouldn’t be fun.
      As for your other questions, I have no idea. We just have to wait for the sequel. 😀

  4. That only leads me to two more questions. How is the main antagonist, and what happens to all the other characters fates when the book is done, besides the highlights?

    • You mean “who” is the main antagonist? That’s up for debate, but in my opinion, it’s different per book. The main antagonist of Part 1 is the Maestro. Part 2’s main antagonist is Shelby Forthright, of course. And Part 3’s main antagonist is the witch. Randall happens to be the series antagonist, as he’s the only villain who appears in all three parts and doesn’t meet his fate until the very end.

      As for the fates of everyone involved, that’s really up to your imagination. Based on everything you’ve read so far, where do YOU see these characters going and growing?

  5. Well I was confused with the antagonist because the story has big antagonist in it that cause the plot of the story.

  6. The Pixar Detective will continue with my Spinoffs, which no one is responding for some reason. I have a lot planned and the link is on my name. You can click on it any time.

    • Well for advice, maybe, if you want to, for a pixar story thats every other franchise-free you could come up with your very own pixar story thats all by you, sure you can use somethings from Jon’s story and that can connect to the theory, like what I’m doing for my story. It can take place before, during or after the pixar detective. Just for advice, you can do what ever.

      • That’s pretty much what I’m doing right now. I am trying to be creative and expand a bit, referencing bits and pieces of other franchises, but it is mostly Pixar, but it is inspired by other movies. I have a spinoff that strays from Pixar and the other that is more closer to Pixar.

        My goal is to make my story something that fits into the same canon into the Pixar Detective, which is dubbed the Pixarverse.

        PS Eric Casper, what do you have in your story? Should we talk about our stories sometime?

        • Sure, well I haven’t gotten far in the plot. I waited until the last chapter came out. So now it’s easier to get it done. But heres the run down so far. The main protagonist in this story is the most different out of all of them in the Pixar universe. It starts off what you wouldn’t expect. Then after his family has left for New York and had to leave him home, he wanted him and his friends to show this large group of kids they can beat them. They had to get this suit case in a truck at an auction before the other kids do.

          Well it doesn’t sound much, but when it is ready you’ll be surprised. I hope.

          • One of mine is about Alex Morstown, the only child of two parents of a secret organization (NOT Pixar University), meeting twins. A sister who is super athletic and a brother who knows multiple magic. The three need to team up in order to find the Frozen Fire Cascade, a source of knowledge and power, before anyone else does. This is actually a mix of Pixar and some Box Office Rivalries.

            Another one of mine answers some questions about what happened to Logan and Cara after they stayed in the Gnome. Inspired by two lines in Chapter 24 of this book. This one is about two people with dark pasts trying to figure out the reasons of their bloodthirsty lust for domination, while trying to search for the two cousins, who are trying out one final plan to avoid a full scale war. This one is more closer to Pixar.

            I have another spinoff, but that one strays from Pixar and that would fit somewhere else, not here.

            Eric Casper, I want to know more about this and find out if you will post this on Wattpad after you make an account. Maybe you can check out some of my work. I am writing some chapters right now and I will post them once they are finished.

   <— My Wattpad Stories are here.

      • I’ll tell you a secret, The Frozen Fire Cascade, Interstellar Hero, and Monster Zombie are the only things that will stray from Pixar, the rest are completely from Pixar’s material.

  7. After Forthright’s death, BnL was in a state of turmoil as numerous of his supporters rush in and try to take control of the company, but there are so many candidates that the situation gets so complicated that it results in war of some sort.

  8. There was a battle that happened between those star-liners and BnL, but we never see any of the action. What happened?

    • “Dark” Logan destroyed the space station (and herself) before the battle started.

      • BnL saw Forthright die and they just surrendered? The ship blew up and then we see Stevin Parker and friends. I feel like this was a weird transition and/or Deus Ex Machina. This scene should’ve been explained in more detail.

        After a lot of thinking about it, the only explanation to this scene I could give was that Forthright’s death finally triggered the timeline split that resulted in BnL failing young. I could see that happening because of what happened in the “Epilogue” where Stevin and Co. Also, Mary losing her powers could make it sure that the anomalies are justified for some reason so that the split can happen without any major damage.

        • Logan infiltrating BnL and overcoming her directive to destroy their army to avenge Sadie is not a deus ex machina.

          • Sorry, I forgot about that. I feel that the transition from Dark Logan destroying BnL to Stevin and Co. is just too weird because it abruptly went from Cara and Logan in the future to Stevin and friends going on their next adventures.

            • That’s because it was never meant to be the major climax (Chapter 9 is). The situation in the future was just tying up loose ends and explaining what happens next. If I gave them too much attention, it would have detracted from the main plot.

  9. Great ending! Wasn’t expecting Dark Sadie to sacrifice herself like that. So you say that there are still lingering effects of BnL, so I’m assuming machines still take over and monsters still come to be? Otherwise that would erase Cars and Monsters Inc from happening.
    And does Mary ever see Sully again?
    Also why does Mary lose her powers? Is it because doing the magic to save Sadie used up all her magic for good?

    • According to the split timeline I proposed, BnL’s early death brings about the retcon of Wall-E and Cars and Cars 2. I think that the animals won their war in this new split timeline and are cleaning up the damage themselves, maybe needing Cara’s Wall-E drones to do so. Speaking of which, Bug’s Life and Monsters Inc and University would still be happening because it results in the animals mutating into sentient beings and later Monsters.

  10. So now Shelby and Dark Logan are dead, Stevin and Wallaby are best friends again, Sadie will not explode, romance is blossoming between Steven and Cara, and the gang is off to the Triasic Period for an unknown mission in time.
    Jon, are you writing a sequel? Because I’m not letting these guys go.

    • I wish I could, but for now, their story is over. I’m working hard on a new novel that is wholly original. And I think it’s going to be amazing.

    • Why is no one mentioning my spinoff? Although its not a direct sequel, it is still going to take place in the Pixarverse and will mention some characters in them.
      Also, I have a sidequel containing Logan and Cara’s adventures with the Tank Gang, and it will star two original characters who don’t know that they will share a same history.
      Although Jon isn’t writing a sequel, I could help expand the lore of this universe, as well as add another Universe, which is more abstract than the Pixarverse. EIther way, once I get some chapters rolling, people should be at least mentioning my spinoffs.

  11. You know what that picture with the tennis ball looks like? “Go! Pikachu!”

  12. Amazing Job. I’m so happy I stumbled across this book right before chapter one came out. I can’t believe a whole year flew by and now the book is over. Thank you so much Jon and I can’t wait to read what ever it is that you’ll be working on in the future. Anything with your name on it is sure to be a success.

  13. Wow! I discovered & read all 3 parts in two days. I loved your take on this Pixarverse. I was kept on my toes & I can’t wait to pass this on to my friends. Jon, I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us with your next endeavor. Cheers!

  14. I’ve read the first two parts (haven’t read the first one yet), but I was wondering, will there be a “Complete Part 3”?

  15. WHEN IS THE NEXT STORY!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??

  16. I’m curious, are you planning on publishing this as a book like you did The Pixar Theory? Because I would love to read that; I’d rather read a physical book than a PDF or blog post 🙂

  17. Hey Jon!! I will start to read the Pixar Detective but you don’t have a part 3 download. When will it be published?
    I love your Pixar Theory Book, Part 2, and Part 3, and I am looking forward to reading the part on finfing Dory

  18. I’m actually just on part one… I’m resisting the temptation to read the end.

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