The Pixar Detective: Chapter 26

pixar detective chapter 26

Hey faithful readers! We are seriously winding down on this series, aren’t we? We’re already four chapters away from the epic conclusion of The Pixar Detective, but for some reason, I still feel like we just started this thing.

At any rate, we have an awesome chapter to show you guys this week! It’s loaded with a lot of heavy surprises, which I know has sort of been the theme for the last few chapters. I hope it lives up to your expectations (but hey, at least the artwork is awesome).

So let’s get this going!

Previously, on The Pixar Detective!

Stevin, Sadie, Wallaby, and Mr. Sumner are in Paris, France searching for the hidden wonders that may lead them to Mary. Their companion, Kevin, escaped Paris during their battle with the Unforgivables, led by Robert Best.

Kevin is aboard a dirigible called “The Spirit of Adventure” and is the true target of Robert Best, who calls him “the poacher.” Unbeknownst to Kevin, one of the Unforgivables, the android known as Nomanisan, as stowed away on the ship as it approaches a strange, mysterious island.

Click here to read Chapter 26: Nomanisan.

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Thanks for reading! What did you think of Chapter 26?

22 thoughts on “The Pixar Detective: Chapter 26

  1. Good god that ending. I definitely didn’t see that coming :O

  2. HEY JON NEGRONI AND EVERYONE READING THIS COMMENT! I posted the first two parts of the Spinoff I was working on. Parts 1 and 2 of the Cascades had FINALLY been posted! Also, Interstellar Heroes Origins Chapter 2 came out recently, builds up on the first chapter in a way. Finally, I posted TWO trailers for ANOTHER spinoff I have an interest in working on. It is based on a subplot in which I felt wasn’t getting the recognition that it deserves.


    • Dude Stop promoting your crap all over Jon’s blog.

      • You read it and hated it?
        Where else am I going to promote this?

        • No Im not going to read it because I don’t care. Promote it on your own website, not someone else’s. What you’re doing is just spam.

      • This is a spinoff based off on the Pixar Detective, so this is legit.

        • Yeah, no. This is a site for JON’S PIXAR DETECTIVE not your fan fiction. I keep seeing you promoting your crap on all of his articles to get clicks for your stuff and it’s messed up. Start your own blog and quit taking advantage.

          • Karl, I appreciate your intent, but there’s no reason for you guys to be at odds. Anthony is free to talk about his spinoff for anyone who wants to read it. I don’t mind as long as it’s contained in the Pixar Detective articles. That’s why I’ve included discussions after all.

            Anthony, it’s great that you’re putting tons of work on this. Of course, you’re free to keep share your work with the Pixar Detective community, as long as you keep it in these chapter comments!

            Thanks guys.

  3. This chapter was epic. I love how The revelations you put in about the island and of course the ending. I’m hooked man!

    • Glad you liked it 🙂 It’ll feel strange when this story is finally finished.

  4. So is nomanisan dead? I can’t imagine that was enough to stop him and I really want his backstory to come out about how he’s the omnidroid. And don’t get me started on Russell…

    • Sorry for the cliffhanger, John! I promise you’ll find out soon what’s to become of everyone. The trick to writing fiction is knowing when to stop, sometimes.

  5. So we have Logan who is both with Cara in the Tank Gang AND currently with Stevin and co. wanting to destroy BnL
    Also, we have Sadie being with Stevin AND had been blown up at the same time?

    THIS IS SO WIERD THAT IT NEEDS TO BE EXPLAINED! I wonder what Cara will do when she finds out about this…

    • Yes, there are two Logans, one good and one “neutral.” It won’t be hard for you to see where her story goes, don’t worry.

      As for Sadie, that’s quite easy considering there’s just one Sadie left. The only thing that hasn’t been fully explained is WHY the “dark” Sadie died.

    • The only way I’ve incorporated Inside Out into this story at all is by choosing San Francisco as a location. This is because I had to map out the story well before I knew I’d ever see this movie or know everything about the inner workings of the plot. Inserting Inside Out material at this point is possible because I’ve seen most of the movie, but it wouldn’t fit in with the story I’m already telling. It would just feel out of place.

  6. Good job on the chapter. Anyway, so is Russel somewhat from the future or has managed to look like an adult?

  7. Oh. Crap.
    I did NOT see that coming! I always suspected that Kevin was Russel’s son or something, but I never though it would be RUSSEL HIMSELF!!!
    Now I have to keep reading because of the freakishly awesome cliffhanger.
    Crap, you are GOOD.

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