The Pixar Detective: Chapter 27

pixar detective chapter 27

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Hey detectives! Time for another round of your favorite Pixar-centric serial novel (I hope). We’re really winding down to the last stretch of this story, so you can expect the next few chapters to be the most epic of the series to date.

I have a title in mind for Part 3, but I’m definitely open to suggestions if any of you want to throw your hats in the ring. As always, I love reading your feedback and comments!

Chapter 27 has a ton of revelations. Part of the reason it’s called “The Wilderness Explorer” is because you, the reader, will explore some of the deeper lore behind established characters, including the mystery surrounding…well, you’ll see.

See you in the comments! Let’s do this.

Previously, on The Pixar Detective!

The Unforgivables are still in pursuit of the “poacher,” who we know as Kevin. When we last left Kevin, Mary called him by another name…

Led by Robert Best, the Unforgivables are a team of former villains working for Pixar University, a long-running order of benevolent agents who protect the world from monsters and magic. Their ship, the Phantasm, has been chasing the poacher across the Atlantic.

When we last Kevin, he had landed on a mysterious island, unexpectedly running into none other than Mary, the girl Stevin Parker and friends have been searching all this time for. But Nomanisan, the Omnidroid turned android, stowed away with Kevin and attacked him. With Mary and her captor’s help, they managed to stop Nomanisan, though it was Mary’s strange powers similar to the witch that captured her that did him in. Kevin was gravely injured in the process.

What happens next? Find out!

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15 thoughts on “The Pixar Detective: Chapter 27

  1. Those faces are PRICELESS! It is the perfect reaction to the readers after reading just about every chapter released.

  2. 7 Chapters and they are both really different from both parts. No Azam, no scenes from the Tank Gang, and how come there are not much relating monsters? Someone tell me why. I do love this part, but not as much as the first two, no offense.

    • None taken! Each part of the story has focused on different themes and styles from different Pixar movies. Part 1 was very much an adventure in the vein of Brave and Incredibles, while retaining the friendships developed in movies like Toy Story. Part 2 was written to mimic the story structure of Monsters Inc,, in that the main characters are jumping around in time more. It also borrows a lot of themes and aesthetics from WALL-E.

      When writing Part 3, I decided to focus more on the characters going through hardship, so the style of Up became the obvious choice. I’ve also implemented a ton of elements from A Bug’s Life in many subtle ways, especially with the villains and assembling of “The Unforgivables” as a team of misfits. All while using the rich, fun lore of The Incredibles to keep the plot cohesive.

      So I can understand why you probably have more affection for Parts 1 and 2. They emulate movies you probably enjoy more than the ones I chose for Part 3. My hope is that by the end of the story, you’ll appreciate all of the parts together as one body of work without them feeling repetitive.

      • I understand now, thank you for explaining this to me.
        For Part 3, I love the Incredibles influences and all the possible stories I can come up with and maybe Up’s, but I don’t like the Bug’s Life influences that much because I can’t really find anything good that I can think of. This means that I like half of Part 3?

        All in All (No pun intended), I enjoy the Pixar Movies (and movies in general) if I can come up with something great and exciting with what to do with them in my head, which explains why I love theories like yours and other channels like Game Theory by MatPat, which he makes real life references and theories to video games. He just made a new channel called Film Theory, which is the same as Game Theory, but with movies and TV Shows.

    • Oh, and in terms of the Tank Gang and Azam, that reason is clear. Their stories are happening elsewhere and aren’t affecting the plot at this point. That’s just the reality of introducing new characters. They can’t always be moving the plot forward.

      • Oh I get it, there is just something about those plot points that made me more interested in them more than others, which is why I am considering writing about them in more depth.

  3. Good job with the chapter. I have a few things to crack or ask.That jet must be the one the Unforgivables are on. How did the eggs have magic in them.

    • The eggs actually come from a fun bit of trivia from the movie, Up. You’ll notice in that movie that Charles Muntz has managed to stay relatively young, when he should really be too old to walk. The makers of Up intended this to be because Kevin’s (the bird’s) eggs have magic qualities that reverse the aging process. But they never fleshed this idea out into the movie because they thought it would make the film feel less grounded. I’ve adapted that concept for this story.

  4. You’re all just a bunch of ants on an island.
    I see what you did there.

  5. My golly, this is amazing! A book set within the Pixar universe! GENIUS! I have one question for the theory though, how come you can see different items from the other Pixar movies when (in the theory) still hasn’t happened. Just curious. Also, can’t wait to see an update on adapting inside out and the good dinosaur to the timeline, I even have a couple of theory’s! Keep up the awesome work Jon!

  6. Wow. I did not see that coming.
    I wonder where Mary and Belle are going. Also, I noticed that Stevin and the rest weren’t in this chapter. I hope they’re in the next one.
    I’m particually worried about Sadie.

  7. This may or may not have been intentional, but I was reminded of the Pixar short, “Lava” in this chapter (the one included with “Inside Out”). Since I’ve never noticed any reference to any Pixar short film in this novel or in your theory, I’m assuming that you’re not considering Pixar short films as part of the Pixar Universe.

    That being said, I couldn’t help but think of how “Fun Island”/Nomanisan could be related to the male volcano featured in “Lava.” Nomanisan used to have a volcano, according to “Belle,” so I can see how Nomanisan could in fact be that male volcano in “Lava,” and Mary and “Belle” are on the island when the volcano has sunk into the ocean (remembering that “Lava” takes place over thousands of years).

    Just a side theory that doesn’t have much to do with the plot, but a fun connection nonetheless.

    • …And the island rises at the end of this chapter, just as the male volcano returns to the surface in the Pixar short.

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