10 Facts About ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’ That Make The Movie Even Better (PODCAST)

This week on the Now Conspiring Podcast, we review Kingsman: The Secret Service and explore the hard-to-believe secrets behind the epic film.


5 Compelling Reasons Why We Need Tobey Maguire To Return As Spider-Man

No, seriously. It makes perfect sense.

Everything We Know About Marvel’s ‘Spider-Man’ Movie, Including Who’s In It.

From Moviepilot:  According to Marvel, the deal is that they get to have Spider-Man for one movie first (most sources say it will be Civil War), and then Sony will continue the franchise with their standalone movie in 2017 (see above). They’ll control the financing and distribution of all future Spider-Man films from then on.  But

Andrew Garfield Is Still Spider-man (For Now)

It seems Sony will be sticking with Garfield and at least one other major character for “The Amazing Spider-man 3.”

If David Fincher Rebooted ‘Spider-man’

If Marvel/Sony chose David Fincher as Spider-man’s next director, we already sort of know what that could look like.

Marvel Couldn’t Convince Sony To Give Them Spider-Man

I almost feel bad for Sony at this point.

What is the Best Early 2000’s Superhero Movie?

Also, we review BoxTrolls and the pilot for Gotham, and we discuss the new trailer for Big Hero 6. Last, we let you know which new movies you should check out this weekend.