Everything We Know About Marvel’s ‘Spider-Man’ Movie, Including Who’s In It.

spider-man marvel

From Moviepilot: 

According to Marvel, the deal is that they get to have Spider-Man for one movie first (most sources say it will be Civil War), and then Sony will continue the franchise with their standalone movie in 2017 (see above). They’ll control the financing and distribution of all future Spider-Man films from then on. 

But this also means that Sony and Marvel are essentially collaborating on the same character within the same universe.

This is unprecedented, especially for a $4 billion franchise.

You can read the rest of my write-up on this subject via the link above. I get into the subject of Andrew Garfield and where Sony apparently stands on casting. We don’t know a lot of the details yet, but we can make some pretty reasonable assumptions.


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  1. I keep seeing various articles quoting some mysterious source who says Andrew Garfield is definitely out, but Marvel and Sony haven’t said anything. This is so confusing JUST TELL US.


    1. Thanks, I think people liked that I didn’t devolve into a 12-year old fanboy like every other writer on the Internet. It’s great news, but I have more questions than ever.

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  2. Andrew Garfield as Spidey all the way! AND HOLLY MOTHER OF GOD, other collaborations? As in X-Men collaborations? But they’re so far ahead in that universe…oh well, we shall see. Fun fact: did you know Famke Jensen played a mutant who could read minds in an episode of star Trek the Next Generation? Mind Blown. Aaaand I digressed.


      1. Oh don’t even mention it. I have a friend who’s an action junkie, and we watched Taken 3 and he was all like, “Awesome!” while I was laughing my heart out and predicting every plot twist of that movie.


  3. So…I’m not really sure about Garfield reprising his role. I personally he’s a great actor for the position, and his Spider-man was hilarious and witty. I’d like them to actually make him more of a nerd, possibly, instead of a cool outcast hipster. And we really don’t need another origin story.

    What I want is someone who tries to figure out how they COULD reconcile the MCU and Sony’s Amazing Spider-man universe, and not just say that it’s impossible. I haven’t figured out a way, but I feel like it wouldn’t be too hard. First of all, there are plenty of different universes in Marvel comics. But at the moment I doubt Earth-212 (from the Young Avengers) will come in anywhere soon. It seems a little far-fetched for them to start adding new universes…although I can’t wait until they hit ours (Earth-1218).

    How else do you think they could reconcile the universes? And how would they line up the timelines?


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