Review: ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’

It’s a film that left a lifetime Spider-Man fanatic (me) leaving the theater surprised in more ways than one.


New Amazing Spider-Man 2 Featurettes That Actually Make The Movie Look Promising

Look, you guys know me pretty well at this point. You know that Spider-man is my favorite superhero¬†ever, and I haven’t been pleased with a single Spidey film since¬†Spider-man 2 seized my heart with mechanical tentacles. I haven’t been looking forward to TASM2, despite how “action-packed” and “colorful” the trailers

New Captain America And Amazing Spider-Man Trailers Compete For Our Hearts

Instead of watching the Super Bowl this year, I had the immeasurable benefit of having one night to finish a video I made for one of the nonprofits that I volunteer for. So instead of watching what is being considered by many as the worst Super Bowl of all time,

Review: ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’

Long story short: It’s no Spider-Man 2. Short story long: I love Spider-Man. I went into this move stoked to see Spider-Man do spider…well things, and I wasn’t disappointed. The action was superb and the way everything was set up made the reboot do just that: refresh our perception of