New Amazing Spider-Man 2 Featurettes That Actually Make The Movie Look Promising

Look, you guys know me pretty well at this point. You know that Spider-man is my favorite superhero ever, and I haven’t been pleased with a single Spidey film since Spider-man 2 seized my heart with mechanical tentacles.

I haven’t been looking forward to TASM2, despite how “action-packed” and “colorful” the trailers have promised it to be. I’ve seen this trickery before courtesy of Spider-man 3, and we all know how that turned out – too many villains and not enough Sam Raimi.

But I’ve decided to be almost optimistic for a minute upon the release of these new featurettes that are currently being shown in the pre-previews for Robocop. They actually show what TASM was lacking: someone who actually resembles Spider-man.

It’s not just about the funny quips and frenetic web-slinging. Spider-man only works as a character when you display his struggle with the price of being a hero. Naturally, the first featurette is titled “The Price Of Being A Hero,” and it addresses the concept pretty gracefully.

Let’s check it out first:

We see Peter Parker and Gwen Stacey’s budding relationship being strained by both Peter’s responsibilities and his promise to Gwen’s father. We’re also teased about Aunt May’s “secrets” concerning Peter’s parents (yeah yeah, we’ve all heard that before).

Oh, and Stacey points out that she’ll be going to London? How many problems does this guy have to deal with?

Well, the next featurette shies away from the drama in favor of the action. And it actually looks pretty good at the moment:

As you can see, we get a glimpse into some of the stunt work being done for the film. They claim that they’re cutting back on the CGI, but I’m skeptical considering they only really showed off one scene…

I will say, however, that the soundtrack here worked for me. It’s no Spider-man 2, but I guess we’ll have to make do.

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4 thoughts on “New Amazing Spider-Man 2 Featurettes That Actually Make The Movie Look Promising

  1. Might just be me, but I liked the first video better. I’m also a huge fan of Spider-Man, and I am excited to see that part of this story. Especially loved when Gwen shouted his name, then instantly was like, “Oops!”.

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