What is the Best Early 2000’s Superhero Movie?

This week on Agents of FILM, Maria and I debate over the best “Pre-Iron Man” superhero movie of the 2000s. We also review BoxTrolls and Gotham, discuss the new Big Hero 6 trailer, and let you know which new movies you can check out this weekend.

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Cool Things We Mentioned:

New Big Hero 6 trailer.
The Invisible Woman is adopted? 

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7 thoughts

    1. You know, I almost mentioned Incredibles, but then I considered the can of worms that would go with included animated movies. But now I’m thinking I shouldn’t have cared in the slightest.

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    1. He had an odd charm about him. Like he wasn’t the “perfect” Peter Parker. But that’s kind of what made him the perfect Peter Parker. Andrew Garfield, on the other hand, is so “perfect” as Peter Parker both in looks and charisma that he ends up feeling too much like what you would expect Peter Parker to be like.

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  1. agreed – although Garfield is so great, I really loved the Maguire films (except the 3rd film, my word it was bad). But my choice would have to be the first X-Men, for paving the way for all the other X-Men films


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