Marvel Couldn’t Convince Sony To Give Them Spider-Man

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Alisha Grauso | Moviepilot:

As the Wall Street Journal reports, an email as recent as October 30th from Sony Pictures president Doug Belgrad to Sony motion pictures president Amy Pascal revealed that the two studios were in talks to work out a deal where Marvel would oversee and produce a new (and hopefully better) trilogy of Spider-Man films that would still allow Sony to retain creative control, along with the marketing and distribution for the trilogy. 

Pretty fair deal and one that Sony should take, if you ask me. 

But it was another email from Pascal that got my Spidey senses tingling, as it was revealed that Marvel absolutely wanted to include Spider-Man in  Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

But before you get excited and start planning the “WELCOME HOME, SPIDEY” party, I’d be remiss if I didn’t include the fact that according to sources connected with the situation, unfortunately the talks have broken down between the studios. At the moment, Sony is planning on going it alone with Spider-Man, with an ominous-sounding “Spidey summit” planned for January.

I almost feel bad for Sony at this point. This whole mess makes them look even worse in the eyes of Spider-Man fans who desperately want him in the MCU. In a way, this hack seems strategic. 

5 thoughts on “Marvel Couldn’t Convince Sony To Give Them Spider-Man

  1. Wow, now that you mention it, the whole thing does seem fishy…

  2. They could always just name him something besides Spider-man.

  3. Well screw you too Sony!

  4. BREAKING NEWS: Sony’s approval rating is spiraling down and down because of the hacks and hostility from other companies. More news to come.

  5. Its show business! Its cut throat, the hacks are nothing that should be of surprise. However, another Spiderman trilogy!? They got the first one wrong, the second attempts I personally thought were better, maybe they would get this wrong, but does it really require more Spiderman movies? Couldn’t get it right the first two times why would they get it right the third. We can only hope for the best, if these ever get approved.

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