Top 5 Most Suspenseful Movies (Anyway, That’s All I Got)

suspenseful movies

In honor of the release of A Quiet Place, the ATAIG crew got together to count down their top 5 most suspenseful movies. Suspenseful movies are a very broad, personal, and subjective topic, so our lists ended up being very diverse and indicative of our own sensibilities. There are plenty of obvious choices, but there are also plenty of surprising revelations along the way…

Question for you: What are your favorite suspenseful movies? Also, what tends to get under your skin when it comes to suspense in general?

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‘The Witch’ Director on Feminism and Filmmaking

the witch director feminism

Superb AV Club interview with Robert Eggers, director of The Witch:

In the early modern period, from the contemporary perspective, looking back, it’s clear that the evil witch is—it embodies men’s fears and ambivalences and fantasies about women and female power. In in that period, in this extremely male dominated society, the evil witch is also women’s fears and ambivalences about themselves and their power.

…But people understood that witches were truly a fairy tale, ogress, anti-mother, capable of the most horrible things. She really flew on sticks. If your children die, it could be a witch. If your crops fail, it could be a witch. So, how do I make that scary and real for an audience today? I have to really bring them back to the 17th century when that existed. I have to get all the details right in order for you to actually believe. It’s not just accuracy for its [own] sake.

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Analyzing ‘The Witch’, and FAQ

the witch

Kayla Savage and I are off to Disneyland this weekend, so the podcast is a lot shorter than usual. It’s just me this week reviewing The Witch and giving you guys a quick FAQ as it relates to the site and many repeated questions you all have asked over the years.

There’s no official question of the week, but I thought it would be fun for you guys to let us know in the comments how long you’ve been listening to the podcast. We were just talking the other day about what an awesome run it’s been since we started Now Conspiring back in 2014, and we’d love to hear how long you guys have been with us.

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Review: ‘The Witch’ is an Unsettling Folk Tale Worth Talking About

The Witch forces those who watch it to think deeply about what it all means. And many people will bicker over which conclusion they think their fellow moviegoers should arrive at after seeing it. Luckily, my favorite thing about The Witch is how exciting it is to talk about it, and

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