Analyzing ‘The Witch’, and FAQ

the witch

Kayla Savage and I are off to Disneyland this weekend, so the podcast is a lot shorter than usual. It’s just me this week reviewing The Witch and giving you guys a quick FAQ as it relates to the site and many repeated questions you all have asked over the years.

There’s no official question of the week, but I thought it would be fun for you guys to let us know in the comments how long you’ve been listening to the podcast. We were just talking the other day about what an awesome run it’s been since we started Now Conspiring back in 2014, and we’d love to hear how long you guys have been with us.

12 thoughts on “Analyzing ‘The Witch’, and FAQ

  1. If Zootopia and Deadpool were released on the same date, which one do you think would make more money? That is a question I am pondering since Deadpool came out.

    Also, nice Brave Witch/Mary/Boo reference in the main screen. It reminds me of the Pixar Theory AND Pixar Detective as I am writing it’s spinoffs…

    Also, it wasn’t until AFTER you wrapped up The Pixar Detective that made me ‘listen’ to you, but the Feedback is my personal favorite.

  2. Do you have a ranking of all the pixar films from least to most favorite? Or at least a top five? I’d love to see which ones you like best.

    • Here is my list of Best Pixar Movies in my opinion. Give or Take some percentages as some rankings are more accurate than others. Also, is I give a movie an 80% or above, then I like and/or enjoy the movie. Brace for controversy.

      Toy Story 3 100%
      Incredibles 98%
      Monsters Inc. 98%
      Toy Story 93%
      Toy Story 2 92%
      Ratatouille 90%
      Inside Out 89%
      Wall E 87%
      Up 85%
      Monsters University 84%
      Finding Nemo 84%
      Brave 81%
      Good Dinosaur 74%
      Bugs Life 70%
      Cars 61%
      Cars 2 40%

      • Wow. Just wow. Why is Nemo so low is one of my many questions.

        • There’s just better movies than Finding Nemo in my opinion. But Finding Nemo is a great movie and it’s difficult to rank every movie in their ranks because there are so many great Pixar movies.

  3. OMG! So I just got a email about closet doors and my mind immediately went to Adonis. Totally legitimate. It was a he most bizarre thing. How did Adonis get my email?

  4. If you want to see my rankings just go to the last podcast comment section.

  5. Wow slow week. Huh. I wonder what they’ll have to do cause of the low number of comments.

    • As I mention in the episode, we’re doing last week’s feedback on the next episode, so I recommended you guys only comment if it’s about The Witch. So slow week, yeah, but that’s intentional.

  6. I have a question about the witch, so I love horror films, but they don’t really scare me, my husband tried to find a film to scare me and he failed. I’d never heard of the witch until just now when I listened to the podcast so I watched the trailer and it does look quite scary, is it as scary as the trailer or have they just taken the most creepy parts and put them together? It doesn’t come out in the UK for another two weeks!
    I started listening to the podcast about halfway through the last season of GOT, I remember because I downloaded all the old episodes which included a few GOT specials and I was always a couple of weeks ahead in the episodes I’d seen.

    • The Witch isn’t “scary” in the traditional sense. It’s deeply disturbing and graphic, to be sure, but it has very few jump scares. That said, there are some frightening, drawn out scenes that will stick with you long after the movie ends. If that’s the kind of horror you think you’d like, then The Witch may be the right kind of scary for you.

  7. Or if you’re brave enough go to YouTube and look up The Coyote CATCHES the Road Runner. Only if you’re brave enough because you won’t be able to unsee it I just wish someone warned ME ahead of time.

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