Top 5 Most Suspenseful Movies (Anyway, That’s All I Got)

suspenseful movies

In honor of the release of A Quiet Place, the ATAIG crew got together to count down their top 5 most suspenseful movies. Suspenseful movies are a very broad, personal, and subjective topic, so our lists ended up being very diverse and indicative of our own sensibilities. There are plenty of obvious choices, but there are also plenty of surprising revelations along the way…

Question for you: What are your favorite suspenseful movies? Also, what tends to get under your skin when it comes to suspense in general?

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Anthony’s List:

5. The Game

4. The Poseidon Adventure

3. Wind River

2. Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father

1. The Hateful Eight


Jason’s List:

5. Creep/Creep 2

4. Antichrist/Melancholia

3. The Invitation

2. The Vanishing

1. The Witch


Sam’s List:

5. Le Cercle Rouge

4. Prisoners

3. The Conversation

2. The Thing

1. The Wages of Fear​


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