Inside Out, Dope, Best Pixar Movies (PODCAST)

Inside out dope podcast

I’m joined on the podcast this week by writers Maria Garcia, Adonis Gonzalez, and Mike Overkill has we explore Inside Out and Dope, the two new movies that came out this past weekend. Also on the show is digital artist, Kayla Savage, who comments on animation and other interesting topics I know nothing valuable about.

We also cover some of the top entertainment headlines and discuss our Netflix recommendation this week. Here’s out big question to you all…

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San Andreas, Aloha, Movie News This Week

san Andreas aloha movie news podcast

This week on the podcast, we talk about San Andreas (if 2012 was just in California basically) and Aloha (if Jerry Maguire  was just in Hawaii basically). But really, we spent most of our time trying to figure out which Beach Boys song is the best.

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Tomorrowland, Poltergeist Review, Movie News This Week

tomorrowland poltergeist review

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For a podcast about the latest in movies and entertainment, we bring up The Office quite much…This week, Reid Jones guests with us to talk about Tomorrowland and the new Poltergeist remake. Fur flies.

We also cover tons of movie news and randomly conspire about the leaked “Supergirl” pilot, early Inside Out reviews, and Adonis’s strange shaving habits.

Question of the WEEK: What is your FAVORITE wholly original non-remake/sequel movie of all time and why? Well, I guess that’s two questions.

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Mad Max: Fury Road, Pitch Perfect 2, Movie News This Week

mad max pitch perfect

This week on the podcast, we review Mad Max: Fury Road and Pitch Perfect 2. Now that I think about it, we never tried to determine which movie is better. Maybe it’s obvious.

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Game of Thrones S5E4 Recap: ‘Sons of the Harpy’

game of thrones son of the harpy

Hey Throners, it’s time for another Game of Thrones recap! If you prefer the written word, you can read my full review of the episode here.

But we also discussed the episode in length during this special podcast episode of Now Conspiring, which is streaming below. Enjoy!

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This week’s big question: Who is your favorite Sand Snake? 

Game of Thrones S5E3 Recap: High Sparrow

game of thrones high sparrow

Look, we all know you love HBO’s Game of Thrones, even if it’s a big secret and/or you’re too young to watch it, which in that case, shame on you.

But for those of you looking for a recap of the most recent episode, “High Sparrow,” you’ve hit the jackpot. My full recap in article form is available to read and enjoy here, but you can also listen to the Now Conspiring podcast, where we recap the episode and answer all of the questions you didn’t think to ask.

So join me, Mike Overkill, and Adonis Gonzalez as we do our best to stay on topic.

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Did you enjoy “High Sparrow?”

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