Game of Thrones S5E4 Recap: ‘Sons of the Harpy’

game of thrones son of the harpy

Hey Throners, it’s time for another Game of Thrones recap! If you prefer the written word, you can read my full review of the episode here.

But we also discussed the episode in length during this special podcast episode of Now Conspiring, which is streaming below. Enjoy!

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This week’s big question: Who is your favorite Sand Snake? 


9 thoughts

  1. My favorite is Obara, only because she just nailed that spear-handling. I thought it was sort of funky though when she got all expositiony during a yes or no question…


  2. Great conspiring podcast guys! I love the R + L theory (which I won’t spoil duh) so I wish you guys could have touched on it more. My favorite sand snake is Elia, who isn’t in the show.


  3. I predict that my favorite sand snake, Obara will be the one to die, though I could see them effing over Ellaria again by killing her and Oberyn’s daughter.


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