Game of Thrones S5E3 Recap: High Sparrow

game of thrones high sparrow

Look, we all know you love HBO’s Game of Thrones, even if it’s a big secret and/or you’re too young to watch it, which in that case, shame on you.

But for those of you looking for a recap of the most recent episode, “High Sparrow,” you’ve hit the jackpot. My full recap in article form is available to read and enjoy here, but you can also listen to the Now Conspiring podcast, where we recap the episode and answer all of the questions you didn’t think to ask.

So join me, Mike Overkill, and Adonis Gonzalez as we do our best to stay on topic.

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Did you enjoy “High Sparrow?”


3 thoughts

  1. Is that a hint of jealousy I hear in your voice, Adonis?

    That’s when I started laughing in public. Great episode, guys, though I have to say Game of Thrones is really moving at a boring pace right now!


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