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tomorrowland poltergeist review

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For a podcast about the latest in movies and entertainment, we bring up The Office quite much…This week, Reid Jones guests with us to talk about Tomorrowland and the new Poltergeist remake. Fur flies.

We also cover tons of movie news and randomly conspire about the leaked “Supergirl” pilot, early Inside Out reviews, and Adonis’s strange shaving habits.

Question of the WEEK: What is your FAVORITE wholly original non-remake/sequel movie of all time and why? Well, I guess that’s two questions.

Add your feedback to the comments below, along with your answer to this week’s Question, and you may have your answer read and talked about on next week’s show! Or hit us up on Twitter: @NowConspiring

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Our Song of the Week you heard at the top of the show is “4EVER!”, the new single out from the band, LANY.

Other music you heard in this episode:

“Lolita” — Throw Me the Statue

“Hannah” — Freelance Whales


51 thoughts

  1. For me it’s a tie between Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Edge of Tomorrow. Both movies surprised me by how creative they were. Also, I loved the Flash finale, though it was a little confusing and the cliffhanger felt cheap.


  2. Truman Show! I know Maria and Adonis both did Jim Carrey movies. Man, he’s in a lot of original stuff. You guys should bring that up.


  3. I was going to say “Big Fish” but then I looked it up and saw its actually based on something. This is fine because I can just say Office Space!


  4. The Kubrick version of Lolita is by far the best. I have to say however that my favorite director is Christopher Nolan. Sorry to say that I don’t really dig Wes Anderson overall…


    1. They’re not out yet I don’t think. For now they’re just a possibility that I heard about (can’t remember where haha). But Hollywood is trying to milk Mad Max in any way they can.


  5. Why was that Reed guy being such a jerk to Jon? That was like really awkward…The podcast was awesome everyone! It’s seriously getting better every week. Mine is Looper. And yes, I’m a single mom Mike 😉


    1. I love Reid! He was just joking around obviously. He should be on the show more often. I love how good he is at knowing tons of stuff and he’s pretty good at explaining news and whatnot. Even if he was a littttttle harsh on Tomorrowland 🙂

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  6. Flash is better than Arrow, but The CAPE could have trounced both of those bad boys. My movie is Good Will Hunting.


  7. I pick District 9, and I think Ridley Scott’s first Alien movie was totally original right? Oh, and Pacific Rim!


  8. Synechdote New York is wayyyyy more original than Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

    I really liked Tomorrowland. I think just some people expected something else from it and walked away disappointed. My expectations were pretty low so I liked it fine. It’s not a bad movie at all despite the ending.


  9. Eh, Daredevil was great, but I think Smallville is the best superhero show of all time. My favorite original movie is Tree of Life (I know Jon will love that).


  10. I think we (the commenters) should do a Podcast MVP every week and vote! I vote Maria because she picked Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.


    1. This idea’s awesome! I vote Mike for picking There Will Be Blood for the Netflix pick of the week. That’s probably the best Flix Pick they’e ever done on the show.


  11. The Peter Pan origin story is awesome, both of what Adonis and Mike mentioned is pretty awesome. Hook as well. My favorite original movie is definitely WALL-E



    Poltergeist sucked guys. It wasn’t scary, and the CGI looked like garbage. Plus, the kids were such bad actors I couldn’t even finish it…


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