Mad Max: Fury Road, Pitch Perfect 2, Movie News This Week

mad max pitch perfect

This week on the podcast, we review Mad Max: Fury Road and Pitch Perfect 2. Now that I think about it, we never tried to determine which movie is better. Maybe it’s obvious.

We also covered a ton of movie and television news this week, including the first look trailers for “Supergirl,” “Limitless,” and “Legends of Tomorrow.” Super confusing.

Stick around for our new feedback section, where we read your comments from last week (yes, that’s happening), and as always, we finish the show with the Netflix Recommendation of the Week and new Movie Releases.

Question of the WEEK:  If you could make your own movie and it had an unlimited budget, what would it be about and who would be in it? Leave your answers in the comments or hit us up on our Twitter: @NowConspiring

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Song of the WEEK: “Circles (feat Vanic)” by machineheart

Other music you heard in this week’s show:

“Heroes Tonight” – Dylan Gardner

“Two Princes” – Spin Doctors

36 thoughts on “Mad Max: Fury Road, Pitch Perfect 2, Movie News This Week

  1. My movie would be about a ridiculous tournament where people have to fight and race in just about every condition, I don’t know who would be in it, but the actors need to be good and should do their own stunts (there will be ALOT of fighting and racing, sometimes simultaneously). That would be my movie suggestion.

    PS The new Pixar Detective will be coming out Tuesday, meaning that I would be posting new comments about my spinoff after I get home from school.
    Jon, can you try to respond more Pixar Detective Comments? I am noticing that you are not replying any as of recently.

    • Well it absolutely has to have Tom Hardy, Jason Statham and Joaquin Phoenix in it. Maybe some DiCaprio and Gerard Butler too 🙂

  2. I think Mike’s movie has a lot of potential. Way more than Kickass 3. UMMMMMMM my unlimited money movie thing would be a DC/Marvel crossover (I would have the money to pay for the rights of everything) and Spiderman would fight superman and everyone would love it.

  3. Adonis, you are my favorite on the podcast 🙂 Everyone else is tied for second. I want to do a movie about a pizza delivery man who stumbles upon a murder when he’s trying to deliver a pizza and has to help the guy cover up the crime.

  4. You guys posted early this week! My favorite part of the podcast this week was Jon totally missing the CSI reference that was classic. Also, Jon defending Deadpool was awesome because I was yelling at Mike when he said no one cared and Jon just nailed it. My ideal movie would be a movie version of Animorphs with awesome special effects and a hard R rating

  5. I LOVED Mad Max and I’m not surprised you guys liked it but I’m not sure if I should see pitch perfect 2 because my girlfriend does wanna see it and I might have to. Hope you’re right adonis, if you’re not I’ll make fun of your kickass movie in the comments every week because jon will totally read it.

    • Hey if I’m wrong, I will like every single one of those and read them aloud on the podcasts 😉

  6. I just started the episode and the Michael Scott line was glorious XD

  7. I didn’t like Pitch Perfect 2 at ALL. It was just bad and had no direction. Granted, I didn’t love the first one but I thought that movie was at least decent. This one was godawful. Anyway I my fantasy movie would be a Thundercats live action remake WHAT UP

  8. I would remake Hunger Games with a better thing than the book…

  9. “Maria and the Dog” would make a great movie.

  10. I want to do a sequel to “Fifth Element” with Bruce Willis, call it “Sixth Element,” and reveal that Bruce Willis was a dead alien ghost the entire time.

  11. I want to hear the rest of Mike Overkill’s snowflake dance story, only to confirm my suspicians that he committed some sort of felony. Make THAT a movie…

    • I can confirm it now that I did not.For your information, I’m an upstanding individual.

      It would make a good movie though…


      • Could Maria’s “Lo Simpsons” be a ringtone? Please?

    • Truth is, Mike just showed up one day. He doesn’t talk about his past. That is why he mentions a new city every time.

  12. I would put together a true Halo movie. It would tell the origin story of Master Chief as told by the book, “Fall of Reach.” The Master Chief would grow up as a child, get kidnapped and turned into a war machine. Then the movie really gets going on Reach when the Covenant attack and John 117 has to escape on the Pillar of Autumn.

  13. You guys mentioned me on the podcast o_O

    Ahem, ok so my unlimited budget hollywood extravaganza would be a massive, epic grand theft auto movie that is part virtual reality so you can actually experience what it’s like to hit prostitutes with bats and escape the police by hiding inside a dumpster.

  14. Oh gosh the Netflix intro was so awesome this week i love Jon and Mike (even if it is a boy’s club 😉

  15. For my movie, I would do a faithful Bioshock film that skips the second game for the sequel and just goes straight to Bioshock Infinite.

  16. If I had to make a movie with an unlimited budget it would definitely be some kind of road trip plotline where young girls/women had to go somewhere/achieve something by going to lots of different places. Basically the young actors would be new crop, nothing famous or special (yet?!), but on their trip or whatever all the other people they meet (mainly women) would be played by really famous and well-known actors – Meryl Streep, Emma Thompson, Helena Bonham Carter, etc. Loads of them just playing minor roles, dotted about and popping up throughout the film. It would have to be a comedy and I personally think it would be brilliant!! I have recently decided to start blogging and would love for you to read my review on Pitch Perfect 2 and maybe leave a comment?

  17. I loved the John Mulaney references and I laughed really loud in my class. Also, my Netflix recommendation is Richard Linklater’s

    • Sorry, the title is Waking Life. Don’t know why it didn’t show up

      • SAM! I have been looking for this movie for years never knowing what it was called. I saw 5 minutes of it once and I was so enamored by it. Thanks!

  18. My movie would be a huge James Bond type spy movie, only rated R. The main character would be female, but I don’t know who would play her.

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