The Pixar Detective, Chapter 20: “Our Fate”

Catch the exciting conclusion to Part 2 of “The Pixar Detective!”


The Pixar Detective, Chapter 18: “The Tank Gang”

Revelations await Stevin and Cara as they find themselves aboard a Starliner in space! Who is the Tank Gang, and how can they help Stevin find the missing Mary?

The Pixar Detective, Chapter 12: “The Agreement”

This week on the Pixar Detective, alliances are formed and new plans are underway to prevent an all-out war between humans and monsters.

The Pixar Detective: The Complete Part 1

Download Part 1 (Chapters 1-10) of the Pixar Detective! And guess what? It’s totally free.

The Pixar Detective, Chapter 9: Our Doom

The stakes have never been higher! Scattered, captured, and broken, our heroes must survive the onslaught of yet another unspeakable danger in this week’s “The Pixar Detective.”

Creativity Winks.

How, why and when do those flashes of creativity happen? For most of us, they’re just winks.