I’ve had the incredible privilege to write for a variety of different websites. Here is just a sample list of some of my work. If you would like to have me write something for you or your website, reach out to me via jonnegroni@gmail.com.

You can also find most of my online movie and television reviews via my Rotten Tomatoes profile.


Cinemaholics started out as a weekly podcast (which it still is, of course) I did with Will Ashton, but it’s since grown to becoming a full on outlet for written reviews and other editorial content. Check it out here.


I currently write reviews and features for AwardsWatch. You can find all my work for them here.

The Young Folks

I’ve been writing reviews for The Young Folks since 2018, and I do most of my film festival coverage for them. Check out my full list of reviews and editorials for them here.

The Spool

In addition to the usual movie reviews, I tend to cover Amazon original series for The Spool on a semi-regular basis. Here’s the full list of my work for them here.

Cultured Vultures

I’ve been accused of being a “culture vulture” so many times, it only makes sense for me to write for Cultured Vultures whenever the mood strikes. Here’s everything I’ve written for them so far.

We Got This Covered

I don’t currently freelance for We Got This Covered, but I used to do both reviews and a podcast for the outlet. The podcast, Cinemaholics, has since gone independent. You can find all my work for WGTC here.


I got my start in film journalism from my publishing of “The Pixar Theory” in 2013. Around that time, Mashable allowed me to republish a version of the post on their site, which you can check out here.


Similar to Mashable, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity of publishing Pixar-related content to Slate, which you can find here.

Huffington Post

I’ve contributed a few times to HuffPost over the years. All my work for them is listed here.

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  1. I want to follow in your footsteps. I’m in love with your righting. You seem very interesting. I would like to contact with you sometime. My email address is “noah26003@gmail.com

    • haha…I doubt you can follow in Jon’s footsteps if you can’t even spell WRITE correctly. Plus, your grammar is atrocious!

      • How about let’s leave the comments for feedback on the PAGE, not grammar.
        Thanks for the websites! I’ve been looking for ones like luminosity.

      • Ahahahahh WUPS.

      • if you’re going to be pretentious at least know the correct way to spell writing…

    • hi Jon, I lovvvee your work on the Pixar theory. I have one question. in WALL-E, AUTO’s directive (code A113) shows up not only in WALL-E. In the Incredibles, Bob is told to go to room A113, and it also is his cell block on the island. I haven’t watched for that in other movies, but could it be related?

      • Hi Anony Mous! If you watch other Pixar movies and even some Disney movies, you will see A113 pop up from times to times. It’s actually a kind of easter egg. It’s the door number of a class at the California Institute of the Arts where a lot of now famous students, like John Lasseter and Brad Bird, learned their arts.
        Enjoy the egg hunt!

  2. It’s important the designation is see-through enough to square on its very own without a lot of detail. The latter demands that you just try become proficient written yourself, which demands a lots of practice.

  3. please can you send me your email address i would like to buy print rights to one of your articles…..

  4. I LOVE pixar! I own over 200 toy story items, probably more than that. The theory is genius, along with everything else you do. You really are committed to this, and I am glad you are. Keep up the good work! ps I am fascinated by this kind of stuff along with the Easter eggs and pixar shorts, so here is my email if you want to know what I know mckisicc@go.lisd.net Thanks!

  5. I’m currently writing a research paper and PowerPoint on your famous Pixar Theory. I love your site and theory though I’m new to your site. Is their anywhere else except your about me tab where I can find more about you? Keep up the good work.

  6. Sorry, I wote that when I was 9 years old because I was obsessed with Jon’s stories. Looking back at that now, I can see I was pretty dumb. Oh yeah, this was Noah.

    • We all were 9, some of us stayed taht way. So we make mistakes, don’t shoot us for it though. Peace,love out.

    • but now ur like…10….

  7. anyone notice how wall-e is a robot, but he acts like a human i.e going to work only during the day, sleeping in a truck with a layout similar to a house, keeping a pet, making noises reminiscent of speech that a robot would have no use for?

  8. Can you tell me about the Tarzan and. Beauty and the beast theory

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