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This week on Now Conspiring, the gang reviews Netflix shows that we’ve been watching and we throw in some quick reviews for La La Land and Hell or High Water. We also decided to change things up even more this week and replace “Show & Tell” with a little “Would You Rather?”

Question of the Week: What voice should Sam do for an entire episode? What would you rather us ask when we play “Would You Rather?” What Netflix show will you be watching soon?

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This Week’s Cast: Maria Garcia, Bridget Serdock, and Sam Noland

02:32 – Games: Would You Rather? [Movie Edition]

22:07 –  Main Segment: New Netflix Original Shows

51:09 –  Movie Reviews [La La Land, Hell or High Water]

59:50 –  Commenting on your Comments

62:21 –  Movie Releases [Get Out, Rock Dog, Collide]


Pixar Is Taking a Break from Sequels After ‘Incredibles 2’

pixar sequels incredibles 2

Turns out that tip I reported was correct after all.

Allanah Faherty confirmed the rumor yesterday on Movie Pilot:

Pixar President, Jim Morris has revealed that after the release of the last sequel on the current slate, The Incredibles 2 in June 2019, the studio will release four original films.

“Everything after Toy Story and The Incredibles is an original right now,” he said. At the moment there are two untitled original films scheduled to be released in March and June 2020, and a further two are in early development, and look “highly likely” to join the studio’s schedule soon.

This is interesting news for a few big reasons. The most obvious one is that this addresses the “sequel-fatigue” many of us have been experiencing with the studio since Cars 2, as well as the doubts people have been having about Pixar’s quality in comparison to Walt Disney Animation Studios’ recent wave of huge success.

But the other big reason we should consider is how this will reflect on Pixar’s massive hit, Finding Dory, which is of course a sequel. The film has been a box office juggernaut in the U.S. (it will soon dethrone Captain America: Civil War as the biggest domestic hit of 2016), and the movie has also enjoyed steadily positive praise from critics.

In other words, this news implies what a lot of us have always suspected about Pixar as a business. Their decisions on which movies to release are not solely driven by short-term numbers and cash grabs. It seems they’re more interested in telling the stories they want to tell.

Note: the top image is a reference to Pixar’s next original film, Cocowhich will release next year.

Here’s Everything New We Just Learned About ‘Rogue One’

rogue one new

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will be opening in December, but we’re already learning quite a bit about the characters and ships for the film (certainly more than last year’s The Force Awakens).

A non-final version of the “Official Visual Story Guide” has been leaked on Jedi News, and it contains some light spoilers for the main characters (shown below), as well as some intriguing story art. I’ll be sharing some of this info, but if you want the full, spoiler-filled image album, click here.

The Rebel team hunting the Death Star plans includes:

  1. Jyn Erso (played by Felicity Jones) – the main character from the trailer who is described as “a gifted soldier and warrior.”
  2. Captain Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) – we see this character at Jyn’s side in the trailer, and he is an officer for the Rebel Alliance.
  3. Baze (Jiang Wen) – a “freelance assassin.”
  4. K-250 (Alan Tudyk) – an Enforcer Droid built by the Imperials now working with the rebels, rendered in CGI.
  5. Bodhi (Riz Ahmed) – a rebel solider we don’t know much about yet.
  6. Pao – a “fierce” alien warrior.
  7. Chirrut (Donnie Yen) – a “spiritual” warrior, and the character we see taking stormtroopers on with a sword.
  8. Bistan – another “fierce” alien warrior like Pao.


As for team Death Star, we now know that the black stormtroopers are officially called Death Troopers, and the Imperial officer with the white cape is Director Krennic (Ben Mendelssohn), the “military director of the Empire.”

Here’s a good look at the Rebel Starfighter “U-Wing”, described as a “versatile Rebel Alliance craft that balances speed with the firepower of proton torpedo launchers.”

rogue one new


We also got a good look at the new TIE Striker, described as single-pilot “Aerial Assault Vehicles designed for fast-paced dogfights.”

rogue one new

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