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This week on Now Conspiring, the gang reviews Netflix shows that we’ve been watching and we throw in some quick reviews for La La Land and Hell or High Water. We also decided to change things up even more this week and replace “Show & Tell” with a little “Would You Rather?”

Question of the Week: What voice should Sam do for an entire episode? What would you rather us ask when we play “Would You Rather?” What Netflix show will you be watching soon?

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This Week’s Cast: Maria Garcia, Bridget Serdock, and Sam Noland

02:32 – Games: Would You Rather? [Movie Edition]

22:07 –  Main Segment: New Netflix Original Shows

51:09 –  Movie Reviews [La La Land, Hell or High Water]

59:50 –  Commenting on your Comments

62:21 –  Movie Releases [Get Out, Rock Dog, Collide]

9 thoughts on “What’s New on Netflix? – Now Conspiring

  1. I tell you something, we cancelled our Netflix subscription after one month (once we’d watched Stranger Things and The OA) – there was nothing really SUBSTANTIAL there (especially considering we have the UK version) and nothing we ever wanted to watch.

  2. I want Sam to do Bane for the entire episode. To Sam’s “Would You Rather”, I would keep LOTR, watch Star Wars, and get rid of The Dark Knight.

  3. yes Sam needs to do bane for the episode. and i would keep dark night and watch LOTR and get rid of star wars. and thank yo guys so much of now conspiring!

  4. I’d get rid of LotR, watch batman one more time, and keep Star Wars. I’m a fan boy if you couldn’t tell. I’ll keep the trilogy question going for you guys. Let’s say The Back to the Future trilogy, the Toy Story trilogy, and the Before trilogy. Good luck!

  5. Bridget is all of us.

  6. Please do Would You Rather movie edition every single week. Thanks.

  7. Most of the Netflix shows discussed, I loved. I watched the OA in the first two days it was out, fell in love with it, and preceded to watch it again in another two days. It’s my favorite show of 2016, even with its flaws. Series of Unfortunate Events was great too, and I loved how close to the books it was while still adding new things and being in the form of a show. I also ended up watching Santa Clarita Diet, which was not as good as the other two. I still liked it and thought it was funny, but it was a little over the top gross. Anyway, you can tell I watch a lot of Netflix.

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