Our Guilty Pleasure Movies (Anyway, That’s All I Got)

guilty pleasure

This week, we decided to have a laid-back discussion about our guilty pleasure movies: the movies we kind of like, but don’t want to admit it. It’s a free-flowing conversation, basically, and a chance for us hosts to learn a lot more about each other’s tastes and…weaknesses?

Let us know what you think of this format, and also let us know what some of your guilty pleasure movies are! They can come from anywhere, so we’d love to know what you take (guilty) pleasure in. Also, since everyone has their own definition, what does the phrase ‘guilty pleasure’ mean to you? And finally, what do you want to hear from the show? Are there any topics, franchises, or formats that you would be interested to hear us talk about?

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Part-Time Characters: Justice League and Thor Ragnarok Reviewed


The One Where Adonis is Sick
Quote: What phrasing would you prefer Adonis? ‘I don’t know, making out. Or tonguing.’

In our shortest episode to date, Bridget, Adonis and I talk about superhero movies, both Marvel and DC. Adonis does his best to defend Justice League and their CGI over Henry Caville’s moustache and Bridget pretends she is not head over heels for Thor. Neither were very successful.

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Cinemaholics Review: Justice League and The Punisher Season 1


Is Justice League the last comic book movie of 2017? If so, what a bizarre ending to one of the most bizarre years in comic book movie history (at least in recent years). What should have been the biggest comic book movie since, well, The Avengers, has arrived with little-to-no fanfare, but we’re here to judge the movie on its own, removed from any hype it may attempt to earn by merit of its seven icons.

I’m joined this week by my trusty cohosts Will Ashton and Maveryke Hines, but also special guest Craig Hanks from the Legendarium Podcast. You may remember I guested on that show to talk about The Dark Tower back in August, and per the holy podcast networking laws hiding in plain sight, it’s only fair to have Craig on this week to share his thoughts on Justice League, the DCEU, and where this frenetic franchise is headed next.

Aside from Justice League, we talk about The Punisher Season 1, plus some new movies you might be interested in. Pixar’s Coco (full review next week), Last Flag Flying, and Wonder get a few minutes each, and we finished out the show with some banter about new movies to come over the Thanksgiving holiday. 

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Ghosts, Trailers, And Titans – Now Conspiring

now conspiring

When we can’t decide what to talk about, we end up talking about everything. In this week’s episode we are joined by the lovely Jenny Pan to talk about the latest movie trailers and to question the violence rate in Pulp Fiction (Sam doesn’t think it’s that violent. Shocker).

We also review the latest Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why, and the new live action manga adaptation, Ghost in the Shell. But it doesn’t stop there. Jenny expresses some delayed frustrations about the live action Beauty and the Beast and it snowballs into a full on rant.

Then, during the Comment on your Comments section, Bridget tells it like it is when a commenter defies her knowledge of physics. It is quite a special segment.

Question of the Week: Should Bridget have a Science Corner segment in the podcast?

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Power Rangers and Life Review – Cinemaholics

This week on Cinemaholics, I’m joined by Will Ashton and Maveryke Hines to review Power RangersLife, and Season 2 of Love. But we begin with a quick look at the new Justice League trailer and debate the merits of the DCEU, going all the way back to Green Lantern at one point.

Be sure to email us your amazing feedback, so we can discuss on next week’s show: cinemaholicspodcast(@) And if you like our show, please consider leaving us a review on iTunes. You can also download episodes on just about any device here.

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‘The Lego Batman Movie’ Has More Jokes Than It Does Laughs

lego batman movie

If Deadpool could parody the entire superhero genre, why not create a Batman movie that parodies the massive, long-running Batman mythology? It’s a smart, timely idea to build a monument to the decades of trivia regarding one of the most iconic superheroes (and characters) of all time, and as a followup to the hilarious and self-aware Lego Movie, which is ultimately a more thoughtful attempt to woo both kids and audiences.

Within the story of Lego Batman Movie, the titular character (voiced by Will Arnett) is as much a pop culture phenomenon as he is in real life, singing songs about how incredible he is and lavishly surrounding himself with gadgets and vehicles that best represent his own ego. But Batman is lonely, too, for reasons that might confound the same viewers who do manage to get all the references being tossed and visually planted.

See in this “universe,” Batman has never had a Robin, Batgirl, or otherwise. He’s a member of the Justice League (sort of?), and the movie wants to suggest that his symbiotic relationship with Joker is an interesting parody of romantic comedies (helped by frequent references to actual romcoms Batman enjoys in private).

It’s all written in a sloppy, haphazard way, because the viewers who will get the most out of the mountains of jokes and references will also wonder how all of this can simultaneously coexist with a Robin/Batgirl origin story, especially as there are loads of winks to previous Batman films (with those characters) being in the same mythology as this movie. In other words, it’s confusing, distracting, and hard to ignore, even for a movie that doesn’t ask you to take any of this seriously until it does.

lego batman movie

The film’s primary message is that Batman needs to learn how to work with others as a team, and the path for him to get there is utter chaos. Entire scenes are mismatched in pace and tone, frequently stopping the action completely every few minutes or so to repeat (sometimes verbatim) the themes and messages of the movie, just in case the kids didn’t understand how hard it is for Batman to have…friends?

As a result, Batman ends up learning the same lesson multiple times, sometimes pontificating the same ideas a scene later. It seems the writers (there were many) didn’t have sufficient time or freedom to edit the script because they also wanted to maintain the jokes they came up with to suit those scenes, so Lego Batman Movie comes off as a first draft riddled in mayhem and some interesting ideas, which will make it hard for audiences to feel less than overwhelmed by the frenetic references, action, and set pieces that turn on a dime.

The saving grace, however, is the fact that most of these jokes are humorous, especially if you’re a batfan. The ratio of goofy “kids will get this” jokes with the “inside jokes” that go over their head seems purposefully imbalanced, making Lego Batman Movie more a product of its time rather than a lasting comedic film. Perhaps only the first 10 or 15 minutes represent the best Lego Batman Movie has to offer as both a parody and an accessible comedy, akin to something like Spaceballs or, yes, Lego Movie.

But for the rest of the runtime, the film lobs more jokes than you can keep up with in order to satisfy everyone who won’t get the last joke. Unlike Deadpool, that critical mass of humor isn’t paced quite as well, so the laughs won’t be quite as abundant as the attempts to earn them. And that’s no good when you consider that the rest of the movie’s ideas about Batman’s loneliness and teamwork are too shallow and over-explained for audiences to care when the snarky inside trivia dries up years from now.

Grade: B- 

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To Infinity and Star Trek Beyond

star trek beyond podcast

This week on Now Conspiring, we review two movies for the price of infinity. Star Trek Beyond and Sing Street are discussed, along with the new Comic-Con trailers coming out for Justice League and Wonder Woman.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK (and you’re required to answer this): Which upcoming DC live-action movie will be the best?

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