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now conspiring

When we can’t decide what to talk about, we end up talking about everything. In this week’s episode we are joined by the lovely Jenny Pan to talk about the latest movie trailers and to question the violence rate in Pulp Fiction (Sam doesn’t think it’s that violent. Shocker).

We also review the latest Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why, and the new live action manga adaptation, Ghost in the Shell. But it doesn’t stop there. Jenny expresses some delayed frustrations about the live action Beauty and the Beast and it snowballs into a full on rant.

Then, during the Comment on your Comments section, Bridget tells it like it is when a commenter defies her knowledge of physics. It is quite a special segment.

Question of the Week: Should Bridget have a Science Corner segment in the podcast?


   00:00 – Introductions

   06:59 – Trailer Talk [IT, War of Planet of the Apes, Attack on Titan,

               Spider-Man Homecoming, Justice League]

   33:10 – Series Review [13 Reasons Why]

   40:00 – Movie Review [Ghost in the Shell]

  47:22 – Movie Review [French Connection 2]

  50:22 – Movie Rant [Beauty and the Beast]

1:07:00 – Commenting on your Comments aka Science Throwdown

1:23:22 – Movie Releases [Going in Style, Smurfs, The Void, Transfiguration]

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This Week’s Cast: Maria Garcia, Bridget Serdock, Sam Noland and Jenny Pan

Great Days by Joakim Karud


4 thoughts on “Ghosts, Trailers, And Titans – Now Conspiring

  1. Well, Bridget is definitely right about me being right about there being gravity in space. However, may be wrong about the rest, though we might just be misunderstanding what each other is trying to say because holding something in place is countering gravity, like if you lift an object over your head and hold it in place then your arms are countering gravity. So for an FYI, there are actually multiple equations for gravity, but Newton’s equation about the force of gravity between two objects is a good one because it’s real easy to show how speed can counter that force in orbit. So we got force of gravity, F(g) = G(m1m2)/r^2, well to counter F(g), we just need to go a speed that will give us a centripetal force equal to F(g), so centripetal force: F(c) =m1v^2/r, so if we just set them equal to each other m1v^2/r = G(m1m2)/r^2 we can do algebra to get v = square root(Gm2/r) which tells us the speed needed to approximately counter gravity, and it’s approximately only because technically Newton’s equations are wrong (but close enough), we would have to use Einstein’s field equations to get a true accurate measurement, but that would take pages of work. Though if you did stop the space stations speed, it would definitely start falling into Earth and either crash into Earth or slingshot into a new elliptical orbit or something else.

    Maybe that could be Bridget’s next week’s science corner, “what does Newtonian physics predict would happen to the space station if its speed was brought to 0?”.

    Also, electromagnetism isn’t the strongest force, the strong force is about 100x stronger. So, you ever get a wish to have any superheroes’s superpower, make sure to pick someone that controls the strong force like Dr. Manhattan or Captain Atom over someone that controls electromagnetism like Magneto.

    And speaking of space, since all franchises that go on too long go to space, like Airplane, Abbott and Costello, Power Rangers, Air Bud, Hellraiser, Critters, Jason Vorhees, and even Leprechaun all went to space. How long before Fast and the Furious goes to space and they are racing each other in spaceships?

    • You’re dead to me

  2. Okay, one LAST thing – why did Adam have to growl at Belle in the end? That is entirely too kinky for the target audience of this movie.

  3. I have a question, would you rather live in your favorite movie world, or live as your favorite movie character?

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