Part-Time Characters: Justice League and Thor Ragnarok Reviewed


The One Where Adonis is Sick
Quote: What phrasing would you prefer Adonis? ‘I don’t know, making out. Or tonguing.’

In our shortest episode to date, Bridget, Adonis and I talk about superhero movies, both Marvel and DC. Adonis does his best to defend Justice League and their CGI over Henry Caville’s moustache and Bridget pretends she is not head over heels for Thor. Neither were very successful.

Before we get into any of the superhero stuff, we break the ice by playing a short Lightning Round. The question: What movie has made you cry?

ANNOUNCEMENT: We are thinking of making a confession game. We are going to leave our anonymous confessions here (all related to movies or celebrities) and in the next episode, we will read them and try to decipher who confessed what. The whole point is to bluff and make sure people don’t guess our confession. You can leave yours as well and confuse us. When we play the game, you can admit to your confession in the comment section. Click here to register and confess!

Question of the Week: Which movie did you prefer: Justice League or Thor Ragnarok?

00:00:00  Catching up
00:05:40  Lightning Round [GAME TIME]
00:12:45  Justice League [MOVIE REVIEW]
00:26:47  Thor Ragnarok [MOVIE REVIEW]
00:51:17  Idea for New Segment

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This Week’s Cast: Maria Garcia, Bridget Serdock  and Adonis Gonzalez

Great Days by Joakim Karud

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