Review: ‘Gods of Egypt’ Is a Lot Better Than It Should Be

Directed by Alex Proyas, Gods of Egypt is a summer blockbuster conspicuously vying for your attention at the tail end of winter. Had this film been released in July, its long running time and frenetic fantasy set pieces may have been found a larger audience, and deservedly so. Gods of Egypt is a reimagining


Game of Thrones S5E9 Recap: Rumble in the Meerena

game of thrones dance with dragons

Hey Throners, it’s time for another Now Conspiring podcast featuring this week’s new episode of HBO’s Game of Thrones. The episode is called “The Dance with Dragons,” so as you can expect…well, Spoilers if you haven’t watched the episode yet.

I’m joined by my podcasting small council, Adonis Gonzalez, Maria Garcia, and Kayla Savage, as we explore the world of Planetos in true Conspiring fashion.

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The Pixar Detective, Chapter 14: “World of Cretins”

It’s super vs. super in the latest installment of The Pixar Detective! Plus a surprise encounter that you definitely won’t see coming!

The Pixar Detective, Chapter 11: “2319”

Part 2 of “The Pixar Detective” begins! And it features some new characters that are bound to cause some trouble.