The Pixar Detective, Chapter 11: “2319”

Hey everyone! Welcome to The Pixar Detective, a serial novel I put together based on the Pixar Theory. The following is a fictional story that explains the theory that all of the Pixar movies are connected and exist within the same universe, using original characters and artwork. The story answers a lot of questions you may have about this theory, but through its own ongoing narrative.

The story originally launched in April, and since then we’ve finished Part 1 and Part 2!

Both are available as iBooks on iTunes, which you can check out here. If you can’t use iBooks, can also download the PDF versions:

Part 1: (PDF version)

Part 2: (PDF version)

Once you’re finished, check back to our Table of Contents, where we’ll be continuing the story through Part 3. A new chapter is released every two weeks on Tuesdays. And please be sure to leave your feedback in the comments for us to read through. Enjoy!

chapter 11 pixar detective


Previously, on the Pixar Detective

pixar detective part 1 coverIn the year 2014, two kids embarked on a mission to find their missing friend, Mary. The friends, Stevin Parker and Wallaby Jones, teamed up with their mysterious teacher, Alec Azam, who mentored Mary in the arts of magic and traveling through time by use of doors.

Along the way, Stevin and Wallaby gained new allies, including a monster from another world and a girl with dangerous superpowers. Eventually, they were forced through a door that would lead them to the location of their next clue: Sydney, Australia.


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40 thoughts on “The Pixar Detective, Chapter 11: “2319”

  1. Had to double-check the Pixar Theory Timeline to make sure I had the dates right, but woah! Renata Linguini! I was amazed I remembered who she was without doing any other research, but nice work on this episode. Can’t wait for more!

    • I’m surprised you caught that so quickly! I see that the “French” reference pretty much gave it away.

      • Was that the one in which you were “dying for someone to figure out”?

        • Yes it was! I was honestly worried no one would catch it. I should have known better.

  2. I wonder if Phillip is the p in P. Sherman. The suspense is terrible!

  3. WHOA!! I don’t know what to say because I am really confused. Does this come before part 1 chronologically? If not, then I will be enormously confused.
    I was hoping that it will be about BnL, but what I am seeing is sometime during the events of Monsters Inc and University, when children are rumored to be kidnapped. The 2319 reference means that the humans will fight back? Will Hexagon be formed by this?
    Let me think of more and I will tell you.

    • In the chapter, Cara points out that “2001 will be her year.”

      In the previously, I reiterate that the “present” time for Stevin and Wallaby (for the beginning of the story) is in 2014, so our time. That means that yes, this is taking place before the beginning of Part 1. And since the Hexagon was formed in the 1930s, you can safely assume that the Hexagon is not the cause of all this.

      As for your other questions, have faith! They will be answered before you know it.

      • OK, some questions are answred, and I forgot that Hexagon was gone by 2001. I wonder when Hexagon was gone, but became BnL. Also, will Part 2 take place in “2001”, as well as the present and past? I still predict Part 2 will be about BnL.

        PS, what happened to Stevin, Wallaby, Sadie, and Mr Sumner?

        • Part 2 will take place in multiple…places. That’s all I will say. The main thing with this story is that you should never get too comfortable with the setting.

          As for our main heroes, you just wait. They’re on their way.


    Me: Shouldn’t we just wait a little, build up more tention, have something to do…?


    Me: Alright, sheesh!

  5. Phillip, Sid Phillip!

    Dean, Hardscrabble!

    (Spoiler Below)

    Cara is (somehow) Violet’s daughter! INVISIBLE ON COMMAND!

    • Sid Phillips? Well…in the story, his name is Philip not “Phillips.” Nice try, though.

      Hardscrabble…I should’ve been more discreet.

      Same with Cara. I decided not to dance around it.

  6. I think that this “Cara” person is going to be Boo’s and Riley’s (from the new movie by Pixar) mother

    • Interesting guess, but I’ll say right here that I won’t be including any future Pixar films into the story because I don’t know anything about them (yet).

  7. Wait wait wait, hold on a second. Jack-Jack has powers! At the end of The Incredibles in the final battle with Syndrome when they’re midair by the plane, Jack-Jack bursts into flame and turns into a monster of sorts and also into a kind of metal and proceeds to fight his kidnapper.
    It’s just that one thing that bugs me, unless it’s some sort of genius plot twist later on. Everything else in this story I find amazing and awesome! I absolutely love it! Keep up the great work! Also, major props to the artist, all of the illustrations are fantastic!

    • Unless Jack-Jack isn’t the powerless uncle you’re referring to…?

      • It must be Jack-Jack, because Violet is Cara’s mother and Dash is Logan’s father, and both Cara and Logan refer to a powerless uncle.

    • Jack-Jack has powers, but his family doesn’t know that.

      I’m holding to the idea that they’ll never know. And he may never know as well.

      • But his family should know he has powers, as seen in the end of The Incredibles. That’s how he gets away from Syndrome, or didn’t his parents see that?
        Also one question: if someday The Incredibles gets a sequel, and for some reason contradicts your story, what will you do about that? Just curious, great story though! Very engrossing.

        • He gets away from Syndrome, but if you re-watch the scene, you’ll notice that the family has no idea how he breaks away and are still unaware of him having powers.

          An Incredibles sequel has actually been announced, so you’re right that it would contradict if they figure it out in the movie. But I have some plot ideas for how to make it work. For example, Jack-Jack could lose his powers (maybe on purpose) because of how dangerous and unpredictable they are. OR it could be that only his immediate family knows about his power to protect him.

          • By tho way, Jack-Jack has more than only the powers at the end of The Incredibles. If you look up the short movie Jack-Jack Attack on youtube you can see he also has flight, laser-eyes and can walk through walls and that the government knows this.

            • Glad you brought that up! If you recall, Rick wipes Kari’s memory of Jack-Jack’s powers. It’s this kind of secrecy that makes me think those powers would stay a secret years later. After all, Jack-Jack is pretty much all-powerful.

  8. Jon Negroni thank you so much for inventing the pixar theory and the pixar detective i just secretly finished reading ch.11( im not supposed to be using electronics during the week being in 8th grade and all) and its AMAZING! i love disney so this is so amazing

  9. Jon, I really liked this chapter, it was probably the best just due to the genius inclusion of people from the pixar universe. I loved the way you put it all together, I’m excited for the next chapter!! Also, just to let you know, there were like a couple spelling errors, and some words like switched funny, just for the future whole part 2. Good job man 🙂

    • Thanks Brandon! I think you’ll like where this is going, if you like the inclusions so far.

  10. The flash in the water… Something tells me it is important!

  11. I hope Pixar will look at your story and maby combine it with their movies, I think that would be really awesome. What do you think, would they do it?

    • I think it would be kind of weird, to be honest. I crafted this story to exist in the background, so having it front and center would probably feel strange to me and notably “un-Pixar.” Plus, they have way better ideas than I ever will.

  12. I’ve been following the Pixar Detetive since day one and it never fails to keep me at the edge of my seat.Jon, you are a genious. BTW that last coment you made about Pixar coming up with way better ideas that you ever will, give your self a little more credit. Not only is this an amazing story so far but you have managed to bring togehter all these different stories into one very very smoothly, not an easy task.
    Also i noticed on page 15 it sais “Yeah, someone is else coming” not sure if you meant to say “Yeah, someone else is coming”

    • Nice catch! My brain must have ignored this in all the excitement.

      And I appreciate the kind words. While I try to work on hard on making this story fun and cohesive, I’m always humbled by the fact that I’m borrowing from some of the best stories of our time. It can be a bit intimidating, to be honest. But I’m glad a good number of you all are enjoying it!

  13. I still think BnL will be involved in Part 2.

  14. I read this story while I am at work sometimes and have some time to sit down and think to myself. I originally looked into this story because one of the children at the school I work at was talking about Pixar and I googled some stuff and came across your Theory. I eventually found your story and read through Part 1 in two days during my various breaks. I don’t know a ton about the Pixar movies, so I miss some sneaky references, but even without the background, the story is great so far! I feel like this is that moment where you “catch up” to where a TV show is and you have to start waiting between episodes. The suspense! Keep up the good work.

    Also yes there are some little typos. There was also a seemingly large typo in Part 1 about the Tree Climbing but I hardly noticed it 🙂

    • Wow, Mark. You have no idea how much it means for me to hear that you’re enjoying the story even without a strong knowledge of the Pixar universe. I hope you enjoy what’s to come!

      And thanks for catching the typos. I have a few editors, but we also seem to miss a few. If you catch anything, be sure to let me know in the comments and I’ll update them pronto.

  15. After reading all of the glowing reviews, I feel like a jerk for pointing out a pronoun problem… but I’ll point it out.

    On Page 4 where it says, ” Another figure stood up and made his way to the center of the room” I think it should say “… made her way…” because in the next sentence we find out that person is Renata.

    I’ve been re-reading the whole Pixar Detective the past few days and it’s even better the second time around. I think I’ve also got more questions to ask once I’ve finished reading through chapter 16. Looking forward to chapter 17!

  16. Hey John Negroni! 🙂
    I’m Brazilian and I’ve got interested in your “story” called “The Pixar Detective”
    I’m still learning english so sometimes I can’t understand some words and phrases, so I’d like to know if you ae planning to translate the story for a better understanding of your brazillian and portugueses readers.
    Thanks for your attention! 🙂

  17. The flash in the water… Something tells me it is important!

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