Retro Reviews 2 — Part-Time Characters


The Part-Time Characters had an assignment this week- to watch classic movies they have had on their lists for too long. That’s right! We are back with another episode of Retro Reviews, where Bridget discusses Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Sam watches The Goonies, Maria gives Goodfellas a shot and Adonis does pretty much whatever he wants.

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Top Book-to-Film Adaptations — Part-Time Characters

book to film adaptations

For this week’s episode of Part-Time Characters, the friends get together to discuss their favorite movies based on books. With so many book adaptations, it was hard to whittle down the list. Just ask Sam.

However, we managed to get it done and bring you a diverse list- from young adult books, to horror adaptations and romantic historical dramas (cue Bridget’s extended sigh).

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Guess the Disney Song! – Now Conspiring


We have a full house on this week’s episode. RAK (aka Khan) and Jenny Pan join the podcast along with Maria’s best friend, Evie. After lengthy introductions and many fun tangents, we go around the table to talk about what we have read or watched in the past few weeks. This is quickly followed by Evie saying very embarrassing things about Maria that can never be unheard.

Later on, we play Guess the Disney Song! Where Jenny is overconfident, Sam is confused by everyone’s hardwired knowledge of Disney and a lot of yelling from everybody involved.

It is important to note after a certain point, Sam unofficially quits the game and continues to play his computer game, which we were all able to watch. In case you hear anyone saying ‘Sam! You nearly died’ or ‘Sam exploded’, we mean the game.

Question of the Week: What is your favorite Disney song?

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Yes, Ron Weasley Could Secretly Predict The Future In ‘Harry Potter’

Best friend to Harry Potter? Or secret prophet? Turns out, Ron Weasley is both those things and then some.

Review: ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’ Is Weird For All the Wrong Reasons

When I saw the first live-action film, Alice in Wonderland, I found the whole thing sort of…OK. It wasn’t very good or anything, but the 3D at the time was so stunning, and the effects so magical, it was easy to overlook how off-putting it was to see Alice being transposed

Snarcasm: Harry Potter Has Sucked This Entire Time

Snark + Sarcasm = what you’re about to read. I wasn’t allowed to read the Harry Potter books when I was a child. And as a book-obsessed fourth grader who watched his friends read Prisoner of Azkaban during recess instead of playing four square  with him, this was one of the more sinister things my parents

The Pixar Detective: Chapter 28

pixar detective chapter 28

(Not caught up yet to this chapter? Check out our Table of Contents to get up to speed!)

The Pixar Detective started last April, and the final chapters are now underway. The conclusion is in motion, and I’m not entirely sure how you guys are going to react. Will you like how the story ends? Will we walk away from this project feeling satisfied with what’s been done here?

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