The Pixar Theory: How The Good Dinosaur Fits In Pixar’s Universe

How does The Good Dinosaur fit into the Pixar Theory? Let’s take a look at Pixar’s most beautiful box office flop.


‘The Good Dinosaur’ Review: Finding Dino

(You can read my full review here. Below is the shortened version). The Good Dinosaur was directed by Peter Sohn and stars (the voices of) Jeffrey Wright, Frances McDormand, Sam Elliot, Raymond Ochoa, and Jack Bright. What if the dinosaurs had never been wiped out by an asteroid? According to Pixar, this

Thoughts on the First Teaser for ‘The Good Dinosaur’

good dinosaur teaser

It’s been a busy week, so I’m just now getting a chance to share my thoughts on The Good Dinosaur teaser that came out this week. And I have a lot to say for a teaser barely a minute long.
This is a tough movie to talk about due to the unusual air of mystery around it. But we finally have something to talk about, now that the movie is just several months away. But I’m sure you’re all wondering the same thing: Does it look good?

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A Closer Look Into The Changes Behind Pixar’s ‘Good Dinosaur’

From what we’re slowly learning about The Good Dinosaur in terms of story and visual treatment, I’m happily excited.