We’re Still Suffering From How Bad ‘High School Musical’ Was

Make no mistake. This movie taught kids all the wrong lessons in all the wrong ways.


Review: ‘Dirty Grandpa’ Is a Meaningless Excursion

It’s clear that director Dan Mazer has essentially given up on breaking new ground with his comedies, of which he’s normally been a cowriter. I Give it a Year and Borat were the two relevates that, despite their flaws, gave mass audiences a reason to laugh at its seasoned actors. I had hoped that Dirty

Retronalysis: ‘Meet the Parents’ Features De Niro at His Most Humorous

The success and talent of Robert De Niro will never be understated, thanks to his legendary performances in Raging Bull, The Godfather: Part 2, and many more (notice these are curiously dramatic roles). But we’ve seen a curious trend arising in De Niro’s latest movie choices (aside from his David O. Russell projects), such