The Pixar Detective: Chapter 29

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We’re almost there, awesome readers! With Chapter 29 landing today, The Pixar Detective is just one more chapter away from wrapping up. Can you believe it?

Apologies for the unexpected hiatus last week. Without going too much into detail, the issue was simply that we were too busy to wrap up the artwork, and I had a few creative changes to make as we move toward Chapter 10. Looking back, this is the first time we’ve ever missed a week, so I’d call that a success.

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The Pixar Detective, Chapter 5: Hair of the Catalyst

Hey everyone! Welcome to The Pixar Detective, a serial novel I put together based on the Pixar Theory. The following is a fictional story that explains the theory that all of the Pixar movies are connected and exist within the same universe, using original characters and artwork. The story answers a lot of questions you may have about this theory, but through its own ongoing narrative.

The story originally launched in April, and we’ve recently completed Part 1!

It is available as an iBook on iTunes, which you can check out here. If you can’t use iBooks, you can also download the PDF version. 

Once you’re finished, check back to our Table of Contents, where we’ll be continuing the story through Part 2. A new chapter is released every two weeks on Tuesdays. And please be sure to leave your feedback in the comments for us to read through. Enjoy!

wallabyandalecPreviously on The Pixar Detective: Still in search of their missing friend Mary, our heroes Stevin Parker, Wallaby Jones and Alec Azam used magic to travel through a door that bent time and space, leading them to a mysterious woodcarving workshop.

Their curiosity was peaked when the knives, pots and pans decided to come alive and attack the trio, causing a violent (and funny looking) battle to ensue. Right before escaping the chaos, Stevin snatched a code book left behind by his friend Mary, revealing the number “1935.”

The revelation sparked an idea within Alec, who turned back to the woodcarving workshop despite the danger that lay within.

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