Pixar Theory: Do ‘Soul’ and ‘Coco’ Have the Same Afterlife?

At first glance, Soul and Coco seem to have two wildly different interpretations of how the afterlife works in Pixar movies. So on the latest episode of Jon In Theory, I examine how these movies might share way more ideas and world building than you might expect.

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5 thoughts on “Pixar Theory: Do ‘Soul’ and ‘Coco’ Have the Same Afterlife?

  1. After watching Brave and the latest Pixar Theory from “SuperCarlinBrothers” I wanted to point out how the Will-O-The-Wisps looked almost exactly like the souls in “Soul”, especially 22, and were focused in the trees because (A) trees are like power towers for “magic” in the Universe and (B) the amount of sentient beings on the planet wasnt large enough for each soul to be hosted in a body. I think that its plausible that all afterlifes are in essence the same in functionality and are molded by the collective conscious of that culture.

  2. Hey I just watched resident evil infinite darkness and found syd the bullie at 2249

  3. Brave and the newest Pixar Theory from “SuperCarlinBrothers” reminded me how eerily similar 22 and the Will O’The Wispies were to the souls in “Soul.”

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  5. I believe it’s possible that the collective mind of driving directions each given culture constructs an afterlife such that its basic functions are identical to those of any other.

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