The Pixar Detective: Chapter 21

Part 3 of the Pixar Detective kicks off today with Chapter 21! Witness the beginning of the exciting conclusion for this series, as well as some new, “hidden” surprises.


The Pixar Detective, Chapter 17: “Seven Centuries”

The Pixar Detective is a serial novel about an original story told within the Pixar universe. And it’s easy to catch up!

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The Pixar Detective, Chapter 6: The Collectible

Now in a time period filled with new characters (and villains), Stevin and Wallaby must track down the owner of that mysterious purple hair. But is he a friend or foe?

The Pixar Detective, Chapter 4: Here be Magic

This week on the Pixar Detective, the gang is in for the fight of their lives against…appliances?

The Pixar Detective, Chapter 3: Three Doors

This week’s chapter, “The Three Doors,” introduces Stevin and Wallaby to a whole new world of possibilities as the hunt for Mary continues.

The Pixar Detective: Chapter 1

What if all of the Disney Pixar films existed within the same universe?

From the author of the world-famous phenomenon known as “The Pixar Theory” comes a re-imagining of the Pixar universe with an original story and all-new characters, packed with colorful artwork by illustrator, Kayla Savage!