The Pixar Detective, Chapter 3: Three Doors

Hey everyone! Welcome to The Pixar Detective, a serial novel I put together based on the Pixar Theory. The following is a fictional story that explains the theory that all of the Pixar movies are connected and exist within the same universe, using original characters and artwork. The story answers a lot of questions you may have about this theory, but through its own ongoing narrative.

The story originally launched in April, and we’ve recently completed Part 1!

It is available as an iBook on iTunes, which you can check out here. If you can’t use iBooks, you can also download the PDF version. 

Once you’re finished, check back to our Table of Contents, where we’ll be continuing the story through Part 2. A new chapter is released every two weeks on Tuesdays. And please be sure to leave your feedback in the comments for us to read through. Enjoy!


Previously on The Pixar Detective: our heroes Stevin Parker and Wallaby Jones set out on a late-night adventure to find clues pointing to the whereabouts of their missing friend, Mary. After some nearly-fatal tree-climbing, the duo made it into Mary’s room, which was barely being held up by a giant tree.

coffeeshopBefore the tree gave way to the weight of their detective skills, Stevin and Wallaby managed to find a lone purple hair sitting by Mary’s closet door. Hours later, the gang was surprised by a familiar face. Their geography teacher, Mr. Azam, revealed that he knows what the two of them are up to and may have some answers as to where Mary may have disappeared to…

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42 thoughts on “The Pixar Detective, Chapter 3: Three Doors

  1. LOVE THIS! Do you have any book recommendations? I’m a 12 yr old who LOVES Fantasy

    • Well if you haven’t already, you absolutely need to check out the fantasy classics! The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia (which is a little easier).

      • OMG YOU REPLIED!!!! That makes me really happy!
        I’ve already read Chronicles of Narnia and the Hobbit and I hope to tackle Lord of the Rings in June!
        Currently reading the Inheritance Cycle as I wait for Blood of Olympus to come out!

        • Try discworld series, 40 books full of every kind of fantasy you can think of

  2. The suspense is terrible, I hope it will last.

    The chapter breaks are getting better and better. Good job again. I wonder if A113 on the door will play a part in this. Is Randall related to the character from Monsters Inc, or is it Presto? So many questions!

    I kind of hate to point this out, but on page 9 when Stevin says “…my teacher thinks he some kind of wizard!” should be “…thinks HE’S…” or “…thinks HE IS…”

    I didn’t want to type in all caps, but I don’t know if I can italicize or bold the words to make them stand out.

    Can’t wait till the next chapter, but I guess I’ll have to.


    • Awesome catch! Even with two editors, it’s amazing how easy for these mistakes to creep through, but it’s all fixed now, so thanks!

      I’m disastrously tempted to answer all of your questions, but all I can do is assure you that they will definitely be answered!

      • I saw a typo on Page 12 of Chapter 3, and it’s been bugging me for 5 minutes. There is a missing quotation mark before WHAT.
        It should say,
        “Alright, we’re in,” said Stevin, “What do you need us to do Mr. Azam?”
        I do apologize if you have gotten this error commented a billion times, I just have a little quirk about this sort of thing.
        Incredible story and an incredible theory, regardless of typos! You are a great detective, Mr. Negroni. No, you are a genius to us Pixar fanatics out there. 🙂

        • And then you need to put: “do, Mr. Azam.” Also, isn’t Alec Azam a rabbit in one of the Pixar short films? Did you do that on purpose? Is Boo involved? And speaking of the short films, do they exist within the Pixar universe? It makes sense to me.

          • OK this is how I see the pixar shorts fit into the pixar theory.

            First we have the adventures of Andre and Wally B pixars first produced short, in this I believe that Andre is a toy that was forgotten in the forest, and wally B is one of the more intelligent animals. this could be one of the first encounters the AI has with intelligent animals.
            second is luxo Jr. this could be the first look we have on not only toys and machines having artificial intelligent but other items that spend allot of time with humans developing feeling and relationships (Jr getting sad when the ball pops and the father consoling him)
            thirdly is reds dream which just like luxo Jr is showing other items that spend alot of time around humans gaining AI
            forth is tin toy. this is nothing more than more support that toys are getting smarter and not liking humans so much.
            fifth is knick knack my personal favorite of them all. in this we see that again other than toys and machines other items are getting smarter, they (the snowman) comes up with so many ways to get out of the snow globe he uses dynamite a welding torch and jackhammer!
            sixth is Geri’s game. this to me is one of the most interesting ones. in it it is either A) a normal old man playing chess with himself or B) an old super who survived and can split himself into two personas.
            seventh is for the birds. in this we see a group of intelligent birds ganging up together for a cause (yes the simple cause of knocking the tall birds off the line but still a cause.)
            eighth is mikes new car. this one isn’t very important but it takes place in the monster time era.
            ninth boundin. boundin is one of the more important ones, in this we see the sheep that is all happy and then the men come and take him away. afterwords we see what can be one of the first types of experiments or mutation of animals the jackalope. this is one of the first looks at the new species of animals known as monsters.
            tenth is jack jack attack. this has no real importance other than we know that the government can erase peoples brains if they want.
            eleventh is one man band. this is not such a big deal as all i got from it is humans are advancing with their inventions.
            twelfth is mater and the ghost light. not very important as it only takes place in the cars time preiod.
            thirteenth is lifted. this one is interesting because it shows that aliens have been to earth and could of been a factoring reason on how monsters came to be (the aliens do show a resemblance to a few of the monsters)
            fourteenth is my friend the rat and it is showing that rats want to have a relationship with humans and be kind to humans but the humans not so much.
            fifteenth is burn-e. burn-e does not show much importance to the pixar theory but it does show us that the AI has goals and feelings to.
            sixteenth is presto. presto is important as it shows us that other than the witch other people can harness the magic of the will-o-wisp. (think the will-o-wisp are always teleporting away and the magic hats teleport one item that goes into it to the other.)
            seventeenth partly cloudy. partly cloudy was by far the hardest to figure out but after watching it several time’s i figured something out, the animals created by the clouds seem more intelligent than the other ones. the animals created by the clouds were more affectionate and allot more obedient (not the wild one Gus created but the ones the other clouds created.) my theory is the witch enchanted some of the clouds to try to get them to make a sully monster (if that makes sense)
            eighteen-nineteen. dugs special mission and George & AJ. these two are not very important they fit but it only gives background info about dug and George & AJ.
            twenty is day & night. i really don’t see how this fits in. i guess it just symbolizes the relation ship of day and night and the theory goes on inside the two?
            twenty one and three are toy shorts and only give background on the toy’s (there isnt anything that alters the theory)
            twenty two and twenty five are some of maters tall tales and i like to think that they are just tales he makes up so it doesn’t have any meaning
            twenty four is la luna. la luna was a more far fetched one but i have a theory i like. the familys boat is made out
            wood and what does the monsters and boo need for time and or space travel wood. so my idea is that the family’s boat is made of the same kind of wood that the witch and boo uses and that’s what allows the family to travel to the moon.
            finally is the blue umbrella. in the blue umbrella we see more inanimate objects other than toys and robots gaining artificial intelligence and having feelings and emotions
            well this is how i think the short films fit into the pixar theory and sorry for any bad grammmer.

  3. this is awesome so far! is the wooden door on the left the same one that boo aka the witch uses in brave.

    • It could be the yodel door from Monsters Inc. Here’s my (probably wrong) explanation for where each door will lead. The first one on the left is the yodel door, the middle one is the banishing door, and the one on the right leads to Cal Art room A113 (at least I think that’s the room number in Cal Arts). The first two could maybe work into the theory/novel, but the last one probably wouldn’t.

    • All I can say is that you’ll no exactly where one of the doors goes in the next chapter.

  4. OK so most likely the metal one is the banishing door. the A113 one is probability the main door that teleports them through time and space. and the old wooden one looks very similar to the one on the witches workshop/magic lab are. can’t wait for chapter 4

  5. Oh the suspense it kills me every two weeks they go by so slowly. I love this story. Cant wait to find out who Randall is . The evil monster in monster inc was named randall as well. Very interesting. Come on May 13th

    • coincidence….I THINK NOT!!!

  6. Wow, just wow… I cant take the suspence. Great job Jon.

      • NO! Suspense only makes it more agonizing to wait! Cliffhangers and suspense always mess with my brain and ugh! You are an evil genius, my friend!

  7. Google Translator – excuse any grammar error:
    Remember that “Alec” is the name of the Bunny from “Presto” and that in which theater presents Presto is the same that Charles Muntz displays the skeleton of the monster of Paradise Falls.

    Mr. Negroni By the way … how many chapters will have “The Detective PIXAR”?

  8. I love The Pixar Detective, it is so amazing. In the first bit did the guy going to find a bird superior to humans link to UP? Also this is probably never going to happen but imagine a movie of The Pixar Detective? That would be so epic.
    As a serious Pixar fan, I can’t wait to see where this goes.
    Good luck!

    • Hey Amy, YES I was overtly referring to Charles Muntz’s search for the bird on his Spirit of Adventure.

      As for a movie, we can only dream.

  9. OOOOOHH!! ARE STEVIN AND CO. GONNA MEET, like, MERIDA?! how old is she gonna be?
    oh gods is that just a coincidence or not?

  10. does the fact that so far it takes place in San Francisco tie in with the new pixar movie inside out, where the main girl moves from Montana to San Francisco

  11. Hey jon,
    I have a question, when you made the pixar theory did you think it was something real the pixar studio purposely put in their movies or do you think that this is just something cool and pride yourself in making? So do you think you created this completely or the pixar theory is part of Pixar’s plan?

  12. A113, nice touch. It’s always in every pixar movie, so why not in this?

  13. Why all the Australian refrences in the pixar detective? I mean, not complaining, I’m Australian myself. Will it somehow tie in with Nemo in Sydney?

    • Release it soon I’m getting very anxious. Also great job your one of the smartest pixie fanatic I know. Hope this story stays awesome.

      • Auto correct, pixar, sorry for the typo

  14. I hope chapter 4 comes out soon!

  15. I am literally telling everybody and their mother about this theory, this story, and just everything. JON NEGRONI YOU MY FRIEND ARE AMAZING

  16. It seems to me like a couple your characters referenced other pop-culture icons. For example, the bald slender man in a well-tailored suit, could be compared to the mythical Slender Man. Also, Alec, the 32 year old in suspenders and red bow tie reminds me of 11th Doctor! Unless he is a younger relative of Carl?

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