‘Red Sparrow’ Is Yet Another Misfire For Jennifer Lawrence

It’s fair to say the target audience for Red Sparrow almost solely includes the latter half of Jennifer Lawrence fans undeterred by the grotesque odd-brain of mother! But at least mother! wasn’t this boring.


‘It Comes At Night’ Tries Way Too Hard To Make You Think It’s A Horror Movie

It Comes At Night is yet another horror film from A24 that promises to wrap viewers up in an atmospheric resurgence of creepy tales that rely less on jump scares and more on pure dread. Unfortunately, It Comes At Night falls slightly short of both.

Review: ‘Midnight Special’ Delivers Superb Sci-Fi For all Ages

The modern blockbuster is beholden to many rules that put a greater emphasis on writing, dialogue, and pure spectacle. While Midnight Special doesn’t eschew these typical cornerstones, it’s also not a slave to it. The movie feels intentionally transported from the late 70s and early 80s (specifically Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the