Snarcasm: ‘Pan’ Was Good, No Matter How Much You Hated It

Snark + Sarcasm = what’s you’re about to read. This week: Why doesn’t anyone think of the children…when reviewing Pan so harshly?  If you’ve been following the reviews coming out of Pan, the latest Peter Pan adaptation that focuses on the famous character’s origins, then you know that it’s been widely dismissed (no,


Snarcasm: ‘Inside Out’ Was Just So Disappointing

“Snarcasm” is a new editorial series about a mild-mannered film blogger who goes head-to-head with other silly bloggers. Snark + Sarcasm = what you’re about to read.  This week, we’re examining Chris Sawin’s Examiner review of Pixar’s latest film, Inside Out. Spoiler alert: he gave the film a 5/10. I’m guessing he can’t

Bad News: Fan Theories are Destroying Movie Discussion

Sorry, everyone. It turns out we have to ditch enjoying our entertainment a certain way because the managing editor of Movie Mezzanine thinks they are, and this is a direct quote, “truly toxic.” Alright. Let’s do this. In his latest editorial, titled “Why Fan Theories are Destroying Film Discourse,” film critic

So, M. Night Shyamalan Still Wants to Make ‘The Last Airbender 2’

The Earth King welcomes you to Lake Laogai.

The Pixar Theory is Apparently, uh, Dead?

A lot of people like to “debunk” The Pixar Theory, which is cool. I consider it flattering that people give it that much thought, and I always enjoy hearing differing opinions. This latest “debunk” however is just too nonsense for me not to address. Let’s hit it. So the idea