Best and Worst Time Travel Movies (According to Science) — Part-Time Characters

best and worst time travel

For this week’s episode, Bridget and Sam tackle the paradoxical use of time travel in some of our favorite movies. They each pick their best and worst movies that use time travel correctly. For the record, they don’t mean to say these movies are necesarily bad or incredible, just that they weren’t as accurate about time travel as other movies have been. Continue reading Best and Worst Time Travel Movies (According to Science) — Part-Time Characters


Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me The iPod Was Over?

I got into my car this morning clutching my iPod Nano with a grip only an actor auditioning for a shake weight infomercial would understand. This is partly because it was 16 degrees outside, but I also like to believe that love had to do with at least some of

Relationships Are a Lot Like Mobile Apps

When you download a mobile app, there is an initial excitement. You can’t wait to explore everything about it. Not even the bad things seem to bother you, like slow loading times and  an awkward interface. Friends get bothered by how much time you spend with that mobile app. Every opportunity

Let’s Talk About Social Media for a Second

It’s the weekend (almost) so I thought it would be appropriate to talk about something a little more light in regards to business, PR and everything else you expect from this site. Let’s talk about social media for a second. I’ve been a obsessed consumer of the medium since an