Best and Worst Time Travel Movies (According to Science) — Part-Time Characters

best and worst time travel

For this week’s episode, Bridget and Sam tackle the paradoxical use of time travel in some of our favorite movies. They each pick their best and worst movies that use time travel correctly. For the record, they don’t mean to say these movies are necesarily bad or incredible, just that they weren’t as accurate about time travel as other movies have been.

Be warned! They discuss many movie spoilers but no need to worry. Check out our show notes at the bottom for the exact time where spoilers are discussed.

Question of the Week: What are you best or worst movies about time travel?


00:16 Introductions
07:21 Best and Worst Time Travel Movies [Main Segment]
1:44:41 Comment on your comments
1:48:36 Outros
Looper 23:47-25:00
Time After Time 36:30-40:53
Interstellar 47:19-49:42
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 1:04:02-1:06:34
Arrival 1:06:57-1:13:38
Superman 1:16:56-1:20:00
Back to the Future Part II 1:22:32-1:27:05
The Terminator 1:36:55-1:40:48
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This Week’s Cast: Bridget Serdock and Sam Noland

Great Days by Joakim Karud

4 thoughts on “Best and Worst Time Travel Movies (According to Science) — Part-Time Characters

  1. Best movie about time travel: Back To The Future 1. Worst movie about time travel: Back To The Future 3 (Prisoner of Azkaban was also a candidate, but only because I wasn’t too crazy about the Harry Potter movies in general).

  2. I don’t really mind how time travel works, as long as it’s explained. For example, I like the way they explain time travel in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow because it is explained throughout both seasons. They say that time will set, and if you meet with your past self, then time stuff will happen. At the end of Season 2, something happens that I won’t spoil, and it’s because of them messing with time. As a famous clock once said, “Time is a tool you can put on the wall, or wear it on your rizd. The past is far behind us, the future doesn’t exist.”

  3. The best show that I have seen that involved time travel was an anime called ‘Steins Gate’. It was rooted in science, reality, and the theories of time travel and alternate universes. It starts with a self-proclaimed ‘mad scientist’ who accidentally finds a way to send text messages into the past. He starts using it to change the present, but after a while things go wrong (surprise surprise) and in order to fix it he has to undo the first text message he sent back in time. The show explores paradox after paradox, explaining the idea of going back in time in order to stop yourself from going back in time. (how does that even work?) It looks at the idea of alternate universes and realities, and how much about the world we can actually change and control and what is considered fate. The first half of the show is a slow comedy that sets up for the second half’s sci-fi thriller. They explain the rules for time travel very clearly, even as it gets more and more complicated with each episode. And don’t be put off by the fact that this is technically an anime, the art is very realistic and well done and it helps to explain the show more than if it was live-action. I highly recommend it (Bridget) if you love sci-fi, and all things time travel related.

    The worst show: ‘Back To The Future — The Animated Series’ The description for it literally says “You can check out the opening for the series, but be aware that you won’t be able to travel back in time to unwatch it.”

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