Solo: a Star Wars Story – Review and Spoiler-Free Analysis

Going into Solo: a Star Wars Story, I had my own fair share of reservations due to production shakeups and even the very idea of this movie. Maybe you’ve heard this before: “No one asked for a Han Solo movie.” “Disney is ruining Star Wars.” “Jon Negroni’s YouTube channel is a disgrace.”

All of these points are valid, but for me, Solo happens to be a genuinely satisfying summer movie, and even one worth analyzing. In the video above, I give a spoiler-free review and analysis of the movie, spending most of my time discussing my personal baggage with Han as a character in the original trilogy, plus a lot of what you can expect overall from his adventurous origin story.

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‘Annabelle: Creation’ Is The Horror Prequel We Wanted Years Ago

Annabelle: Creation is the prequel to a prequel of an ongoing franchise of interconnected  paranormal movies. David F. Sandberg, whose directorial debut was the impressive Lights Out, takes what should have been a shameless cash grab and turns it into a horror film worthy of the Conjuring brand.

‘Pan’ Review; What is Your Favorite Prequel?

pan review

This week on the podcast, Kayla and I express our mutual disdain for Pan while Adonis listens intently from his closet. We also review Sleeping With Other People, which stars Alison Brie (Community) and Jason Sudeikus (We’re the Millers).

As always, we start the show with some quick movie news, including a ton of new information about Disney’s upcoming animated film, Moana. Plus, we answer your feedback from last week’s comments.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What is your favorite prequel?

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First Trailer For ‘Minions’ Shows A World Before Gru.

This prequel movie based on the “Despicable Me” officially has a trailer. Does it amuse you, or make you roll your eyes?

Why A Mass Effect Movie Won’t Work

Many of us want a Mass Effect movie to happen—but only if it is done correctly. Here’s why a movie probably won’t work, along with how it could if taken in the right direction.