Solo: a Star Wars Story – Review and Spoiler-Free Analysis

Going into Solo: a Star Wars Story, I had my own fair share of reservations due to production shakeups and even the very idea of this movie. Maybe you’ve heard this before: “No one asked for a Han Solo movie.” “Disney is ruining Star Wars.” “Jon Negroni’s YouTube channel is a disgrace.”

All of these points are valid, but for me, Solo happens to be a genuinely satisfying summer movie, and even one worth analyzing. In the video above, I give a spoiler-free review and analysis of the movie, spending most of my time discussing my personal baggage with Han as a character in the original trilogy, plus a lot of what you can expect overall from his adventurous origin story.

I’ll be doing a more detailed written review of the film once we get closer to release, and likely for a different press outlet. But for now, enjoy my instant reactions and ramblings about a Star Wars movie I hope a lot of you will find as entertaining as I did.

If you like these videos, let me know in the comments. I’m still experimenting with my set up and trying new things with the channel that fit my schedule and time constraints. I’m also open to devoting more time to written content if enough people demand it.

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4 thoughts on “Solo: a Star Wars Story – Review and Spoiler-Free Analysis

  1. I prefer videos to podcasts, as they are shorter and have the option to put subtitles.

  2. Do more videos please! I love Cinemaholics but I also like hearing you just talk without interruption.

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