Review: ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Is a New Kind of Marvel Movie

The villains of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have always struggled, with few exceptions, to entertain on the same level as the heroes. Most of the time, the antagonists are simply bigger, less interesting versions of the hero, complete with a similar skill set. Iron Man set this off with Obadiah Stain, followed


Every Trip to Redbox Ever

…Well at least for me. (this list is inspired by the article A Typical Trip to Blockbuster Video Circa 1995 on Buzzfeed) 1. It’s midnight and I’m sitting alone in my room with nothing to do. 2. I wake up my roommate and force him to go with me to

Review: ‘The Wolverine’

Does Wolverine’s healing factor work on his own movies? Let’s find out. 

Review: ‘World War Z’

  Is Hollywood’s latest zombie movie offering worth your hard-earned money?

Review: ‘Man of Steel’

Does Superman’s grand return to the big screen live up to the hype, as well as his namesake? (Spoiler Free Review)