Every Trip to Redbox Ever


…Well at least for me.

(this list is inspired by the article A Typical Trip to Blockbuster Video Circa 1995 on Buzzfeed)

1. It’s midnight and I’m sitting alone in my room with nothing to do.

spongebob on tumblr

2. I wake up my roommate and force him to go with me to Walgreens, since it’s the closest place with a Redbox.


3. I bribe my roommate with McDonald’s and we pile into my car looking like hobos.


4. We’ve made it to Redbox, but there is approximately 14 & 1/2 people lined up.


5. I pretend my phone is dead, so my roommate has to look up the free redbox codes while I play Tetris.


6. We spend 30 minutes trying to decide which movie to watch, despite our mutual dislike for all of them.


7. We formulate a Pro’s and Con’s list surrounding¬†Dolphin Tale.


8. We retreat and decide to watch Avengers on Netflix (again).

Screen shot 2013-08-28 at 4.01.59 PM

9. McDonald’s


10. Oh no! Netflix added a stupid profile function so NOW I have to press an extra button!


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